Dyzzi and KReal stay repping on "DivSel" [video] • Word Is Bond

It’s a Chi-town affair on this one by young, rising rapper Dyzzi as he drops the first single and visual entitled “DivSel”. The title is short for Diverse Selection which is the name of the collective that he is a member of.  The track which is p[roduced by MarvyMarv is gritty and hard hitting from the jump as Dyzzi delivers his face slapping bars with relative ease and he also recruits femmer DivSel member KReal for a vocal assist.

The video takes it back to the essence with its crisp aesthetics courtesy of director Chris Peterson who brings most of the DivSel members on the screen to give it that organic unified feeling. “DivSel” is off his upcoming album “KidsBackThen”

Chicago born rapper Dyzzi (Formerly known as Dizzy P, Dizzy Flow, and briefly 90s Dizzy) has a sound that most would describe as nostalgic or reminiscent of the Golden Era of hip hop. Due to Dyzzi listening to artists such as Common, Joey Bada$$, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, etc. at a young age, Dyzzi always knew he wanted to be a rapper but felt as if he was too introverted and did not have the voice for it. Attending both middle and high school away from his home of Chicago, Dyzzi met and befriended the likes of Huey V, Eli $tones, KReal, and Chaz. After always sharing musical interests, Cyphers after school in the band room and meeting the right connections led to Dyzzi building up confidence and a constantly growing catalog for his far from over musical journey.


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Idris Miles shows us the true code of the "Samurai" • Word Is Bond

Based in Essex UK, Idris Miller a.k.a Idris (pronounced Eye-Dris) Miles shows us how he gets down on his new song titled “Samurai”. He uses a traditional koto sample and trap elements to blend the worlds of hip-hop and the Samurai’s Bushido code. His flow is on point as he slices through the beat effortlessly with rich lyrics and a commanding vocal tone. Idris Miles leads us with his psycho flow over the mountains of medieval Japan with a metaphoric monologue. The single arrives before the drop of his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Tales Of A Mellifluously Dissonant Mind’ released in December.


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New Music: Izzy Strange – Izzy Duz It | @ishestrange

New Music: Izzy Strange – Izzy Duz It

Izzy Strange - Izzy Duz It.jpg

Three months prior to “Izzy Duz It”, a single surfaced from Strange featuring Blu and a rising singer out of Izzy’s hometown, Sara Fox. Titled “Just Me”, the soulfully charged Mayeniac & Leauxfi production found the trio speaking on standing on your own two feet. Then in late September, Izzy returned with the chilling tales of “Halfway Crooks” alongside Mick Jenkins and a ghastly Nate Fox instrumental. Shortly after, the news of “Izzy Duz It” was announced along with news of the aforementioned singles being added in to the mix.
With expectations set extremely high for his third album, “The Die Is Cast”, the songwriter found himself within a deep creation zone this past summer. In between brainstorming sessions for the album, he would scowl thru beats on YouTube. After venting over a few tracks, Strange was inspired to create a mixtape to continue the strong momentum he’s amassed over the past couple of years.
Quote from Izzy concerning “Izzy Duz It”
The majority of the tracks were written and recorded in June of 2018. While working on my upcoming album. “The Die Is Cast”, I felt like I needed to release some thoughts that didn’t fit the concept. Overall, I recorded/wrote 30 tracks during that summer span, narrowing it down to just 11 for the final cut of “Izzy Duz It”. The name itself is in reference to the array of styles the mixtape holds and the Eazy-E album, “Eazy Duz It”. This mixtape is more of an affirmation for myself as an artist and a way to release some of the frustration and anxiousness I was going through. 
The mixtape features Mick Jenkins, Blu, Nacho Picasso, Tedy Andreas and Sara Fox. Production was carried out by Nate Fox (Chance the Rapper), Casa Nada, Fravo, Free Beatz, Bliss, Kenneth English, Pax Orbis, Ill Noise, FIEND, Emani, Mayeniac & LeauxFi. “Izzy Duz It” is a free mixtape available to download solely on Soundcloud. Stay tuned for accompanying videos to surface in the coming times.

Q-Unique – “Cult Leader & Capital” Ft. ILL BILL (Video)

Q-Unique links with ILL BILL in the new video for “Cult Leader & Capital,” a Sicknature-produced track off Q’s “The Mechanic” album.  For Arsonists and Non-Phixion fans worldwide, this song is a breath of fresh air knowing these two legendary underground emcees reconnected in 2018.

