Focus The Truth comes through with the title track of his upcoming project titled “Love Will Get You Killed “. The title track is a blend of live-esque instrumentation and emotionally driven spoken word performance

This is the first track off the album “Love Will Get You Killed” dropping on 12/9/2017.

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Focus is not your typical rapper, he is more of what one could call a lyricist in that he conveys some deep meanings and messages through his music. He’s not one to just scratch the surface, but the kind of artist to dig deep into any topic his mind feels like addressing. He has already released some classic albums including Q85, Berwick Road, and D.U.I. His newest release “LOVE WILL GET YOU KILLED” is sure to join his catalog as one to remember as fans both new and old are already creating a massive buzz about its release. People gravitate to his messages and connect with the lyrics as they find something that is true to what HIP-HOP should and is meant to be. Focus does the album right by maintaining his own style yet embodying the elements of HIP-HOP’s past to bring fans an original banger that has multiple play potential.


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