RobG drops his first official LP "Dream In Color" • Word Is Bond

RobG is an independent artist out of Ohio and has just put out his first official album titled Dream In Color. For those who are aware of the hip hop sub genre called Jazzhop, this project is for you. And to those who are not quite familiar with materials in that category, you should tune in to this to get a full eargasm. The album is out today so you will be able to stream it on all platforms. RobG does have three mixtapes prior to this so you know he’s been honing his craft and those are worth checking out as well. A beautiful fusion of jazz and boombap, lyrics that flow from the soul; this album by RobG is definitely what you will refer to as a work of art. Make sure you are in the zone to take it all in.

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Vuyo drops new mellow jam titled "Lord Knows" • Word Is Bond

South Africa born/Norway raised debutant Vuyo crafts a lo fi, laid back jam in the form of his new single “Lord Knows”. A song about a love lorn fella who misses his ex. Teaming up with producer Oseias Xavier , the two bring the love laden song to life with the smooth backdrop provided by the producer.


The song marks the career opening from Vuyo who just recently joined forces with the Norwegian arts collective North Of.


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Logic Marselis and Illien Rosewell put out The Wally Renaissance EP • Word Is Bond

Producer and rapper, Logic Marselis has ignited the music scene with this new release titled The Wally Renaissance in which he is rhyming over production from his frequent collaborator, Illien Rosewell.  This 5 track EP comes right after the recently released EP from Illien Rosewell produced by Logic himself titled Supreme Being. The stand out track on the EP is “Obama”, where Logic speaks to the impact that the Barack Obama presidency had on the world at large when he was first elected. Both Logic and Illien shine with the rhymes and beats respectively and this is a project due to the length you will find yourself playing over and over. Logic Marselis and Illien Rosewell are noticeably in great form and we are the better for it as they prepare to bless the internet with more music in the near future.  Stream the EP and let the brothers know what time it is.

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D.O.L.O. has got "More To Say" on his new Mixtape • Word Is Bond

Jackson, Mississippi‘s own D.O.L.O. has been putting in work in the past few years in effort to surpass his peers in the rap scene. The work is showing off with the release of his latest project More To Say. D.O.L.O, whose real name is Dominic Adagbonyin on the mixtape makes it quite clear that he is aiming for the top, showing a certain urgency on songs like “Glory Road”, “Say Less” and the title track. The rapper whose father is a native of Nigeria shows an ability to keep things versatile with more upbeat songs like the lead single “Sucka Free” and emotional ones like “Hate Love”. All-in-all the tape shows that D.O.L.O. is a lyricist to reckon with and that he indeed does have More To Say.

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HASEEB cools it down to "Feel Good" • Word Is Bond

Up and coming rapper Haseeb comes in with this mellow single titled “Feel Good”. A lounge-y type track that sees the rapper speak about life and its ups and downs in his own unique fashion.

“Feel Good,” is a record that accidentally came to life. This instrumental is the last beat that my younger brother, Haris, made before he left to medical school. As soon as I heard the beat, I knew we had a record on our hands. The song essentially speaks on the importance of staying positive while personal relationships deteriorate as a result of growing up and growing apart.

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NGHTMRE flips PnB Rock feat. Wiz Khalifa's "TTM" • Word Is Bond


NGHTMRE laced a upbeat potent cut with Wiz Khalifa and PnB Rock on “TTM,” which is a track on PnB Rock‘s new album “Catch These Vibes“. According to the song, “TTM” stands for “Talk Too Much,” which is aimed at an ex-girlfriend with a dirty habit of gossiping. Wiz Khalifa and PnB rock have the provocative rhymes covered, while NGHTMRE‘s touch comes in the form of a topline instrumental complemented by his signature deep bass. Originally, “TTM” was slated to be a NGHTMRE single featuring PnB Rock and Wiz, but PnB loved the track so much that he chose it for his album.

NGHTMRE is currently in the process of releasing new music from his “NGHTMRE – II” EP, which has included “No Coming Down,” “On the Run,” and “The Killer” so far. The final track and entire EP will be released on December 1st.


