Young rising emcee FulKost delivers his latest single “Graduation Suit” with gusto. Over a Jinsang produced backdrop, FulKost lays his unique flow and vivid lyrics effortlessly showcasing his gift of gab for all to hear.

The Leeds based emcee/producer is lacing up his boots in preparation of a new body of work and “graduation Suit” is a tip of the iceberg.



FulKost is influenced by a huge range of genres and music. Lofi producers such as Jinsang and Nymano, as well as his brother Lowky fall high on the list. He is also inspired by neo-jazz groups such as Hiatus Kaiyote and Moonchild. Constantly on a mission to perfect his craft, FulKost is obsessed with sound frequencies and how they combine to form sounds that are sonically pleasing.


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Published by Nick Norris

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