B Leafs – Been Waiting ft. Masta Ace, Termanology

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MC Paul Barman – ((((((Antennas)))))) ft. Masta Ace

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Grind Mode – “The Cypher Symphony” Part 1 Ft. Masta Ace (Video) |

Watch the latest from long time cypher network Grind Mode, “The Cypher Symphony” Part 1 featuring the legendary Masta Ace and many more solid emcees. Others murdering the beat produced by Geoff Grey is Lingo, windchILL, J.A.I. Pera, Buddhakai, Provoke from Proximity, and Shawn Keys.

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Verse Behavior: Masta Ace Breaks Down His Song "Young Black Intelligent” (VIDEO).

Ace tells WatchLOUD: “Young Black Intelligent” [from The Falling Season] was the first song that I recorded for this album. The song in a nutshell speaks about my life at the age of around 14 years old growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn in the projects, and being a kid that was a pretty smart kid, got good grades. But all of my friends that I hung with, they wasn’t really into school like that. They didn’t really get good grades like that. So I was looked at a little different because of the school thing. So I wanted to express on a record that feeling of being in this environment but being different because I was a good student and how to survive that and get through that. That’s why I wrote the song.

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