O.J.Hodding take sit back to the 90s on "Pocari Sweat" • Word Is Bond

East London rapper O.J.Hodding set things off with this chilled, piano driven single titled “Pocari Sweat”. The song which is named after the Japanese sports drink is the opening track off O.J.Hodding’s new EP, “Comfy” and sees the rapper fusing blending elements of Golden-Age Hip-Hop with modern influences. His flow is pretty slick and has some 90s Slim shady nuances. The song concludes with scratched vocal cuts from some of O.J’s favourite artists, further paying homage to Hip-Hop figures (both old, new, American, and British) that inspire his sound.

Producing and mixing all his own material, he frequently collaborates with other artists, as well as being one half of Hip-Hop duo Soul Purpose.


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Author: Nick Norris

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