Nicky Empty is going through "Numb" emotions (prod. Flylosophy) • Word Is Bond

Up and coming Boston rapper Nicky Empty gets profound on his latest single “Numb”. Teaming up with producer Flylosophy who crafts a sombre but somewhat anthemic backdrop, Nicky Empty shows us a glimpse into his personal life and then some. He dwells on the lack of feeling or rather apathy towards a certain female. While he delivers it in his own unique manner, the listener should definitely take something from it all



Formally Nicky M, I stopped making music after dealing with some rather serious mental health issues and have since returned as Nicky Empty. Via Boston, MA – the new alias plays on the Buddhist idea of emptiness and is also a nod to the punk-rock band the Misfits founding member/bassist Jerry Only. The lyrical content explores themes of self-destruction, apathy, and an unwillingness to move forward in a relationship. With me hovering over his shoulder, the beat was produced by another Boston local, Flylosophy, who is best known for his work as founder/guitarist/vocalist in local Electronica Group Dark City Agent.


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Tosa Brooks bring back the "Wicked (Part II)" alongside Mick Jenkins & theMIND • Word Is Bond


Milwaukee native Tosa Brooks team up with Mick Jenkins & theMIND for his latest single titled “”Wicked Part II”. A solemn song that deals with the harsh truth that material success does not solve internal issues. At the end of the road, or when you reach the place that was supposed to be your finish line, you find that the external was not what you needed to fix. The issue was that you thought you needed something to complete you. But you were good enough all along. The way you get to where you’re trying to go is by realizing you’re already there.



Tosa  graduated from West Point, in 2015, and proceeded to become an Army officer, and is now pursuing hip-hop full time. Like The Wizard of Oz and Tosa’s life, the album has ups and downs. The songs express innocent joy, confusion, frustration, self-discovery, confronting inner demons, celebrating victories, and accepting shortcomings. The album will be released/distributed independently and every track will be freely downloadable on SoundCloud.




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Yopsi crafts something warm for the "cold nights" • Word Is Bond

Up and coming lo fi producer Yopsi debuts his new single “Cold Nights” on our pages. He builds a nostalgia inducing backdrop with layered warm keys, sombre strings and mellow vocal like tones to complete the job. It is quite short but definitely gets the job done.

Hit the play button and get familiar with the young producer.


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PYREX PORTER revisits "Niggas Done Started Something" with a solid freestyle • Word Is Bond

Harlem, NY rising emcee Pyrex Porter revisits the classic DMX “Niggas Done Started Something” instrumental and rips it in his own usual manner. Armed with sharp lyrics and a commanding delivery, Pyrex paints a vivid picture about the streets and then some. hit the play button and get familiar


Pyrex porter was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He has been writing music ever since of the early age. Pyrex started to take music seriously for the past 3 years.Pyrex biggest inspiration in music was BIG L, they were from the same neighborhood.He has stated that the reason he loves music because he ” loves to write”. Pyrex feels following his passion will provide for his family and friends. 



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By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

Not long ago, we told you that KXNG Crooked was about to gift us with another full length project. Well, you do not have to wait no more as that body of work is ready and available. Good VS Evil 2: The Red Empire is the LP and the Slaughter House member went into his woke mind state to speak on the current state of things in the socio-political climate in America. Regardless of the woke material, the emcee is still a force to reckon with when it comes to lyrics and rhyming so you know KXNG Crooked is not one to play with. Enjoy the stream and go cop the project pronto!

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Slim Thug and Big K.R.I.T. talk about becoming "Kingz & Bosses" • Word Is Bond

Slim Thug is back with new material and it is one out of the songs put together from a soon to be released LP in the middle of this month December. The album, The World is Yours is practically ready and from it we get the first single in Kingz & Bosses. From the hook, Slim Thug does not stutter and goes for the jugular; be who you want to be and not who you are pretending to be as there is not middle ground. Big K.R.I.T. gets notable mention for doing what he knows how to do best and making his addition on this track necessary. The beat is enough to get me hyped as it really sold the song to me. I guess Slim Thug is quite proud as he had this to say about the song and the project altogether:

“Kingz and Bosses” feat Big K.R.I.T. is one of my favorite songs on the album!! The World Is Yours wasn’t made to ride the waves of today.  I wanted to give the fans who have been craving for more music from me a new project; and I know they will love it”

The album is available for preorder now and just incase you were wondering what the credit boasts of, here is a quick idea of what to look forward to in the project.

