Atmosphere: 'Mi Vida Local' album; 'Jerome' video; Tour Dates • Word Is Bond

Here are the visuals to Atmosphere’s ‘Jerome’ latest single, which is directed by Evidence and Stephen Vanasco. The album, Mi Vida Local is out now. Also, he brought some friends with him, so catch him on tour with deM atlaS, The Lioness, & DJ Keezy when they come to your town.

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Notion and Cee want you to see "Something Inside" • Word Is Bond

Having released his album Heart On My Sleeve this year, Notion alongside his brother Cee originally Aussies, put out the visual to the sixth single from the project titled Something Inside. All Notion and his brother does is to tell you about their come up in the game over boom bap beats with off-kilter kicks to provide the neck jerks but still open your ears and minds to the story they are sharing. Using a barber shop location in Montreal Canada and clean visual effects, the video is conveyed in a simple but yet clean cut output. Notion and Cee have definitely got something going on inside.

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By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

Not long ago, we told you that KXNG Crooked was about to gift us with another full length project. Well, you do not have to wait no more as that body of work is ready and available. Good VS Evil 2: The Red Empire is the LP and the Slaughter House member went into his woke mind state to speak on the current state of things in the socio-political climate in America. Regardless of the woke material, the emcee is still a force to reckon with when it comes to lyrics and rhyming so you know KXNG Crooked is not one to play with. Enjoy the stream and go cop the project pronto!

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Slim Thug and Big K.R.I.T. talk about becoming "Kingz & Bosses" • Word Is Bond

Slim Thug is back with new material and it is one out of the songs put together from a soon to be released LP in the middle of this month December. The album, The World is Yours is practically ready and from it we get the first single in Kingz & Bosses. From the hook, Slim Thug does not stutter and goes for the jugular; be who you want to be and not who you are pretending to be as there is not middle ground. Big K.R.I.T. gets notable mention for doing what he knows how to do best and making his addition on this track necessary. The beat is enough to get me hyped as it really sold the song to me. I guess Slim Thug is quite proud as he had this to say about the song and the project altogether:

“Kingz and Bosses” feat Big K.R.I.T. is one of my favorite songs on the album!! The World Is Yours wasn’t made to ride the waves of today.  I wanted to give the fans who have been craving for more music from me a new project; and I know they will love it”

The album is available for preorder now and just incase you were wondering what the credit boasts of, here is a quick idea of what to look forward to in the project.

Tracklisting & Credits for Slim Thug’s ‘The World Is Yours’:

  1. ‘TWIY’ (Produced by Mr. Lee)
  2. ‘Trap’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  3. ‘RIP Parking Lot’ f/ Paul Wall (Produced By Donnie Houston)
  4. ‘No Love’ f/ Z-Ro (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  5. ‘Ringing’ f/ Cam Wallace & Sauce Walker (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  6. ‘Kingz & Bosses’ f/ Big K.R.I.T.(Produced By Wolfe)
  7. ‘Boss Talk f/ Rick Ross & Jack Freeman  (Produced By G&B)
  8. ‘Outstanding’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  9. ‘Wide Frame’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  10. ‘Mercedes’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  11. ‘Cali’ f/ Coolbrothajones (Produced By ENG)
  12. ‘Run For It’ f/ 52 Savage (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  13. ‘Still’ f/ Cityyy (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  14. ‘Next Level’ f/ Jack Freeman (Produced By Donnie Houston)
  15. ‘What’s Next’ (Produced By Mr. Lee)

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Venom debuts with Ruff N Tuff • Word Is Bond

 Ruff N Tuff  is the debut album of the Marvel Records artist Venom, a Producer and Remixer, best known for his production work off the latest Blaq Poet’s project The Most Dangerous and Marquee’s Femme Fatale album. Venom also happens to be half of the production duo Ninjustice with Kyo Itachi.

Ruff N Tuff is a true producer album in the veins of Eric Sermon’s Insomnia or Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor, not just a compilation but a project with a deep concept that sounds like no other. Hard hitting drums, samples and razor sharp cuts build the foundation his guests, including Camp Lo, M E D (Stone Throw), Rah Digga, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ras Kass, Conway, The Legion, Shadez Of Brooklyn, Marquee and Nolan The Ninja, can shine on. For all that are hungry for a full boom bap collage, here it is so you have no reason to thirst no more. Available on all streaming sites now.

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