Noah Slee x Delusion team up for "Maybe" • Word Is Bond

Following on from his highly praised and 4x Pacific Music Awards NZ nominated debut album ‘Otherland’Noah Slee returns with his new single ‘Maybe’, alongside German production collaborator Delusion, to be released on May 11th via Majestic Casual Records. Delusion began turning heads with his innovative remix releases for Pham and SG Lewis which stacked up millions of streams and landed him the #1 spot on the Hype Machine charts.
Tight production and Noah Slee‘s characteristic swagger sees ‘Maybe’ reach soulful heights, driven by textured percussion and a groove that promises to be a dancefloor filler.

”Maybe’ plays with the energy you get when you meet someone and there’s an instant connection. As long as I have been single (a while now) every encounter feels more distant and lost. When I met this guy it was different. Maybe is about the grey zone, the uncertainty, the leap your waiting for the other person to take because you don’t want to. All these things you take into consideration in such a small amount of time about someone and maybe disguise it with other things to protect yourself from taking a relationship to the next step. Simplicity of something like love can be pretty complicated. Maybe is about pursuit of connection.

Working with Delusion felt natural. He is attentive and has a chilled energy. Sharing ideas back and forth was easy. Although it was a compact few days in the studio we made sure to have fun, drink wine and make the best music we could. He was on production duties and we also had some friends participate with minor details (guitar, lyric).’ Noah Slee


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Top 5 Instrumental Submissions for 4th week May 2018 • Word Is Bond

It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work on the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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“Loose Ends” serves as a teaser track for an upcoming project from musician/producer Tactilian. Sound-wise, it’s a not-so-subtle blend of crispy lofi.hip-hop aesthetics and trance-inducing rhythmic drums and syncopated percussions.


London beatmakers Best Friend return with new mixtape ‘Forever’ and the first track is a nostalgia-inducing joint titled “Can’t be alone”.  It chronicles endless summer days & hazy summer nights Best Friend are a production duo from London UK who stitch together summery, laid-back beats dripping with retro flavor.


Producer Billa Joints laces up a smooth, head nodding , piano-driven beat titled “Gotta Try”. This track is really smooth so hit the play button and get familiar.

“Kiss Shot is a producer from many places, based in Orlando, Florida. Inspired by the mellow soulful sound-portrait “heather” by Billy Cobham, Kiss Shot delivers “nightlife” which is his own audible depiction of a dreamy landscape accessible only with your ears.

Violentlyill returns with another jazz influenced boombap piece titled “round midnight”. Hit the play button and get familiar


POLR drops the mellow, head-nodding beat titled “Moonlight”. “Moonlight” is the first single off of his third EP, “Into the Night,” and features a chill piano loop, pocket drums and bass, and a live improvised saxophone solo.

POLR is the digital alter-ego of Nashville producer, Micah Von.


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Riley Writtens pays homage to his WCE on "Vanessa Veasley Verses" • Word Is Bond

Brooklyn based emcee Riley Writtens comes through with a smooth homage on his new record “Vanessa Veasley Verses”. Teaming up with producer June Blaze who crafts a summery head nodding backdrop, the emcee pens a love letter to his crush, the delectable Vanessa Veasley.


Riley Writtens,a hip hop/rap artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I Grew up around lyricists, especially a cousin from a rap group called Pitch Black. Inspired by House Party and 8 Mile, i wrote my 16 at 16 yrs old. Haven’t looked back since. Performed at Mike Geffner’s The Inspired Word, End Of The Weak, DJ Kay Slay’s Showcase & featured acts at Justice En El Barrio, Bar Fest at Nuyorican Lounge & Roc The Mic at Amarchi Lounge. I’ve dropped four projects: Unwritten Mixtape, The Writual, 7 Capital Cities To Heaven: Vol. 1 & FIF.


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Bionic Takes Us on A Fantasy Sunrise (or the Night Drive Home) • Word Is Bond

Here comes the man Bionic again with another beat tape and this time around he gives us a different feel entirely. The tape titled Sunrise (or The Night Drive Home) is a package of emotions in sound. Basically, Bionic who also tucks in his cape to work as a lawyer desires to escape with his significant other to an exotic place and just chill. This fantasy of his set the tone for the beats conjured up to serve as the theme music for this eldorado he continuously dreams of. You have to be able to breathe and let go to feel what the beats emit and actually dwell in the fantasy world created by Bionic. Y’all know how much I love beat tapes so try this one for size.

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Yank$ comes bursting through the door with "Authority Distribution" • Word Is Bond

Yank$ delivers a no holds barred performance on his new record titled “Authority Distribution”. Over a classic soul sample, the emcee proceeds to lay the law down on all the fakers and perpetrators. He leaves the gimmicky hooks and wasted bars and sticks to the script on this one. All bars from start to finish.


Hit the play button and get familiar with Yank$


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Phlow & Cyclone Fire Off 6 Shots In New Music • Word Is Bond

Phlow and Cyclone get together to tag team on this track they call 6 Shots produced by usual suspect from the Str8Buttah household, Teck-Zilla. The ladies fire off on all cylinders on this traplike instrumental. Teck-Zilla flips an afro fusion sound that gets the rappers geared up and coming down hard on the beat. This seems pretty easy as they both bring it. Is it weird that as I listened to them rapping what comes to mind is Bahamadia‘s Three The Hard Way? I guess the difference is they have Khandie providing the smooth vocals on the hook giving the song the right balance it needs. I guess I should encourage a collaborative project with the ladies or Cyclone and Phlow at least as this appears to be their second time together on a song and they do have great chemistry.

