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Legendary BX, NY emcee Nine is back with a brand new project (his 4th studio album to be precise) titled “King”. The 13 track project is produced in its entirety by the infamous German production team Snowgoons. The project serves as some form of reintroduction to new fans who may have not been privy to the emcee who got his start in the mid 80s  but got his first break out single “Six Million Ways To Die” as a duo with Funk Master Flex.

“King” is a testament to the vocal strength of the raspy voiced rapper whose tenure in the game has given him experiences that span over two decades and then some.  On here, the beats are gritty, cinematic and fit the urban narrative provided by Nine while the features are limited but just enough to provide variety for the avid listener. Features include Conway the machine , Kool G Rap, Smoothe Tha Hustler , Ruste Juxx and Chris Rivers. The album is available NOW on all digital formats and CD, followed by a limited edition vinyl release early October.

Nine – “King” produced by the Snowgoons out now: HERE


First off, congrats on the release of the new project “King”.

Thank you. I appreciate the support.

Can you break down the process with working the Snow Goons? How different is it now compared to back in the day?

Everything is online now. No tapes. It’s a lot easier. We started talking about this project before we even met in person.

Was there a special process for selecting features on this project? Compared to “Quinine” which had no features, the features on “King” are pretty minimal.

I choose people whose pen game I respect. Kool G Rap in particular was hero of mine, so it was a dream. Conway, Chris Rivers and Ruste Juxx,  I love the way they rap and me and Smoothe Da Hustler go back to Cloud 9.

What are your thoughts on the way rap has changed in terms of sound?

I don’t listen to rap; I listen to Hip-Hop so I have no opinion.

What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

The greatest thing is to be able to do what you love. What would I change…more entrepreneurship, less corporate control.

Looking back, what have been the most important moments in your life so far?

 Discovering me and waking up to what the world really is.

What have been the biggest highlights?

“Whatchu Want” coming out. I knew I was not crazy and belonged here.

Are there any other interesting facts about you that hardly anyone else knows?

No. Get my album it explains everything: Album Link

What has been your biggest challenge…and how did you overcome it?

Re-entering the Hip-Hip game at my age, I overcame it when I stopped caring about my age.

Any final thoughts?

Help me restore order. Let’s keep Hip-Hop alive.

You can watch some of his Videos: here and here

Watch the video for the single  “Belafonte” featuring Shady Record’s Conway The Machine. The track came together when the Snowgoons asked Nine who are his favorite new artists. Immediatly he came up with the names Conway, Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher. A few days later Snowgoons affiliate Sean Strange, who is connected with the Griselda team, made the hook up.

Keep up with Snow GoonsFacebook |Bandcamp |Twitter |Instagram

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Top 10 instrumental submissions September EP 1 • Word Is Bond

It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture.  We present a solid list of the Top 10 instrumental submissions .

So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers and remember to support them by sharing their works.


Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 set this month’s edition off with a groovy, Brazilian-themed instrumental that would get your head nodding in no time. The layered elements coupled with the vocal sample manipulation is a sure-shot for us.



Brooklyn producer Sazetrax serves a mellow instrumental titled “4 AM” on the list. It has a jazz-influenced feel and a lot of soul elements as well. Dopeness from top to bottom. The song is taken off his compilation called ‘Summer‘ which was released on Aviary Bridge Records.


UK producer Svnny D flips the script with this instrumental “Stuck On Amber”. He takes elements from various sources and cooks up an off-kilter , gloomy soundscape that hits like a brick. he further explains the concept behind the beat as follows “…The beat features a core sample which is audible throughout but flows nicely against a variety of supporting instrumentation. And not to mention plenty of low-end.”



Producer RJ Pasin‘s instrumental “Fear” tears through the list with its dark-trap vibes. He blends a nice selection of bells, booming 808s and throbbing synths to complete the job.



Eclectic producer Neo-Truth takes us back in time with this vintage styled video game inspired instrumental titled “Root Burst (Solitude Stage)”. The layered production style is dense and captures the essence of the RPG games of the late 80s and 90s. He blends huge horns, thick piano keys and rock-esque drums to complete the job.

Neo-Truth offers more insight behind the beat as follows “….instrumental represents a dark spiritual period in my life when I was feeling the sorrow of loneliness and solitude…afraid of never experiencing Love that I questioned as real yet still hoping that it is. A battle I still fight…never surrender! “


Erik van Ingen aka E Dot is not green to TWIB and has shown his eclectic production style before. Onn his new instrumental “Without You”, he delivers a sample-heavy gem that knocks with that classic boom-bap feel. Without You” is the fourth instalment of a series of instrumentals to be released every Thursday through the end of the year.



Multi-talented producer Jedidiah Kaine slows it down with this soothing beat he calls “Gave You All My Love”. He attributes the inspiration to the late great Dilla and the beat is a true representation of his love of music and his state of mind at the time.  “Gave You All My Love” is the first release off his upcoming instrumental tape, “Supa Dupa“, set to be released this October.





The eccentric producer who goes by the moniker Behind The Beat is all about his music and he lets the music speak for itself. He doesn’t waste time on his new instrumental titled “Foggy” and sets the tone right with his brand of jazz-hop. Nothing fancy just cool, soothing vibes all through.