Tracklisting & Credits for Slim Thug’s ‘The World Is Yours’:

  1. ‘TWIY’ (Produced by Mr. Lee)
  2. ‘Trap’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  3. ‘RIP Parking Lot’ f/ Paul Wall (Produced By Donnie Houston)
  4. ‘No Love’ f/ Z-Ro (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  5. ‘Ringing’ f/ Cam Wallace & Sauce Walker (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  6. ‘Kingz & Bosses’ f/ Big K.R.I.T.(Produced By Wolfe)
  7. ‘Boss Talk f/ Rick Ross & Jack Freeman  (Produced By G&B)
  8. ‘Outstanding’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  9. ‘Wide Frame’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  10. ‘Mercedes’ f/ Cam Wallace (Produced By Cam Wallace)
  11. ‘Cali’ f/ Coolbrothajones (Produced By ENG)
  12. ‘Run For It’ f/ 52 Savage (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  13. ‘Still’ f/ Cityyy (Produced By Mr. Lee)
  14. ‘Next Level’ f/ Jack Freeman (Produced By Donnie Houston)
  15. ‘What’s Next’ (Produced By Mr. Lee)

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U-God Feat Method Man & DJ Green Lantern on "Fire" Remix • Word Is Bond

All Wu aficionados stand up as U-God adds to the number of Wu-Tang Clan materials hitting the surface lately. Fire is this single here and it is going to be from a slew of exclusive remixes in collaboration with DJ Green Lantern which is set to drop early 2018 from the forthcoming mixtape Bring Back God II. U-God is not alone on this track as he brings along his brother Method Man to get in on the action and show how exactly it is done. All there is to say about this is that grown man rap is in season and it is really great to hear all these veterans not trying to sound like the current trends.

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Mi-Fliss & Micdailie have a "Dream" • Word Is Bond

Emcee/Producer, Mi-Fliss & emcee, Micdailie serve us the follow up single Dream off their “A Tale Of Two Mics” EP which is almost complete. Dream according to both men, is a deep spiritual and conscious song with a stellar production (credit to Mi-Fliss) which had Micdailie starting off with introspective lines , touching bases on socio-political issues in present day Nigeria & Africa as a whole while Mi-Fliss, on the other hand bends the shift of his hardcore mantra and maintains his focus on his struggles with his spirituality presently and his daily hunger for the vanities of the world. The 1,2-1,2 mic pass on the 3rd verse crowns it all up where both emcees show that their chemistry off the first single was not a fluke attempt but more of a connection of like mindedness.

Mi-Fliss has been AWOL from the scene for a minute and Micdailie has been hard at work with materials hitting the surface every now and again. Both men connecting and being able to balance each other out is credit to the love for hip hop and it will be great to hear the complete project when it is ready. Check it out!

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Venom debuts with Ruff N Tuff • Word Is Bond

 Ruff N Tuff  is the debut album of the Marvel Records artist Venom, a Producer and Remixer, best known for his production work off the latest Blaq Poet’s project The Most Dangerous and Marquee’s Femme Fatale album. Venom also happens to be half of the production duo Ninjustice with Kyo Itachi.

Ruff N Tuff is a true producer album in the veins of Eric Sermon’s Insomnia or Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor, not just a compilation but a project with a deep concept that sounds like no other. Hard hitting drums, samples and razor sharp cuts build the foundation his guests, including Camp Lo, M E D (Stone Throw), Rah Digga, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ras Kass, Conway, The Legion, Shadez Of Brooklyn, Marquee and Nolan The Ninja, can shine on. For all that are hungry for a full boom bap collage, here it is so you have no reason to thirst no more. Available on all streaming sites now.

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Abrax Phaeton & Jeff Kush team up for "Watch Me" • Word Is Bond

Phlilly emcee Abrax Phaeton teams up with  Jeff Kush for this smooth soulful gem titled “Watch me”. A two minute plus long jam that is lyrical and smooth from start to the finish.  There is nothing weak on this jam as both emcees bring nothing but dope lyrics over Mr Carmack‘s lush backdrop.

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