BNLVY aims for the big stuff like "Tom Hanks" • Word Is Bond

Up and coming artist BNLVY delivers the debut single “Tom Hanks” off his upcoming acoustic/rap EP.  The single  is the testimony to the dedication and determination it takes to be an unsigned and unrecognized artist in today’s day and age. The versatile act has a wide range of skills from rapping to crafting catchy melodies which complements his unique flow


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Top 5 Instrumental submissions for 4th week January 2018 • Word Is Bond

As we enter the final week in January, we got some more instrumental heat for you guys. Check it out below.

Ygor Sunny’s “I Died Early” is a mellow, summery beat that got us nodding our heads from the get go. Well crafted and out together. This is something for everyone.


SoulChief flips this familiar sample into something lovely which he calls “concrete cracks and gaps”. It’s smooth, soulful and groovy.

Osvaldo is a multi-instrumentalist producer based in Los Angeles who makes beats on old samplers and cassette tape. On his new song “Headedtocuba”, he cranks out the big guns with lo fi elements and boom bap drums.



Afrosamuraiist returns with his unique brand of unorthodox soundscape on “Heart of a puppet” . Using anime vocal snippets, a warm bass line and soulful pads, he doesn’t miss the mark.

Product_90 or Mr. Illumi90 is a producer from North Carolina. Always being a fan of Hip/Hop, Pro_90 took on the element of bboying after a friend showed him the movie Beat Street at 15 years old. His new production is titled “Gang’s Khan” and its a cinematic, dark hard hitting stuff.


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Tee-Wyla takes us on a musical "Journey" on new beat tape • Word Is Bond

Tee-Wyla and Illect Recordings are excited to share an 11 track instrumental hip-hop “Journey” with you. It’s recommended for fans of beat tapes and producers like J. Dilla, Freddie Joachim, L’Orange, Mndsgn, Thes One, Birocratic and others.

About Tee-Wyla

Joshua Toala (pka Tee-Wyla), has composed numerous works for television, and commercials, many of which have been found on prime time programs for networks such as NBC,CBS, ABC, ESPN, VH1, BET, MTV, Radio 1 programming, and other major cable networks. Since 2002, Joshua has regularly accepted commissions for and scored music for independent film, and production companies, landing him frequent submissions for sitcoms, and database work with creative services for Viacom. While he has never formally studied music composition, he credits his curiosity and for all music and his love for God as being pivotal to his success as a composer and music producer. His most notable works include music appearing throughout the NBA Finals, The 2016 Olympics, UEFA CUP, World Cup, and several BET Award shows.

In addition to his successful licensing career, Joshua spends his time working as a hip-hop producer / instrumentalist under the name Tee-Wyla, releasing several instrumental projects, and is always finding ways to collaborate with other artists in every genre. His musical style varies from acoustic music, to classical string arrangements, interactive-sound installations, and literally everything in between, and while his musical influences are deeply rooted in electronic music, he utilizes non-traditional techniques and processes to compose works that don’t squarely align with any single genre or style, creating hybrid sounds incorporating, bluegrass, rock, folk, and technology.

Journey is available now at all digital outlets.

Amazon – Apple Music – Bandcamp – Google Play – iTunes – Spotify

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Trae Yates reminisces over his "Homie" • Word Is Bond

Trae Yates gives us a bit of story telling on his latest tune titled “Homie”, a very compelling and vivid illustration about a friendship gone awry.  Trae is currently prepping to release The Set-Up EP on all streaming platforms January 26th, which will be his’ debut tape. The project takes the listener inside the mind of 2018’s best new artist, as we see the honest reflections of a suppressed artist. “Homie” is the lead single off said project



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MeRCY returns with Montana Way for 2018 (Prod. By Solidified) • Word Is Bond

MeRCY took some time off music but is back in the fold with his usual gritty brand of hiphop. His first track for the new year is the cinematic track titled “Montana Way “.  As per usual, he teams up with his producer Solidified who brings out the big guns with the smooth soundscape.The low-key lyrical monster will be dropping tracks from his “The Everglades Sessions” very soon every Wednesday at 9:45pm EST.

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Top 5 Submissions For 4thWeek January 2018 • Word Is Bond


“Rearview Mirror” is an uplifting track that blends impassioned lyrics with a chill bass loop. The song explores YB’s spiritual awakening and the impact it’s had on his life. He begins the song rapping, “Let them see the pain, I don’t hide much, but let me explain.” This vulnerability carries throughout “Rearview Mirror” as YB reminisces about his past, the importance of family, and God.”

The lead single from the new album Thoughtwork, a collaborative album from veteran Canadian emcee/producer/dj Fraction and emcee/producer/dj Finsta (of the famed New York rap duo Finsta Bundy). Produced by Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz. Hit the play button and feel the banging joint.



Sha delivers his first single “Dreaming with demons” from his debut EP ‘Hazy Vision’. It’s a jazzy triphop track which sets the tone for the rest of the project, comprising five songs in total. Sha is a 17 year old rapper and producer, and Aila is a 18 year old vocalist. They’re both from Hyderabad, India. The track was mixed by MookieFish.





