Beatnick Dee & Allen Poe are fighting Demons in "Never Gonna Feel" • Word Is Bond

We get new material from Allen Poe, a Bond associate if you have been with us for some time, and he brings us this soul stirring track in collaboration with Beatnick Dee titled Never Gonna Feel. This track gives you Poe in a vulnerable state telling about fighting his demons and the possibility of losing yourself to said demons. More than self-awareness of being at a low point; Never Gonna Feel is really about the apathy that creeps in after time when we choose to make that low point the new normal. Allen Poe carried the idea of being low further through his story-telling and by bringing in Deacon The Villain and Versailles The Everything, with each artist grappling with their personal demons. The song is smooth and the rhymes are personal and with the animated lyric video, you get drawn further into the temperament of the song. Check it out!

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Author: Nick Norris

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