Top 5 Instrumental Submissions For 1st Week February 2018 • Word Is Bond

We are back for the second month of 2018 and yes we got a new list for our Top 5 Instrumental submissions. No need to take much of your time, just hit the play button to see what we got in store for y’all.

Violentlyill cooks up a break beat driven cut that feels like something out of a modern western movie.

Jstnurmind goes the mellow lo fi route with this instrumental and as he puts it “this is one for those moments of solitude and optimistic ambivalence

“I’m Over You (Can’t Stay)” is the newest release from Scottie Royal, a smooth instrumental track inspired by the Soul sounds of yesteryear with some hints of Hip Hop. Mellow, smooth vibes to unwind to.


Hanz comes storming in with his soulful rhythms that is so engulfing we had to out it on replay and it would be a shame not to share the goodness with the world.


Roopee crafts a horn led, mid-tempo funk instrumental that screams the 70s in many ways than one. The Seattle based English producer is getting in some work.


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Author: Nick Norris

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