The Cipher: Shawn and Josh With Jay Smooth (The Last Episode)

# Jay Smooth, Josh Kross, Shawn Setaro, The Cipher, Interviews, Radio, Podcasts & Series Interviews The Cipher: Shawn and Josh With Jay Smooth (The Last Episode) January 19, 2019 The House List, Ep 102: Dj Mister Cee January 19, 2019 HotBoxin’ With Mike Tyson: Dj Pooh January 16, 2019 The Takeaway: Dream Hampton January 8, […]

McGyver – “Question” Ft. Hind Hakki (Video)

The bilingual McGyver reppin the Netherlands/Canada, Netherlands’ End of the Weak freestyle champ 2017 & 5th World Finals, just released a classic banger with ‘90s legend K-Def featuring Hind Hakki. Video credits: Ravnikar Visuals. Pre-order the upcoming LP “Madmatic” now on German label Vinyl Digital. Watch the video on: Underground Hip Hop Videos

DefByMisadventure drops " merrygoround." and "merrygoneround nottr remix" • Word Is Bond

Irish producer DefByMisadventure hits us with a double whammy with the release of his new records ” merrygoround.” and “merrygoneround nottr remix”. In his usual fashion, the approach is of a multi-layered style. He takes bits from several sources and blends them in his own unique manner The song is taken from the forthcoming EP; Def Shepherd.   […]