Marius Magfhogartai aka Nottr debuts on the Top 10 Instrumental submissions with his off-kilter instrumental “eClipse”. The vintage sounding beat takes it back to the 90s with its hard-hitting drums and obscure sampling techniques. he further explains the true nature of the beat as follows  “… This record is made of samples from a small-time Jazz producer Dan Harris with his permission of course-Produced on Reason and with chopped with my MPD.

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Cali Native Genra Releases "24 Hours" Single Featuring Lucid Soundz & Kjfocus • Word Is Bond

Oakland, California native Genra releases new music titled “24 Hours”.  The independent artist links up with producer Lucid Soundz and saxophonist Kjfocus.  The chemistry between the three offers an innovative listening experience.

“24 Hours” begins with sounds from the saxophone penetrating a jazz ambiance. Genra, who is acclaimed for adding a modern spin to traditional Hip Hop roots, channels in with wordplay to break down the mechanics of “24 hours”.   He describes feeling overwhelmed and falling into the redundancy of  life’s daily routines. He speaks specifically on family, relationships, health, and wealth. The unconventional emcee shares a lyrical proctor to exercise self-care and to clear one’s mind.

The trio set a tranquil precedence for listeners to tune in and enrich the ways of our world. Listen to “24 Hours” here. 

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Kool Kat muses on several social issues on "Mentality" • Word Is Bond

London-based Danish artist/producer Kool Kat shares her thoughts on life in general on her newest record “Mentality”. The self-produced song is a nice blend of RnB, pop, hip-hop and neo-soul but her vocal style has a soothing soulful vibe reminiscent of luminaries such as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu et al. Her expressive lyrics touch on how our lives are presented in this social media era where people are eternally consumed by the alluring virtual life.

She also offers some insight into the song as follows “…While the song is aimed at men, there’s a message for women, too: “I want my music to provoke people to reflect on their actions and demystify the lies that surround the truth of our everyday lives…”. “Mentality” is Kool Kat’s second single with the first being  “Hermetic Beauty”, which was released in February 2018.


Keep up with kool kat  | Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram

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Osvaldo teams up with Keegan Hayes on the love-lorn "Lonesome " • Word Is Bond

Producer Osvaldo teams up with Australian emcee Keegan Hayes on his newest single titled “Lonesome”.  The producer crafts a mellow, soul-drenched backdrop for the emcee to muse on a strained relationship due to long distance. This is definitely something everyone can relate to in one way or another.

Hit the play button and get familiar.


Keep up with Osvaldo  | Soundcloud: Instagram

Keep up with Keegan Hayes   | Soundcloud:  Instaram

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TOP 10 SUBMISSIONS September Ep 1 • Word Is Bond

We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.





Denver, CO-based poet and rapper Meta Sarmiento deliver a tribute record in the form of his single titled “Norfside”. The Guam native has been putting in work as an emcee/spoken word artist around the globe. Over a bouncy soundscape (produced by IamKBeatz), he displays his smooth flow and expressive vocal style. He talks about his past gang affiliations in his homeland of Guam and seeks to find a much needed balance in this crazy world.


North Hollywood raised emcee Jae Anthonie delivers a new track titled “Stressed out”. He uses a mellow, nostalgic backdrop to tell a very heartfelt story of 2 single parents who share their unique stories to one another.


We kick off this month’s Top 10 Submissions with a bang from the emcee who goes by the name Rochester. The rapper gears up for the fall season as summer slowly fades away and urges his listeners to do the same or else go to sleep (literally or figuratively). His inspirational message is delivered over a bouncy soundscape provided by Moody B & Hani G (The Nixx) and co-produced by Triple A. The beat was inspired by a music box Hani G received while visiting Turkey and samples the melody of a Turkish folk poem.

“As an artist, my motivation and inspiration are fed differently,” said ROCHESTER. “I feed my inspiration by continuously taking in the culture and by allowing myself to be influenced and triggered by music from all genres and art in all forms. Staying motivated is a whole other lane and I wrote this song using some of the affirmations and mantras that keep me going in this game. In music, especially in Toronto, motivation is key and I hope this song gets someone lit to keep going by listening to it over and over again and hearing my message: don’t sleep on your goals.”

Rising artist Sommy Lovell teams up with his fellow S.I producer Chase Gibran for his newest release “Last Night” (which also is his 3rd single for 2018). Over a gloomy, reflective backdrop, the rapper talks about his fears, burdens and hopes for the future. This is something everyone can relate to on many levels.

Get the audio on the following DSPs Apple MusicSpotifyTidalGoogle Play:


Melbourne hip-hop Queen Sophiegrophy returns with a new single titled “Caution”. Teaming up with producer Jia Lih who provides a hard-hitting bouncy trap backdrop that fits Sophiegrophy’s confident and fierce flow. She doesn’t waste time in letting the world know her steelo as she gives caution to those that may attempt to cross her. In case you missed it, her last release was the equally anthemic jam titled “Bag”.

