EllaMaeFlossie break down the black experience on "Ebony Stoned" • Word Is Bond

“Ebony Stoned” is a single from experimental hip-hop trio known as EllaMaeFlossie. Made up of Fay Grim a/k/a LiKWUiD– vocals, Zaven Embree– music director, and honorary member Willie Green – engineer/producer.  The heavily nuanced record is a passionate middle finger to the patriarch of capitalism, racism and I reckon other isms out there. Helmed by Fay Grim who delivers a dense lyrical tirade against the system, the record explores other avenues besides the norm with it’s cinematic, unorthodox soundscape and off-kilter sound designs (especially on the vocals). It’s different, thought-provoking and we definitely recommend it.

Check out the album teaser video below

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Author: Nick Norris

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