Welcome to the  2nd week of April and as usual, we got another batch of dope hip-hop produce for y’all. Let’s show some love and support to these hard-working producers who keep sending heat our way.

Livid‘s “Yeahwhatever” is a laid-back, boom-bap cut that blends chilled chords, some heavy lead synths, and a simple bass line. Sometimes less is more.


 K.F.M.’s “Fallen Empress” sounds like something out of a sci-fi horror flick. He fuses down-tempo trap elements with dark synths. Check it out right away. This is his 3rd release after the releases of ‘Trap Dreams’ and ‘Da Chemical Brotha’

Raleigh, NC based producer SlimYungMan delivers a soothing soundscape in the form of his single “Therapeutic”. The 21 year old producer is originally from Maryland and is currently working on more material.


The newest single release from American-born, Lao-based producer Tactilian. Shifting to more steady grooves and frenetic tempos than his last major release (vista_01 tape), “Vacant” serves as a style/tonal teaser trailer for things to come in the near future.

This song is the first single off an upcoming Instrumental Mixtape produced by Prom Kings. Prom Kings is an east coast producer, looking for Hip-Hop/R&B artists to collaborate with.




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