Shawn Black, Sadat X, Willie Stubz – Bronx Queens Connect (unreleased)

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The Nonce – 1990

previously unreleased Nonce album from 1990, recently mixed and restored by Radioinactive

Just after high school graduation in 1990, the young duo was given the chance to go into a professional studio. Their dreams of a record deal were soon dashed after the production company raised objections to their artistic choices. Unwilling to meet the demands, The Nonce walked away from the project, leaving behind the masters of the very tracks that make up The Nonce 1990.

Daniel Borine, of the independent Family Groove label, discovered the lost material for this album in 2017. Borine rescued the master tapes from the studio where they were first recorded and subsequently misplaced, (but not forgotten), since 1990. Sach had assumed the tapes were destroyed or thrown in the dumpster bin.

These 14 rare tracks by The Nonce predate their critically acclaimed 1993 single, Mix Tapes and the classic World Ultimate from 1995.

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seen: The Mobb Deep Demo Tapes

Mobb Deep’s one song demo, post-4th and Broadway. “Patty Shop,” labeled “Smoke an El, Burn a Brain Cell” Mobb Deep Rough Mixes from 7/01/94. Mobb Deep The Infamous LP rough mixes from 8/25/94 @mobbdeephavoc #PoeticalProphets #ProdigyMobbDeep #Prodigy #MobbDeep #HNIC #TheInfamous #LoudRecords @steverifkind @schott_free @matteoglen

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Tragedy Khadafi – The Rebel Returns (Demo, 1989)


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Self Jupiter, Existereo, Myka 9, Abstract Rude – Bare Minimum (unreleased, 2015)

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Z-Man – My Medicine (unreleased)

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