Watch the video on: Underground Hip Hop Videos

Jay Warren shares his thoughts on "Felony Love" • Word Is Bond

Salt Lake City-based, San Diego native R&B singer and songwriter Jay Warren drops a heartfelt, smooth gem titled “Felony Love”. His style of alternative RnB is quite interesting as he brings a whole new vibe to the genre with his layered vocals, cinematic soundscape, and sultry lyrics.

He is currently preparing for his debut album and tour in early 2019.


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misc.inc serves up some soothing vibes on "One Day We Will" • Word Is Bond

Producer misc.inc once again shows his versatility behind the boards with the release of his newest instrumental titled “One Day We Will”. The two-minute-plus some song is soothing and nostalgic with its layered approach. He taps deep into the emotions with the nostalgic strings, reflective horns, and warm bassline to match. It sure feels like something out of a movie with its overall dreamy vibe.

“One Day We Will” is the 5th track of the ‘Theory Of Thought’ EP out on Celestial Blue Records

After two albums ( Compound Changes. & Epiphany) and many more singles, misc.inc already made himself a name in the lofi hiphop/chilled beats scene.


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TOP 10 Submissions Episode 2 November 2018 • Word Is Bond

We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.




Passport Rav kicks off this week’s top 10 submissions with a self-produced gem titled “Lil Fancy”. He crafts a dark, cinematic soundscape as he takes time to address the fake emcees amongst other issues.  Check the EP here.



Chicago-based hip-hop artist Ness Heads delivers her brand of off-beat hip-hop styled music on the song titled “Pretty”. The rapper delivers a swagged-out performance over the minimalistic but hard-hitting beat. The song was actually inspired by a real-life incident where she learned that someone close to her was slandering her character.  In the video directed by Exhbit 91 (Rendell Smith and Alex Donewald), Ness struts her stuff and sends a warning shot, sporting her signature edgy, punk look with bold-patterned streetwear and her checkered Vans. Split screens show different sides of Ness, from more serious black and white shots to vibrant shots of Ness in front of a hot pink backdrop.




LA-based artist Molly Moore lowers the tempo on the list with her soothing vocals on her new single “Be here now”.  The song dwells on chasing anything that brings you out of the present. The beat is pretty anthemic as well and adds fire to her fiery performance and relatable lyrics. The song was produced by Molly Moore and Arthur Besnine, a Parisian producer based out of Seattle.

Rising rapper Doov drops the first single off his upcoming debut album. The song in question is titled “Target” and is actually self-produced and sees the emcee dwelling on a myriad of issues from trying to make it in the industry to females hoping to take advantage of his impending success.


Philly-based doc-soul artist Namarah drops the visuals for her new song “IDC”. The song serves as a perfect anthem for women who refuse to be limited and labeled by societal norms. She aims to break down the social constructs with her unapologetic lyrics and passionate vocal style that is also alluring. The visual is solid too with its self-empowerment nuances and vibrant dance routines but most importantly the subtle message being passed about not conforming to the majority.

Dubai-based hip-hop artist Sain is all about the moolah on his new single titled “Get the money”. Over a booming, hard-hitting production, he breaks down his hustle mentality and how he strays from the naysayers hoping to distract him. He also brings along fellow Dubai rapper Mackdous and UK underground rapper Capo Blaze.

Producer Jerome Hadey delivers an unorthodox blend of sounds on his new single titled “Tomorrow” which features Wu-tang Clan founder RZA. He crafts a mellow, somber soundscape that is also cinematic while RZA recites a deep lyrics that shares the philosophy of man’s evolution throughout the ages as he strives for a better tomorrow.




Born and raised in the streets of Boston/Chelsea, Ma Kam’Geez a.k.a The High-End Hustler delivers his new single “Make It Right” with much gusto. Teaming up with producer Yung Tago who crafts a mellow, trap-influenced backdrop for the emcee to pen a heartfelt ode to his personal struggles and tribulations.

“Make It Right” is taken from his forthcoming Free Game project.


British singer, songwriter and social media provocateur, Indiana reveals some things about her self on new pop-driven song titles “I Like Drinking”.  “I Like Drinking” is the title track of her new EP. Its an uplifting pop anthem dedicated to the art of boozing is lifted from Indiana’s current album ‘Not Girlfriend Material’, which was released in August.

Indiana said: “I was drinking heavily at the time of writing it and didn’t give a fuck what people thought. I genuinely like drinking. In fact, I love drinking and that’s OK as far as I’m concerned. There are millions out there that feel the same. It’s a song for them.”





Sha Vlimpse drops the visuals for his ECW Wrestling Legend Sabu inspired song entitled “Sabu”. The song itself is hard-hitting and showcases the rapper’s fiery performance and smooth flow. The visual was directed by Vlogger Bam and it’s pretty cinematic and vibrant from start to finish. Get the audio here.


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