New Video: Izzy Escobar – Broken Wings |

New Video: Izzy Escobar – Broken Wings

Overcoming hardship and transforming it into triumph through music is nothing new, but it takes a unique talent to do it in a way that truly leaves an impact on one’s psyche. Such is the case with Singer-Songwriter Izzy Escobar, whose debut single “Broken Wings” showcases her commanding attitude and powerful vocal prowess in very distinct fashion.
With “Broken Wings”, subtle synth work and a stomping beat lay the groundwork for an alluring lyrical journey of determination shining through pain as Escobar sings “Right here in my place all these walls suddenly disintegrate // Into dust, into here, it flies away out of the atmosphere // And I feel like I can fly with broken wings”.
Izzy Escobar‘s music is about loving one another the way we want to be loved ourselves.  And having FUN along the way! Rising from a “never ending circle of violence” from an abusive stepparent, where she was voiceless in protecting her own family members, she began channeling that pain into lyrics–and eventually songs–at a very young age. “I began to write words, and soon realized that I could synchronize the words in my diary with the tune in my head” says the Massachusetts native, whose latest singles show how far she’s come from that frightened girl to a strong, capable woman who wants to spread her message of hope and strength to those who may face their own struggles. “A few years later, as I read through that same songbook, I noticed that I had made a shift from finding my voice to helping those who couldn’t find their own”.
As she continued on her musical journey, Escobar took to not only writing and singing, but reading sheet music and studying music theory, as well as playing the violin, guitar, and piano. “I believe that to be a healthy human being, we must have an idea of who we are, and what our existence is. But the promise of a home safe from physical abuse and fear remains elusive for many millions of women and children in this country. Now an accomplished singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, she continues to channel her strengths into giving a voice to the voiceless, and helping those who face the same fate as she had in her youth.

New Music: MONROE – Wish I Never Fell In Love |

New Music: MONROE – Wish I Never Fell In Love

Virginia Pop Singer MONROE  is an artist on the rise. Not only is he an R&B talent but also a songwriter with a heavy pen game. I mean this guys music content is off the chain and he can hold his own with the top pop singers in the game today.
MONROE just released a single called “Wish I Never Fell In Love” which is something the world has never heard before. A flat out masterpiece is the only words that can be used to describe this record. Click the play button to listen right now

New Music: Lefty – Jodi Ann Arias | @mlmkareem

New Music: Lefty – Jodi Ann Arias

Philly hip hop artist Lefty has worked with some of the dopiest artist in the game right now. People like Futuristic , Mega Ran, Chill Moody , Cory Gunz and Freeway have all blazed tracks with this guy.  
In a time where most music that we listen to is about having fun and partying, Lefty brings something very different to the table. He is bringing awareness to PTSD and Domestic Violence in his new single called “Jodi Ann Arias.” This is something that is very real in the world we live in today.  Lots of women and men are verbally and physically abused, but do not have the will power to stand up for themselves.
Lefty speaks on a very unique situation in this record. A situation that had the country glued to their TV screens, a situation that will never be forgotten. Click the play button below to stream this record for FREE right now.

New Video: C-Rod – Fight The Temptations Featuring Jeanette Berry | @c_rod_a.k.a_crysis

New Video: C-Rod – Fight The Temptations Featuring Jeanette Berry

C-Rod smashes on the rap scene with his latest visual for his newest single Fight The  Temptations!
The melodies utilized throughout the song  “Fight The Temptations” have a true heartfelt spirit to them, with the rhythms adding to the overall vibe of the video . Layer upon layer of sound and visuals are brought together transforming C-Rod’s work into a vast tapestry, one that tries to search for hope among the darkness.  Directed by Gavin Thompson. Produced by I.R.A, mixed and mastered by Sosa.
C-Rod’s reassuring message cycles through the comforting rhythms and flow of the song and video for his latest single “Fight The Temptations”!

New Music: JU$TIN – JDT SZN | @JDTMediaGRP

New Music: JU$TIN – JDT SZN

JDT SZN” is the first of a four project audio series by “JU$TIN,” featuring production from RJ3re, Mike Da Jeanyus, Cashmoney AP, and Beats By AUSK. This is the second full-length independent project by the NYC native and current LA transplant, and is the first project to be released under his JDT Media GRP imprint in 2018. The project consists of 10 original songs, as well as “JU$TIN’s” underground hits “I Need My Reparations,” “City Behind Me,” and the MDJ produced “Money Machine Broke,” that were featured on many online HipHop blogs and websites recently this year. “JDT SZN” is the introduction to “JU$TIN” an artist inspired by the NYC HipHop music scene of the 90s, who overcame the struggles and pitfalls of growing up in the Bronx to go on to enlist in the U.S. Navy, and participate in the War on Terrorism, so he can put himself through college to pursue his dreams of being an entrepreneur.

New Video: Avery Alexander – Ease Up | @THISISME_AVERY

New Video: Avery Alexander – Ease Up

Avery Alexander is one of the dopiest artist to come out of  Los Angeles, CA. His life’s mission is to get out his thoughts by articulating his positive views and leading by example for others making him a truly colorful soul.
Music is something that really helps Avery Alexander get by and its an outlet to also allow him to release any feelings he may be holding in. Click the link below to listen to some of the masterpieces that this guy has put together.
Avery Alexander is also a digital paint artist with some amazing artwork. So amazing that he was asked to do a showcase at Exchange LA on September 19th, 2018. Doors open at 7:00pm and the tickets are $22 if you would like to attend this event. The address to the venture is 618 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014.
Link To Buy Tickets:
Check out the video for “Ease Up” by clicking that play button. Trust us, you will not be upset at all.

New Music: J-Crizzy – Something Like This | @jcrizzymusic

New Music: J-Crizzy – Something Like This

How do you know once you’ve found “it”? How does it feel when you’ve found that connection? Something deeper than you’ve ever felt before. J-Crizzy takes us through it with his new song entitled “Something Like This”. The song features San Francisco’s rising star Christian Kuria on guitar, adding to the flavor of this J-Crizzy written and produced song. “Something Like This” gives us a nice change of pace from the current wave, but is still aimed to get the listeners moving. Enjoy!

New Music: Yanchan – Yacht | @yanchanmusic

New Music: Yanchan – Yacht

Toronto breeds Talent and Yanchan is another shining example of that, with his electric vocals and addicting chorus, his new single “Yacht” is a must listen. “Yacht” tells the story of his first experience riding a luxury Yacht with some of the most powerful individuals in the Music Industry. His small taste of the lifestyle has gotten him addicted and the sound he’s created will have you feeling the same.

Yanchan co-produced this new record and holds many talent facets such as a Singer, Songwriter, Mixing Engineer. He is the founder and lead producer of both Dirty Elephant Studios and the AMAG Collective. Yanchan is best known for his ability to fuse soothing South Asian elements into his production work.

Fresh off of the success of his last single “Coming Down” (which currently is sitting with just over 40,000 streams on Spotify) Yanchan continues to return his energetic sounds to end off the summer on a high note.

New Video: Actress Bella Thorne Rocks With Arizona Rapper Penny The Great | @pennythagreat

New Video: Actress Bella Thorne Rocks With Arizona Rapper Penny The Great

Penny The Great just released the video for “Cold Life.” This video is the first record off that  “Sophisticated Ignorance” project.
The Arizona artist has been really doing big things ever since Actress and Runway Model Bella Thorne recently shot a video co signing the rapper. This is huge for his brand and career.