Demonstrated by a diverse sound and exhilarating releases, NGHTMRE continuously proves his prowess as a dynamic maestro on the decks as well as in the studio. The Los Angeles based producer has had a busy 2017 thus far, complementing several successful track releases with outstanding live performances. He recently released “On the Run” featuring PASSEPORT, teamed up with “Ghastly for “End of the Night,” put his own spin on Fat Joe‘s classic hit “Lean Back” as well remixed DJ Snake‘s recent “Here Comes the Night.” NGHTMRE‘s ghoulish fanbase caught him around the world this season, as his packed tour schedule included LollapaloozaCoachellaEDC Las Vegas, and his own Gud Vibrations Festivalin SoCalwith SLANDER. He is currently traveling for his “NGHTMRE Before Xmas” tour, which carries him to multiple international locales as well as many major U.S. cities, including Las VegasNew York City and San Francisco. Check out the closest city to you and snag tickets while you can here.


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RMLLW2LLZ breaks down his "Evolution" • Word Is Bond

Rmllw2llz (pronounced (Romell with 2 L’s) comes through with this engaging and profound single titled “Evolution”. A straight up verbal barrage that is chock full of bravado, personal insights and much more. Hit the play button and get familiar with the man.


It’s rare to encounter an emcee with so few peers, but Rmllw2llz (pronounced (Romell with 2 L’s),with the release of Concerto No. 9 Movement II, he has proven just that. Here, Rmllw2llz has cultivated a circle of collaborators from in and far outside hip-hop, for an album that is parts Wu-Tang at their very best, classic soul and R&B beats with tight rhymes, backed by elements of rock and indie. While his lyricism has always been a high point of his artistry, it’s razor sharp on and point, punctuated on his new release by tracks like So Amerikkkan or opener Evolution, two very different sides to a multifaceted artist. RMLLW2LLZ is a work horse. His work ethic has been noticed, earning him multiple nominations for the Hip-Hop artist of the year at the Louisville Music Awards, and a recent nod for the best local music video at the LEO Weekly. He has performed with acts including Rakim, Raekwon, David Banner, and Big Boi and at the Forecastle Festival. Throughout this, Rmllw2llz has remained a committed member of the hip-hop community, both through his relationships with other emcees, and his work as the host of I and Eye Radio on ArtxFm alongside frequent collaborators the immeasurable DJ DS and WIP.


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Tota gives his own perspective on "Cyntoia Brown " • Word Is Bond

Continuing in his trend of crafting socially conscious tunes for the mind, Tota delivers another gripping one in the form of this single titled “Cyntoia Brown “. We are pretty sure you have heard of the story of the young lady already but if you haven’t do read up on it HERE.  He gives a perspective and insight into the life of Cyntoia Brown in hopes to raise awareness about her life and the lives of many other young women. Cyntoia’s case is truly special.


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Focus The Truth states that "Love Will Get You Killed" • Word Is Bond

Focus The Truth comes through with the title track of his upcoming project titled “Love Will Get You Killed “. The title track is a blend of live-esque instrumentation and emotionally driven spoken word performance

This is the first track off the album “Love Will Get You Killed” dropping on 12/9/2017.

Stream the Q85 project on : SpotifyApple Music/iTunes:

Focus is not your typical rapper, he is more of what one could call a lyricist in that he conveys some deep meanings and messages through his music. He’s not one to just scratch the surface, but the kind of artist to dig deep into any topic his mind feels like addressing. He has already released some classic albums including Q85, Berwick Road, and D.U.I. His newest release “LOVE WILL GET YOU KILLED” is sure to join his catalog as one to remember as fans both new and old are already creating a massive buzz about its release. People gravitate to his messages and connect with the lyrics as they find something that is true to what HIP-HOP should and is meant to be. Focus does the album right by maintaining his own style yet embodying the elements of HIP-HOP’s past to bring fans an original banger that has multiple play potential.


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Peek delivers his latest "Audio Assault" • Word Is Bond

Rising Toronto, Canada based producer who goes by the moniker Peek just dropped his new track titled “Audio Assault”. The grimy instrumental is a pot pourri of hard drums, perfectly chopped vocal samples and then some. The single is off his 3 track project entitled “Don’t Play With Guns. (D.P.W.G)”


Peek further explains below.

I made this tape as a form of emotional expression shining light on a more positive side of myself which I don’t often show within my production style. I have been producing for 2 years and born and raised in




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