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A little over a couple of weeks ago, Adrian Younge and ATCQ’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad released one hell of an album called ‘The Midnight Hour’. Comprised of 20 tracks put together by a full orchestra and the two legends, this album pays homage and continues to have the continuous conversations from “yesterday’s jazz and funk pioneers.” Guest features includes Marsha Ambrosius, Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), Raphael Saadiq, Bilal, Questlove, Ceelo Green, and more.

Two things to take notice: this album was given birth back five years ago, but was put on hold due to Younge’s involvement working on the score for the hit Netflix series, Marvel’s Luke Cage. Also, the track “Questions” began as an Midnight Hour demo, but Kendrick Lamar heard it and wanted to use parts of it on his Grammy-winning “To Pimp A Butterfly” album. However, the track ended up on his 2016 compilation, untitled unmastered. as “untitled 06 | 06.30.2014”.

Support great music by purchasing it! Stream the album below.

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Disaster Relief: Not Your Ordinary Jam Band • Word Is Bond

Disaster Relief isn’t just your ordinary funk band: they are the blues brothers and sisters of Detroit soul jazz and afro-beat, and once you give their newly released self-titled album Disaster Relief a listen, you’ll feel like you’ve been catapulted into that episode of Ski Party where James Brown turned out for a room of cabin kids in a honky 60s Christmas sweater, except less gimmicky.

This 9-track project was produced by guitarist, composer, and Ravine Records of Ann Harbor founder Darrin James over a two-year period of recorded studio sessions. Stealing creatively from the Meters’ New Orleans syncopation and Fela Kuti’s afro beat, Disaster Relief’s release comes at an opportune time in America: caught in the eye of the storm, listeners are able to unwind briefly in the forceful and succinct baritone sax playing in “Downtown F#@ckaround” and the hard rock edge on “Dorian DeLorian.”

“Transplant” takes listeners for a ride down to Hitsville USA in a souped-up Ford mustang while breezing past famous landmarks in Detroit’s Motor City. There’s a song for every month, every season on the album. “August Addiction” for instance, is a burning fantasia for easy living, and similarly, “October, Who’s Sober?” erases all tragedy from our minds and replaces it with a live four-piece horn section of reeling funk meant to be enjoyed in the presence of friends.

The album is great simply for rewiring brains and clearing room for more positive thoughts. At this moment in time and space, we need those more than anything right now. Give Disaster Relief a listen:

Disaster Relief: Not Your Ordinary Jam Band

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Legendary Caribbean Deejay Spragga Benz Kicks off Summer with "Spread Out" • Word Is Bond

For the last decade or so, music fans have been listening to island influences leaking through radio stations, with Rihanna’s single “Work” and her collaboration with Drake on the  track “What’s My Name” giving calypso, digital dancehall, and shotta music new life in a new home.

This mainstream fixation is the product of a larger revival of dancehall and Caribbean culture brought over to the US through club play by legendary underground deejays like Jamaica’s Spragga Benz (Carlton Errington Grant) whose latest track “Spread Out” featuring Hype Hyphen and Fever off of his forthcoming album, Chiliagon, provides listeners with an authentic island groove that is sure to kick off a new summer dance craze.

Produced in London by Cold Fever, the synth-jolting track opens with exotic bird sounds and peaceful waterfalls before viewers are coaxed inside a warehouse where they join Spragga Benz at the pop-up VIP booth. Beautiful women “spread out” while they wiggle, snake, bounce, and butterfly leg to the ratatat of wooden drums and teetering basslines.

The fashion in the music video is also something to be celebrated: Spragga Benz wears a sheen black trench coat that is a cross between something a villain and a motocross racer might wear, and there is even some Bollywood dancers in traditional Trinidadian regalia who make an appearance.

Listeners will have fun “chiliagoning” to the album, which is filled with guest spots from reggae and dancehall greats like Harry Shotta and General Levy. Watch the single for “Spread Out” here:

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Ohmega Watts releases Rubies single

Stream Rubies by Ohmega Watts

Rubies is the next instrumental installment from Ohmega Watts. Rubies, once again, proves that Watts has got it. We’ve had this drop on heavy rotation here at SOHH HQ for a few days now.

Rubies is the second of a series of single releases from Ohmega Watts and Mellow Orange. The first, Emeralds, dropped about a week ago.

Audio: Rubies

Find more instrumental tracks on our Beats Only playlist on Spotify.

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Mobb Deep – Boom Goes The Cannon

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Superbad Solace – Wet Cement

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HASEEB advises us to take it "Slow" • Word Is Bond

“Death comes at your fast…it’s best to take it slow” is the mindstate HASEEB  is on in his new record titled “Slow”. Over a somber backdrop produced by Willie B, he dwells on several issues but the overarching topic is everyone tries their best to stay afloat but forget what it is to actually live. The record is meant to inspire and encourage listeners to chill out and smell the roses before it is too late.


Keep up with HASEEB  | Soundcloud : Website : Twitter : Instagram

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Ron Lawrence Takes A Quick Look At The Culturally Rich And Diverse History Of East Elmhurst, Queens

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