Lady Tee The Difference clearly states that "I AINT YO BITCH" on her new single • Word Is Bond

Inglewood artist, Lady Tee The Difference is aiming to change the game with her self empowering artistic views that don’t follow the usual industry chauvinistic construct. On her latest single , “I Ain’t Yo Bitch”, she categorically states that no one should address her with that term for many legit reasons. Regardless of the over-glorified acceptance of women being referred to as bitches by both men and women, Lady Tee shuts down this mentality with the quickness. She is not one to play it and absolutely deserves the respect just as the next lady or gentleman.

Stating her claims over westcoast banger produced by Ayiro, she demands respect from start to finish and reinforces her stand with “No matter how you try to say it, I’ma take offense. Aint no compliment in calling me a bitch!.”

Her message alone is a statement, and with it being paired with production from Ayiro, not only has a powerful women’s anthem been created, but also a club banger, which clearly explains it quickly landing a spot onto the 2018 Grammy Consideration List.

Hit the play button and get familiar with the way  Lady Tee is checking any and everybody, that’s referring to women as bitches!


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Author: Nick Norris

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