B Jive tackles social issues on his new single "ILUMINOTI" • Word Is Bond

Lagos based rapper B Jive delivers a gloomy, trap banger he calls “ILUMINOTI” which is a play on the word Illuminati and also translates to “my city is naughty” in the Yoruba language. B Jive takes time to highlight the positive and negative elements in his immediate environs.

ILUMINOTI” is packed with prolific bars and thought provoking lines that shed a light on the present situation of the society while also displaying his lyrical prowess and maturity. This is a perfect blend of conscious and entertaining. He also has the visuals coming soon, so keep an eye out for that.


B jive is an independent rap recording artist and instrumentalist who has been off the music scene for a while is back with another epic release Titled “ILUMINOTI” . The Track was produced by Kordys, a highly talented producer.

Stream “ILUMINOTI” on audiomack below



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Boogey's new single is No Country For Dreamers • Word Is Bond

Lagos based emcee Boogey‘s newest single “No Country For Dreamers ” explores the hopes and dreams of the common people of his home country, Nigeria. The solemn track, produced by Ammeromi evoke feelings of despair and self reflection with its gloomy EDM-esque synths, stuttering vocal samples and sparse drum arrangements.

The single sees Boogey as a dreamer in a country where reality bites from the crooked politicians at the upper echelons to the common citizen in the slums. This may sound like a gloom and doom tune but Boogey himself is hopeful and armed with the will to rise above the odds by simply inspiring those around him.


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MHP flows over a Dilla beat on Bare Witness • Word Is Bond

Nigerian rapper/producer and SoulJazz affiliate who now resides in South Africa has blessed our ears with a new material. MHP, who is a hip hop purist decided to pay homage to one of the finest music creators in the rap world in the person of J Dilla. Using a Dilla composition, MHP pens lyrics to paper and drops the bars with an incredible flow suitable only for a Dilla beat and the result is Bare Witness. One can definitely commend the rapper for being on point with it else the effort would have been a terrible mistake. With this here track, it is evident that MHP has been flirting with beats in the lab and one can only anticipate what has been crafted in there for our listening pleasure. We impatiently await the goodness.

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Sivion & Krum collab on “Really His” single

Really His is the final single leading into Sivion’s Dark Side of the Cocoon release via Illect Recordings.

Sivion shared a little about the creative process and the songs meaning with us.

Sebastian Hochstein really captured a type of hip hop/reggae/dance-hall fusion on the production for this song. And I wanted to further emphasize that vibe in the way I wrote the chorus. But before that happened I realized this would be a great opportunity to enlist the talents of fellow Deepspace5er, Krum (formerly Playdough), for this feature.

I love how the song turned out. It’s an anthem of sorts to unite all of us as God’s children, whether we know it or not. We all have different perspectives, wants, desires, and needs…….with different thoughts on our true identities and what defines us. But if God truly created us, then when it’s all said and done we’re REALLY HIS, whether we embrace that or not.

Audio: Really His

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Terracotta Blue releases Heavy Metal In A Plastic World 2 • Word Is Bond

Maryland producer Terracotta Blue has just blessed us with a new project. The beattape is called Heavy Metal in a Plastic World 2. Terracotta Blue alludes to the knowledge that there is an endless supply of disposable music in our current landscape hence the need for a material like this one. I am a lover of beattapes especially when the samples are off-kilter and that exactly is what Blue has done with this project. Incorporating a lot of electronic musical elements into a rooted hip hop base is how Terracotta Blue gets his juices flowing and from the sounds coming out of the speakers, this is a solid package. There are definitely some unseen talents out there and we simply have to shine he light on them for them to become visible. Terracotta Blue definitely deserves this shine from what I have heard. Check out his bandcamp to hear even more.

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Beats Only October 2017 – Instrumental selections from Sphere of Hip-Hop

Beats Only October 2017 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist.

Product_90 “Get Tha Butta”
Not much better than hearing an impressive beat from a producer you’ve never heard of. Really dig how this one continues to build. Keeps the track moving.

Thelonious Martin “They Don’t Know (instrumental)”
Coalmine Records sends over an instrumental from the Chicago-based producer, Thelonious Martin. You may recognize the familiar sample.

Aurka “Lotus”
Aurka redeems a day of mediocre submissions with this gem. Lotus features smooth instrumentation and great arc on this one. Reminds me a bit of Bonobo.

Mild Surprise “Outdoors No More”
Nice lo-fi instrumental hip-hop track here. Digging the sample here.

Michum “Ran Away”
German producer sends a mellowed out soulful instrumental “Ran Away”. The vocal sample draws out fond old memories of good times. A nice track to relax to.

