New Music: Kris the $pirit – Boy’s Krazy | @krisdaspirit

New Music: Kris the $pirit – Boy’s Krazy

Kris the $pirit is coming into his own. The young, prolific, headstrong rapper is ready to take over the Northern hip-hop scene. After building a name for himself over the past 5 years with beloved hip-hop duo The Posterz​, the Montreal-based artist is finally gearing up to release some long-anticipated solo material. He will release his debut album Spirit Mode Vol.1​ on May 30th via Make It Rain Records. You can preorder it now on all digital platforms. Today, the rapper unveils the music video for his first single Boy’s Krazy.
Directed by Léa Dumoulin, Boy’s Krazy is an introspective piece with an hypnotic beat. The video has a strong film aesthetic and features Kris in his element, riding through the city. Its vibe depicts how I feel about my city, isolated, tryna just get out. Get away from that feeling of going crazy, the rapper reflects. The song was co-produced by Kris the $pirit and Rob Mil like all the other ones on the album – except for Death & Rebirth and Fumble Remix, both produced by Jai Nitai Lotus.


New Music: Izzy Strange – Televised Featuring Tahlyn | @ishestrange

New Music: Izzy Strange – Televised Featuring Tahlyn

Izzy Strange returns with a Geoffrey Ladd directed video for “Televised” featuring the vocal workings of Tahlyn and outer world production from Casa Nada
“Televised” plays on the outlook of society’s social media dependency and the instant gratification age we are currently living in. With the way things move so rapidly across the internet these days, we’re seeing more controversial material and people becoming viral sensations overnight. With that comes the flood of individuals willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their fifteen minutes of social media fame. Slowly but surely, we’re starting to see people detach from real life and submerse themselves into a reality world circa the Bruce Willis’ “Surrogates” realm. Izzy attacks these points and much more on “Televised”.
Casa Nada provides the soundscape with Tahlyn sharing chorus duty with Strange as he chants “televised, televised, mom I think we made it / 80 likes on Facebook, I think we’re fucking famous”. The video takes the song concept even further. We find Izzy playing a live set to an empty venue while everyone tunes in via a Facebook Live stream of the show. The video focuses on a few of these stream viewers lives. Ultimately summing up the downside of social media platforms and the disconnection from actual real life interactions. The Rock and Hip Hop hybrid is yet another introspective based singles from the Pennsylvania emcee as he continues to tour and work on his next album, “The Die Is Cast”. Thus far, “Televised” has amassed over 22k views on Izzy’s Facebook page and continues to garner views.
This won’t be the last we hear from the official 2018 A3C artist this year either. He plans to release two new singles, one featuring 2009 XXL Freshman Blu and the second featuring Mick Jenkins of  “The Healing Component” fame. This will mark the second collaborative effort Strange has had with the emcees, the first outings were featured on his sophomore album, “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy”. While awaiting the upcoming releases, enjoy the official video for “Televised” here.

New Music: Soupmakesitbetter – What’s It To You | @SoupMakesBetter

New Music: Soupmakesitbetter – What’s It To You

Artist Soupmakesitbetter is back with his new single “What’s it to you” off his upcoming EP “But Be Safe This Summer” with this new single Soup captures the feeling of a joy ride with a spazzed out witty upbeat flow over production by Brisbane Australia very own Yorel the two set the tone for future things to come.

New Video: Alex Snow – Wake Up |

New Video: Alex Snow – Wake Up

Alex Snow is a new artist hailing from Toronto with a stand out sound. Alex was raised by his Mother in a Ward 12 apartment located in the Eglington Ave. West neighborhood in Toronto. At age 16, Alex was given the opportunity to leave home on his own and go to Florida to chase his dream of playing basketball, where he relied on sleeping on couches and rooming with teammates.

Alex returned to Toronto where he met with rising indie artist J-Soul among others and started the group “RVRE Republic”. Alex soon took on the behind the scenes role of managing J-Soul, putting together music videos and throwing events that soon gained enough traction to get noticed by Birdman of Cash Money

After parting ways to pursue new goals, Alex began to experiment with recording and writing music himself, he developed the name Alex Snow and in October 2017, Alex released his first single, “Wake Up”.

Now working on his debut EP project, Alex has released a brilliant and dark video for his single “Wake Up”. Directed by Zecko J, “Wake Up” is a cold, dark visual experience. With representations of lust, pain and fame, the video is stunningly shot and is a great introduction to Alex Snow’s style and sound.

New Music: Godbody The God – But You Ain’t | @godbodythe_god

New Music: Godbody The God – But You Ain’t

Hip Hop Artist Godbody The God is something that the industry is craving right now. His flow is nasty nice and his style is like no other, which puts him in the “hottest artist coming out” conversation.
Check out his new single which is called “But You Ain’t.” Trust me when I tell you, it is going to rock the core of the music industry.

New Music: Apollo Carter – Stick And Move Produced By Chris Fresh From 808 Mafia | @apollocarter

New Music: Apollo Carter – Stick And Move Produced By Chris Fresh From 808 Mafia

Apollo Carter is an up and coming artist with a very very interesting sound. One that will make you understand how and why artist are pushing the envelope when it comes to being creative with their music.
The name of the track is “Stick And Move” and it is Produced By Chris Fresh From 808 Mafia. Click that play button right now to listen to this guy get down on the mic.

New Music: Nu Davinci – Let it Dry Featuring Quavo | @NuDavinci206

New Music: Nu Davinci – Let it Dry Featuring Quavo

Bradley Jacob, the CEO of XPO Logistics once said “Music is really business…You have to be using all of your senses at the same time, and you have to be dancing with the circumstances and evolving”. Nu Davinci is has been living the latter quote for the past few years. He has transitioned from an aspiring rapper into an independent brand that transcends music via His website where music is the soundtrack to the trap hippie lifestyle. “I see all with my eyes closed, I get high from all the lows”. He raps on His latest effort let it dry feat. Quavo of the MIGOS band. The song is a perfect example of His current focus, and a lyrical demonstration for the purists supported by a melodic backdrop that is sure to please UZi fans. If this is an indication of what He plans to unleash via his forthcoming EP its safe to say that Nu Davinci clearly has SOMETHING for EVERYBODY.


New Music: Antnee Mac – Serenity Featuring Apollo Lane | @antnemac

New Music: Antnee Mac – Serenity Featuring Apollo Lane

Antnee Mac is a really dope artist that is on the grind for real. He just dropped s new single called Serenity Featuring Apollo Lane which is fire. This record is going to put a lot of people in touch with the San Diego artist. Click the link below to listen right here right now.