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We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 10. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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San Diego based multi-instrumentalist/producer who goes by the moniker Tonga kicks off the Top 10 instrumental submissions with a mellow, retrospective beat he calls “What Do I Do?”. The dreamy vibes here is enough to put the listener in deep thoughts while soothing them.

Young Citrus comes through with a mellow, lo-fi groovy cut titled “$(money)” that is driven by a weird piano and thick bassline. delivers his new project titled “Epiphany”. The 10 track project sounds like something out of a movie with is its cinematic soundscapes and complex musical layers.


1. – Morning Dew
2. – Humble
3. – Realm (ft. @chefboyrj)
4. – Enthropy
5. – Gyatso
6. – Surrealism
7. – Island Of Monks
8. – Petrichor
9. – Differ (ft. @flitzsuppe)
10. – Recreation

Leipzig native Johannes Riedel a.k.a. ReedFlavor drops the visuals for his new beat titled ‘Forest Space Jungle”. The title is quite weird but shows the producer’s knack for all things analogue with the dusty atmosphere behind the track. the song “Forest Space Jungle” is part of a whole beat tape/album “Golden Ticket Tapes – 004 ReedFlavor”

The video was shot by Tom Streller.


Billa Joints drops “No Ends” which is the 7th track off his latest beat tape Evolve. No Ends blends off-kilter rhythms with heavy synth bass and string samples. It’s an experimental beat that feels like you’re traveling through outer space.  Get the full project on Spotify

Edgar Cards is an Experimental Hip-Hop producer and musician from Southern California. Drawing influences from a broad range of genres, notably J Dilla, Madlib, Jimi Hendrix, and Sun Ra, his style of production is pretty eclectic, to say the least. His newest beat titled “I’ll be free” is a mellow/soothing piece of art and it’s pretty slick.

The beat is taken from his new EP titled  “Anyone There?”.



Southern California based Ryan Claus is a film composer and sole producer of Little Glass Men.  Thier new single “City Nights” is soothing and somewhat somber in terms of the emotions it evokes. He crafted the beat on a solid Rhodes performance layered over a vintage hip-hop drum beat.


Young producer Epifania delivers a solid beat titled “Lush” and it’s taken from his newest project “intrinsic anima“. The São Paulo, Brazil-based producer crafts original compositions using analogue and electronic soundscapes that exudes dreamy/surreal vibes

Get the audio on Spotify


Irish producer Zak Higgins returns to “The Word Is Bond” top 10 weekly instrumentals with a simplistic approach to this beat using old-school inspired drums and a sample from the Instagram page of the mysterious “Shiloh Dynasty”, whos Instagram videos were sampled all over Xxxtentations 2017 album “17”. Zak produced, mixed and mastered this beat himself from his bedroom in his home in Dublin Ireland, where he runs a studio and aspiring record label “the shed productions” with which he hopes to help grow the Irish hip-hop scene.

JPthaProphet drops an emotionally filled cut titled “ComeThru. He says what really inspired the beat are phone calls from exes late at night and the constant back and forth after breakup.

Bluestaeb’s motto is “Everything Is Always A Process” , which is also the title of his new project. As per usual he delivers another stunning instrumental titled “STAAAY”. The beat is groovy funky and well crafted from top to bottom. His composition here is a blend of vocal samples and original musical arrangements to create wonderfully layered atmospheres


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Jumbled – You Don’t Know?!

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Rebel ACA & The French Monkey Wrench's Personal Brand of John Wayne Rap on the Album "Sunday's Cool" Will Blow Your Mind • Word Is Bond

Okay, so it’s already been done before. Kind of.

In 1983, Shawn Brown, who went by the stage name “Rappin’ Duke,” produced a song like no other at the time. It became an instant parody classic of the ’80s, eventually peaking at 73 on the 1985 R&B/Hip Hop Billboard charts. His subject? John Wayne. The Rappin’ Duke had kids in school yards trying to cleverly emulate the cowboy’s infectious “da-ha” laugh and trying to mimic Shawn Brown’s corner store-near-my-hometown-Ponderosa rap style: “So you think you’re bad, with your rap / Well I’ll tell ya pilgrim I started the crap.”

Fast forward to 2018 and “John Wayne” rap is being taken to a new level on UK hip hop duo Rebel ACA and The French Monkey Wrench’s first album, Sunday’s Cool, off Buttercuts Records. The first single, “John Wayne,” with video below, is rip-roaring with variegated sights and symbols representing everything across the board like DIY rap, jangle pop, and indie-acoustic chivalry. Teeming with Banksy art references and cerebral verse stealers (Instant gratification the freshest coffee and the best shopping in the best locations / Paid by touch, but we’re still not civil enough to touch, and be considerate enough), it’s as if The Beatles and The Beastie Boys got together to put on a dada art show.

