Lyon, born singer-songwriter Nat Van Ba teams up with Extatic Beats for her latest song titled “Insomnies”. The French singer switches into rap mode over this sombre/cinematic backdrop as she delivered a passionate performance taking inspiration from trap/soul elements.

“Insomnies” is off their collaborative project titled “INSOMNIES” which is a project themed in introspection and uses R&B, Boom bap and electronic sounds to enhance the listening pleasure.


She started putting her songs to instrumentals in 2014. In 2016, she released her first song on the web featuring the singer Karon Soulsinger on an electro instrumental DJ Charly Cerolf. «Charly Cerolf Nat Van Ba & Karon Soulsinger feat – Always Be (Original Mix)» was recorded at Studio Extatic, where she meets the two composers and studio sound engineers, Extatic Beats. With Extatic Beats she discovers a new musical style, the trip hop. Together, they come out 3 clips in 2016: “Under the bombs” and “All at a price” made by buZz Extatic, then “All Tarentinoiz (this one is currently on the TV channel Tv No life, for their greatest happiness !!)). She also participates in the Tremplin Am’artist in Bron in March 2016 that she won thanks to his performance on a cover of Lynda Lemay “The strongest is my father”. This springboard then represents his first scene. At the same time, she is also doing other artistic collaborations that will soon see the day on the web with several rappers and especially with Comin Death, composer of rap group Lyonnais Dark Matter. These allowed him to repeatedly take your first steps on stage by integrating it into their events (La Loupika, The 6th continent, festival of music …). She then interpreted the songs made on the instruments of the composers Extatic Beats … On the site of Lyon Bondy Blog, Mohamed Braiki then realizes an article about the collaboration with Nat Van Ba and Extatic Beats. After some appearances on small scenes Lyonnaises and a local radio (Radio plural), it is selected as part of the project CARRIE, (Because having rhyme roundness with interest and elegance) to be part of the artists who will perform at the gala of 12 November 2016. (Invited by One Again Tv) She wrote and performed the piece C.A.R.R.I.E (music composed by Extatic Beats). This militant piece, festive and dancing accompanied the models on stage during their parade. In 2017, she released a 4th sound “Pas rose” (still on the instrumental composers Exatitc Beats) for which the visual was made by the designer Marvin Finker. Benefit of her talents was then an honor for her. End of 2017 She released her first EP “Insomnies” (Fully composed and recorded by Extatic Beats). 

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