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PUBLISHED: February 17, 2018

As we go in for the 3rd week, we got nothing but pure solid gems from up and coming producers. Sit back, relax and dive in.


Composer and piano improviser Nicolas de Zorzi used to compose soundtracks ballet, explores electronic genres, for a more downtempo and lofi vibe. ” Climbing” is dark jazz track, part of an album coming soon “Night Inside” with cinematic ambiences and soulful melodies with urban and nocturnal sounds.




Hobbes Duende is a 19 year old hip hop producer and DJ from Pittsburgh and currently residing in D.C. He specializes in sample-based hip hop production that draws heavily on the influences of boom-bap, lofi hip-hop, soul, and jazz, which is evident in the fact that J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Sun Ra, and Questlove are among his most significant influences. His latest release is a 9 track instrumental project he calls “Repurposed Radiance, Vol. 2”.  The tape is stylistically based around a solid foundation of oldies samples (soul, R&B, chicano soul) that have been chopped up, looped, and repurposed into instrumental hip hop beats. Thematically, the tape is centered around mostly upbeat love songs.




June Jissle continues his monthly instrumental releases with a new entry entitled “December”. December is an instrumental with a mixture of soul and future hip hop. From the sharp percussion and drums to the melodic voice samples, it’ll most surely be a song you don’t want to end



Motown, Post Rock, and Hip-hop, are a few of the influences behind Vancouver based producer INJA‘s latest instrumental EP, “Out The Dojo.” INJA employs ambient textures inspired by pedal board junkies from the post rock genre combined with a tasteful variety of electronic sounds to create a unique hip-hop fusion. Having grown up watching non-stop kung fu movies, INJA’s childhood inspirations led this project to achieve the title, “Out The Dojo.”




K.F.M releases a blend of live instrumentation and video game influenced track he calls “The Force”. His style is  pure, raw and unfiltered

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