The most unique quality that this video possesses is it’s ability to imply much more than what lyrics and music represent on the surface. I haven’t watched Rebel ACA or the French Monkey Wrench live, but from this animation, I already know that they will go down in history as performance artists more than they will be remembered as “rappers” because of how they choose to live their lives. It is performance not just through art, but in the way they choose to personify themselves through private personae and open interpretation, something Daft Punk and Deadmau5 have mastered.

“John Wayne” is just the teaser for the rest of the album. Supple breaks carry our ears from one track to the next, and while not pressingly political, the album does tackle some hard-pressing issues and ideology, like in “Living in a Mad World,” a song remixed by Lil Rossco that discusses the emotions of young girls who are torn apart by family riffs, and “Swingaboo,” a song about how immigrants are unfairly edged out of this country and still rise up with dignity.

We think Sunday’s Cool is pure magic, but you should give it a listen for yourself:

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Gideon King & City Blog See Through Your Smoke and Mirrors in New Track, "Fake it on Facebook" • Word Is Bond

New York street jazz is alive as ever. Jazz is not dead and it never will be with front runners of the scene like the impressive Gideon King & City Blog telling stories through intricate improvisation. The band of musicians has worked with legendary jazz oracles, including Herbie Hancock’s bassist James Genus, so one can only expect greatness on their forthcoming album and second studio debut, Upscale Madhouse, to ensue. Gideon King & City Blog are currently promoting the first track off of that album, “Fake it on Facebook,” which you can hear here.

Much like the blues spoke the truth of city life and laid down an escape route, Gideon King & City speak on the truths of our self-preoccupied redundancies. For some, life isn’t truly happening unless it’s posted to a live feed, and in this track, beautiful chord progressions, key scaling, and guitar scatting tell the story of a city woman, very desperate for money and affection, who is ultimately exposed as a narcissistic and misguided little girl.

Not only can you hear the jazz greats of past and present, but you also get a little bit of everything in between, like the Stevie Wonder soul of the ’80s, The Commodores of the ’60s and ’70s, and even some of Lionel Richie’s solo work via the 1990s.

The composition is beautifully puréed, and we can’t wait to hear the full album upon release in August. Until then, enjoy Gideon King & City Blog in an earth-shatteringly soulful performance of “Down by the River” below.

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Metaspion Proves Scandanavian Folk Music is Still Relevant in the Culture of Nu • Word Is Bond

Who would’ve thought a man all the way from Horten, Norway could single-handedly flip our perceptions of how traditional folk music is consumed. Enter Metaspion, a bass head with a glam rock past who was recently caught fiddling around with a marimba for the first time on his Facebook. He also plays the violin and a smattering of other instrumentals.

That’s him above practicing to “Psycho Dope,” a juicy track off his new album that dropped this month, Folktronika Schmolkfonika. For any EDM fans who love their fill of genre crossovers and bands who truly reinvent the wheel, Schmolkfonika Folktronika, produced entirely by the artist alone with a few guest features from vocalists Marianne Eide, Line Kaupang, Elfi Sverdrup, and Sverre Lindset, will be a treat.

“Psycho Dope” could be produced for a woodsy episode of the contemporary sci-fi series Black Mirror; techno-global, intergalactic sound waves flood listeners’ ears as they feel the pulse; there is so much visual stimuli created by noise on this album that one can’t help but to reference a movie scene, book chapter, or audio file that once struck a chord with them in the past.

Some of the tracks have a spiritually Buddhist bent, like “Not Everything is Terrible,” which when listening, one can almost feel themselves detaching from reality a little bit to sink into the music.

Then there’s the inspiring “Old Rules Don’t Apply,” which has many traceable patterns. From drum machines to synthy punches and a medieval fiddle, this track is complimentary of traditional Northern European lineage and ingenuity.

“Tveitaaen” is a yoik with a lilting effect ideal for partner dancing, or maybe head banging, in a Nordic pub.

Last but not least, we have to mention “Indianger” for its supernatural elements, a song for the Valkyrie flying through the sea and riding onward toward battle to carry out Odin’s command.

You can play this album at your next Game of Thrones binge, while you watch Thor for the seventeenth time, or crank up the noise factor to infinity and circle dance on your front lawn. Metaspion won’t mind, we’re sure.

Give the rest of the album a listen here, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Elusive – Tru Blu

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Rodin – Rickshaw Roadtrip

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Abomination Oner – Renaissance Man

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