J Poetic “Xtian”
Lo fi hip-hop instrumental created to celebrate the memory of the recent passing of a youth in Portland by the name of Christian Chaparro.

Balance Both (Imperial Remix instrumental)
Imperial drops a dope remix for this Abdominal single featuring Chali 2na of Jurassic 5.

DJ Efechto “Gimme a Minute”
“It hits hard.” – DJ Aslan

Beats Only on Spotify

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Sivion announces “Dark Side of the Cocoon”

Sivion and Illect Recordings announce the upcoming release Dark Side of the Cocoon.

Sivion’s Dark Side Of The Cocoon is a record about struggle, uncertainty, failure, pain, and redemption. The overarching theme is “love” as seen through the lens of growth and patience developed from adversity and challenge. Sivion delivers passionate words with soulful melodies to the organic, fluid, and emotionally-charged music compositions of German beat-smith, Sebastian Hochstein of the crew, Scribbling Idiots. What results, is a heartfelt collection of works that display transparency at a level not previously seen by Sivion. The door is open, waiting for you to accept the invitation to come in.

Though the butterfly lives a life of absolute freedom and beauty, the caterpillar enters the darkness of the cocoon faithfully holding onto the hope of attaining this same freedom. And so, each of us must enter the darkness of our own cocoon…,” Sivion shares.

Dark Side Of The Cocoon Track list
1. Darkness
2. Burn
3. Alone
4. All In
5. Pendulum
6. Stand
7. Relax
8. Really His (feat. Krum)
9. Darkness (Instrumental)
10. Burn (Instrumental)
11. Alone (Instrumental)
12. All In (Instrumental)
13. Pendulum (Instrumental)
14. Stand (Instrumental)
15. Relax (Instrumental)
16. Really His (Instrumental)

Dark Side of the Cocoon releases October 6, 2017 via Illect Recordings.

Pre-order limited edition Vinyl or CD packages at Bandcamp to receive exclusive bonus tracks & remixes.

Also available at other download and streaming outlets including:

Apple Music
Google Play
Vinyl + CD

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Paradox & Imperial “But It Ain’t Broke” single

But It Ain’t Broke is an advance single leak from Paradox’s upcoming Imperial produced Grayscale LP. The single also features Vicky Flint (trumpet & flute) plus cuts by Imperial & DJ Descry.

The concept is that, just because some music might not “work” in the traditional sense, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “broken.” As the song says:

I didn’t forget when hip hop was a lifted fist,
Now it’s a soundtrack for sick misogynistic kids.
So I’m glad it doesn’t work, cuz if it did,
That’d be bad in a world as twisted as this.

Audio: But It Ain’t Broke

If you’re digging the vibes, support the Grayscale campaign on Pledge Music.

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J.Lee the Producer “Music Box” (album stream)

J.Lee Productions is excited to announce the release of the Music Box album from the multi-talented J.Lee The Producer, available now at all digital outlets.

The album hosts a wide-range of intricate harmonies, melodies and beats all composed to support the continual inspirational message throughout the album. The title track Music Box, is a perfect example of the album’s direction and summation with vocal harmonies, sound effects and instruments excellently layered over the tracks main underlying longing but reflective beat. It’s the embodiment of the album, it personifies what is spoken in the beginning of the track itself, “but I hope the music we make has some staying power for the ones that do hear it, you know a memory attach to it…

J.Lee The Producer has over 10 years of experience in music production and engineering. He has successfully built J.Lee Productions into a highly sought after production company.

Track list
1. Music Box Intro
2. Morning Glory (feat. Adam & Kizzie)
3. Fade Away (Kobe Bean) [feat. Sean C. Johnson]
4. Came Saw Conquered (feat. Adrianne Archie)
5. Fresh Wind (feat. Cooki Turner)
6. Rightly (feat. Marcellus Coleman)
7. I Said Nothing
8. Datgum (feat. Adam L.)
9. Music Box Melodies (feat. Jessica Leidy)
10. Music Box (feat. Cooki Turner and Thaddeus Johnson)
11. The Image (feat. Cam)
12. Questions (feat. Thaddeus Johnson)
13. Carry Me (feat. Tony Foster Jr.)
14. Music Box (Deuce)
15. Home (feat. Cooki Turner)
16. You Got It (feat. Kizzie Ledbetter)
17. Lift (feat. Marcellus Coleman)
18. Music Box (JLee)
19. A Crude Apology For The Divinity Of God (feat. Adam L.)

Music Box is available now at download & streaming outlets. Stream the album below and let us know what you think.

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Stream Music Box

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