Panther Poorsche – “Lately” (Video) –

Hailing from one of the most dangerous counties in America, singer/songwriter/actor Panther Poorsche is a rising star accruing a tremendous amount of popularity thanks to his unique new sound. Inspired by his unorthodox sound, Panther Poorsche earned the moniker of “Hippie with a Gold Chain”. Now, with the world watching his every moves, Panther Poorsche capitalizes on the moment with the debut of his most-prolific visual presentation for the breakout single, “Lately”.

“Lately” is a dark and deadly love tale with the protagonist under the influence of revenge and commits a heinous crime of passion. Poorsche pays homage to his fellow North Carolina-native J. Cole who released a eerie visual similar to “Lately” for the Miguel-featured song, “Power Trip”. Frustrated, angry, and betrayed, Panther Poorsche delivers a stunning visual performance that will have newfound fans talking about “Lately” all year long and eagerly looking for more on the up-and-coming artist.

Born in Lumberton, North Carolina and raised in Washington D.C., Panther Poorsche has crafted a sound that includes melodic substance infused with intriguing subject matter. Addressing a wide variety of trending issues discussed by this generation’s youth in majority of his catalog. Panther Poorsche delivers a voice to the voiceless through his music, expressing the acceptance to indulge themselves in pure emotion. Truthful mind, body, and soul, Panther Poorsche is the perfect image to represent the artist of the future.

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Watch “Lately” by Panther Poorsche above.

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Da Baby – “Itch” (Video) –

Da Baby, also known as Baby Jesus, is back with North Carolina on his back!  The Charlotte native has the voice for North Carolina right now and drops some new music in the form of a video titled, “Itch”.

With his numbers multiplying, Baby Jesus continues to keep it authentic as he expands and drops us some unique and different sauce. An artist to lookout for in 2018, the new release will certainly justify that as he flaunts his tone, wave, and rockstar. Baby Jesus states we haven’t seen anything yet, with records and videos like “Pull Up’, Light Show” and “Gorilla Glue”, it’s safe to say the future looks bright and aside from J.Cole, North Carolina might have someone else to whole-heartedly rep.

Watch “Itch” above.

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TheDeeepEnd wants you to Think Good Thoughts though you live in a "War Zone" • Word Is Bond

North Carolina keeps spewing out rappers and we are loving it. Introducing TheDeeepEnd, who is an emcee from 9th Wonder‘s city and has just put out a dope project in the name of Think Good Thoughts. It is from this project that we are getting this visual to one of the gems on the body of work and this one is called War Zone. This track is basically TheDeeepEnd telling about the black man’s struggles as he enters adulthood realising that life is not as simple and straightforward as he had assumed it to be. The rapper is basically saying that no matter the many obstacles that tug at you, the power of positive thinking helps to triumph in all which makes the title of the project itself quite apt. Check out the video and you can stream the whole project on all platforms now.

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