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Top 5 Submissions for 4th week May 2018 • Word Is Bond

We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high quality tracks just to settle for just 5. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Emcee/spoken word act Jazzmyn Red delivers this poignant tune titled “If I had a daughter”.  “If I Had a Daughter” is an open letter to her daughter she would one day hope to have, as she vows to make sure to do everything she can to give her child the best life but also keeps it all the way real about the harsh realities of life as a woman. but digging deeper, Jazzmyn explained the real meaning behind the record.

This record is much deeper than just my conversation with my daughter, if I had one. This record is also made for every woman whom may have lost a child, miscarried or may not even be able to conceive. As a woman, we all hope to one day have a better version of ourselves walking this earth and “If I Had a Daughter” hopefully can spark the conversation about everything motherhood and shine a light on our miscarriage rates and other woman related issues in the urban community.”

The visuals shot by “If I Had a Daughter” is an open letter to her daughter she would one day hope to have, as she vows to make sure to do everything she can to give her child the best life but also keeps it all the way real about the harsh realities of life as a woman. but digging deeper, Jazzmyn explained the real meaning behind the record. brings the concept to life with its vivid imagery

“Writing HERstory” available here


Bishoptherapper jumps on this sombre instrumental to bring us his thoughts titled “Visionary”. Armed with a smooth, confident flow and vivid lyrics to match, he showcases his lyrical skill and it’s definitely something solid.


Amy Noonan is Qveen Herby, the L.A. based singer-songwriter and rapper who delivers an undeniable flow into her R&B through fiery and fierce lyricism. As musically versatile as she is musically talented, Qveen Herby’s ability to shift from ruthless to vulnerable and back on a track makes her highly admirable while still being relatable as she spits truth while narrating her thrilling struggle of being a self-made phenomenon.


Following her debut EP, Qveen Herby released her EP 2 in a December 2017 release that featured her widely acclaimed singles, ‘Love Myself’ and ‘Wifey.’ Aside from rightfully taking 2017 by storm with her captivating music releases, Qveen Herby also partnered with DJ/producer, Audrey Napoleon to release her own cosmetics line, Qveen Studio, generating a wealth of buzz in the beauty industry as well.

Now, in 2018, the sharp-witted artist, entrepreneur and beauty mogul, Qveen Herby prepares to make even greater waves in pop-culture with the upcoming release of her latest EP, EP 3. Produced by Pompano Puff (Nicki Minaj, T.I.) and former Karmin bandmate, Nick Noonan, EP 3 unfolds with a raw yet immaculately arranged soundscape built upon infectious melodies and hard to forget beats that Qveen Herby effortlessly maneuvers around with finesse.

Following the successful release of her debut single, ‘Sade In The 90s’ from her forthcoming EP 3, Qveen Herby sets to release her latest anthemic track, ‘All These Hoes’ on 11th May. Strutting her stuff in her upcoming track, Qveen Herby flourishes her signature powerful vocal ability and cunning rap flow over an addicting R&B-pop


The Official Music Video from The Sir Duke that shares what life is all about – Good Vibes. Troubling times can make you a better person than you may realize and emerging out of those times can be difficult.  Shot in the beautiful island of Barbados, the journey from the streets to the sands creates a good blend of hardship to heavenly moments that we all can relate to.  Take it all in and enjoy the good vibes.


Pharaomones are joined by Sadat X of Brand Nubian, who’s hard-hitting signature flow addresses the universal issue faced psychologically, breaking down the big picture. Pharaomones King Kamaal and Excel follow laying out the national and local reflection of what’s going on with police brutality and murder. No justice, no peace, black lives matter, and power to the people. We believe in the power of the people.



Rowlan comes through with another poignant piece of art he calls “Make me snap”. Armed with graphic lyrical skills and an emotional-drenched delivery, he brings it full circle on this trakc with pure honesty and intense rhymes.




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Boog Bang feat. {;D!FF'RENCE==3 are the "Smoove Crimino" • Word Is Bond

The duo of Boog Bang and {;D!FF’RENCE==3  team up for a display of lyrical strength on their new collaboration track titled “Smoove Crimino”. This track is full of raw energy that displays lyrical wave that saturates a driving drum pattern with a layer of hypnotizing keys hosted by a blend of rhythm cuts across the cross fader that keep you vibing.


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Zehra goes for gusto on "Look At My" • Word Is Bond

Pakistani rap artist Zehra comes through with her unique style of hip-hop on her new record titled “Look At My”.  Over a minimalistic bouncy backdrop, she confidently states her claim as an independent woman working her way to the apex. Look at My is part 4 of  Zehra’s visual EP Project Z, an independent project directed, produced, written, and executed by Zehra starring Zehra.

What the World has not seen yet, PROJECT Z, a debut visual EP. Project Z shares an important message that needs to be heard by people everywhere. Project Z works towards promoting independence, hard work, money, and success.

The story begins with Zehra not needing a man, through not needing a man she becomes stronger and is done with the haters. She takes a flight to London, where she is working and shining. Upon return to New York she realizes that her only focus is her business. Then she’s all about the Millions and Zillions. After all that money, Zehra adopts an alter ego, Lady Pinkish, who is psychotic with money and keeps money in the sink. Zehra and Lady merge to meet in the middle for Double Up to show the person I am now. The last is a very powerful spoken word poem about being a Muslim in the World today.


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Ozay Moore & Freddie Joachim release “Doin It” single

Doin It is a loosie from Ozay Moore over production by Freddie Joachim. Soulful jazzy hip-hop out now via Illect Recordings.

Audio: Doin It

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