Emcee D.Lee makes his Top 10 Submissions debut with a solid record titled “Valid”. Over a soul-drenched, head nodding backdrop, he brings back the essence with his confident flow, vivid lyrics and expressive performance. The song was produced by Emani. Not sure what project this is off but it’s something we do feel over here.


After being selected to perform at this years A3C Hip-Hop festival in Atlanta, indie hip-hop act ToBy decides to unleash his new track “Paid” to the world. Over a bouncy trap infused backdrop , he delivers his off-kilter flow and off-the-cuff lyrics that shows why he is definitely someone to watch. “Paid” serves as a precursor to his journey to A3C 2018.



Young R&B act Olivia Nelson latest single “Never Too Late” is a nice melodic tune that showcases the young singer’s rich, heartfelt vocals and expressive songwriting. She taps into different elements such as Pop and Soul on “Never too late” and the result is a solid effort that really captures the emotions of a love-lorn individual trying to find a balance.

“Never Too Late” is off her recently released EP ‘For You’ which you can stream here



Rising Canada based singer AIDA is a musician who tickled our fancy with her new release titled “Toastin”. The track is a mix of soul, pop, house and laced with a lot of funk elements. It is quite relaxing and smooth as well so hit the play button and get familiar. “Toastin” is taken from her new EP ‘My Retrospective‘.



Kamron Bahani showcases his humorous side on his new single “I Made A Song For You” and at first listen will give the listener a thought-provoking jab. It’s quite entertaining and groovy and sounds fresh from the usual.

“I Made A Song For You”  is off  his album, ‘MENACE’.




Emcee Zamaera takes the listener deep into her personal space on the heartfelt song “Z Vs Z” where she gets really vulnerable and profound.  Over a piano-driven backdrop, she pens a letter to her past self-pouring out lessons from her more experienced older self. The track gradually progresses into a hard-hitting groove as she continues to share intimate parts of her life with a raw honesty that is rarely seen in hip-hop.  She further states that “I’m not afraid to share my weaknesses with others…People want to know that they aren’t the only ones facing change because change is scary and uncomfortable, but change is necessary. It’s the only constant, and it keeps us balanced.”

The EP will be released internationally later this year. “Z vs. Z” is now available to stream and download on music platforms worldwide.


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James Gardin "Shot With You", a Bluesy and transparent new single • Word Is Bond

Bluesy and soulful. Transparent and hopeful. James Gardin & Soulseize collaborate on a new single, “Shot With You.

James shares, “Shot With You is about confronting how alcohol has been a coping mechanism for me and my family. I’ve finally decided to try new options to deal with what causes me stress.

Shot With You is available at all digital outlets.

Amazon – Apple MusicBandcampGoogle PlayiTunesSoundcloudSpotifyYouTube

Submission Social Profiles

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Get familiar with the genre bending vibes of Lou Piensa's "World Is You EP" • Word Is Bond

Lou Piensa is a man of many talents and well versed in many cultures as well. Born in France and raised in Ecuador, Algeria, Canada and Cuba, Lou Piensa has been active in the international hip-hop scene since his teenage years both as an MC and beatmaker/producer. Earlier this year he gifted us with the solid “Head Lost” alongside Sao Paulo based Jazz rap crew Mental Abstrato but now he is back with a 3 track EP titled “World is you “. The EP is a collaboration between Piensa and Brazilian record label Pipa Music and also features musicians from Montreal (JMF), Sao Paulo (Thiago Duar) and Havana (El Tipo Este and DJ Jigue).

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MeRCY takes us deep into the Everglades on "Swamp Thing LP" • Word Is Bond

It has been a very busy year for South Florida lyricist MeRCY. He kicked off the year with a weekly music series “Everglade Sessions” which ran for many weeks. This series served as a precursor to his recently released full-length project titled “Swamp Thing LP”. The album is a 10 track body of work that blends his Southern roots, lyrical depth and Swamp Thing samples to complete the cypher.  Armed with a gruff vocal tone and animated delivery, MeRCY holds the listener’s attention with his vivid lyrical illustrations and vibrant compositions. Musically his long time collaborator Solidified produced the bulk of the project with some extra soundscapes provided by Tut-Piece , False Ego , Tek.Lun and Gold Haze. Together they craft varied cinematic soundscapes for MeRCY’s radical approach of song writing.

There is more than enough heat to go around on this one so hit the play button and get with the program.


Keep up with  MeRCY | Soundcloud : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram

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Hill Harris urges the world on "Watch Me" • Word Is Bond

Ohio based emcee Hill Harris is back with a vibrant record calls “Watch Me”. The energetic rapper pulls out the big guns on this single as he delivers an anthemic styled performance. Over a cinematic backdrop, he drops bars after bars showcasing his rich lyrical style that everyone can also relate to.

Hill Harris has appeared on our Top 10 Submissions before with an equally solid record and as he continues the trend, we bet we will see more of him on TWIB.


Born and raised in Ohio, Hill Harris was exposed to Hip Hop / Rap music at an early age and has never looked back. Always moving forward, a determined Harris is poised to take his music into the ears of music lovers across the globe. 

Keep up with Hill Harris  | Soundcloud

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