Jus Alex‘s “The Truth Vol.1” provides an alternative message to listeners contrary to that of the status quo. In a world of music catered to misogyny, elicit drug use, and reckless living, the truth will set you free. based out of Fayetteville Ga, a small town just beyond the Metro-Atlanta outskirts, Jus Alex is influenced only by the good nature of the place he calls home.

Colorful would be an understatement. Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, My Favorite Color (MFC) has always been a strong lyricist. Using poetry as a creative outlet, MFC would watch his older brother rap, inspiring him to study the craft. By the age of 12 he was writing full songs, and recording them on his MP3 player over Lil Wayne instrumentals. It wasn’t until January of 2017, however, that MFC decided to focus all of his energy into establishing himself as an artist. With the help of production trio, One800, they set out to develop his craft. Throughout the entirety of 2017, they sat in a garage-turned home studio in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, writing and recording original songs.


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Ozay Moore and Stro Elliot collab on Good single

The Good single is the first drop from Ozay Moore’s In the Wake of O album (Illect Recordings). Production by Stro Elliot of The Roots.

There’s a fine line between desire and discontent, it’s common to confuse the two, the thirst for more ain’t ever quenched.”

That is unless it is tempered with gratitude and a value system and associated with achieving status and/or the acquisition of things. I am working on resisting urges. Especially those that don’t support through this I’ve accepted in my life. To live simple, to live honest, to live reverent of God, to live sacrificial, to live mindful and healthy… to me this is “good”. And all realness though, it is a process and requires a great deal of self examination. Good is a proclamation of what I know to be true and serves as a reminder in times where my priorities are in order. I strive to prioritize God, family, and community in that sequence. Hopefully somewhere in there I can give the people Good music.

Audio: Good single

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Founded Sphere of Hip-Hop in 1997.

Originally from Ozay Moore and Stro Elliot collab on Good single

ADaD & Tensei team up with Denmark Vessey for the bonus cut titled "Love it " • Word Is Bond

ADaD & Tensei call on Denmark Vessey for the assist in a bonus track exclusive for sale on bandcamp as a follow up to the recently released “Danger Us” EP. The song is about loving your art and using art to live, while loving life. Pretty much whats at the heart of every serious indie artist.

Stream/Buy on Bandcamp: HERE

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Ace Nation raise the bar on "Meet Me Halfway" • Word Is Bond

We got a new one from Alternative Hip Hop project Ace Nation titled “Meet me halfway”. The project was birthed between Nick Sansone (co-founder of Love Pocket) and Abdoulaye Toure (vocals/Love Pocket) with the addition of Corey Powell (co-founder & guitarist of The Good Folks), Zach Goodman (bassist on Love Pocket’s M.L.O.D.). Their latest  single “Meet Me Halfway” is the lead single from the group’s forthcoming album. Over a upbeat, groovy soundscape, the listener is introduced to the smooth, dynamic flow of Abdoulaye Toure and Nick’s mellow chorus to get things in motion.


Ace Nation’s eight song debut, Rhythm & Light, will be available for digital download and streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, bandcamp, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Six of the album’s eight tracks were born out of a Manhattan jam session in September of 2015. Writing continued over the next two years and in March of 2017 the group hit the studio. Working with Producer/Studio Manager Abe Seiferth at Transmitter Park Studio, they began blending inspiration from 90s Hip Hop and 70s Rock & Disco.


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TWIB Premiere: D Stellar craft something out of the ordinary on "Stellar Tapes Pt. 1" • Word Is Bond

Super producing team known as D-Stellar served us something special in the form of their latest instrumental release titled “Stellar Tapes Pt. 1”. A solid hybrid series of beat-tapes created by the new international collaboration project, D-Stellar. The tapes are a psychedelic journey into the first writing sessions of the project, while featuring some of the cuts that didn’t make it to the album.  The style of production fuses hip hop, electro, pop and rock so there is a different vibe that everyone can easily gravitate towards. D-Stellar seamlessly combine head-banging tunes, with an adventurous production that incorporates everything from nit-picks of classic old school hip hop, to Rock ’n’ Roll sliding guitars and 80’s electro-pop.



BIO: The international Australian collaboration project, D-Stellar, serve up an eclectic blend of hip hop, electro, pop and rock. The project began to fuse creative forces in the summer of 2016, amalgamating and synthesising Rock ’n’ Roll and Hip Hop worlds into an elaborate concoction of breathtaking sounds. D-Stellar seamlessly combine head-banging, ass-shackin’ tunes, with an undeniable rhythmic flow of intelligent lyrical content and adventurous production that incorporates everything from nit-picks of classic old school hip hop, to Rock ’n’ Roll sliding guitars and 80’s electro-pop. Against a backdrop of production and live performance. Whilst breaking the boundaries of multiple genres, they deliver a tangible and refreshing music experience and leave their audience salivating for more. The sum of their music represents a fusion of traditional concepts with otherworldly and experimental features. Their refined level of artistry is brought forth in every element of their creation, with the intention to keep hip hop and rock n roll alive.

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