ANNE SUU is back with another soul-filled record titled "Together" [Video] • Word Is Bond

ANNE SUU and producer B-Side team up once again for a solid effort titled "Together". The neo-soul vibes continues the trend they set with their previous release "Everyday".
The nostalgia-inducing production is a perfect fit for SUU's expressive vocal style and melodious performance. 
The visual has a retro vibe and shows the artist travelling around 1980s Berlin and its outskirts with her friends, celebrating life.

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Anything But Broke team up with Nappy Roots on "Keep The Crypt" • Word Is Bond


Hip Hop veterans Nappy Roots collaborate with award-winning DJ and music producer Anything But Broke to make a political statement. On their new collaboration, Anything But Broke crafts a vibrant and groovy backdrop for the Southern rap quartet to convey their thoughts over. The vibe might be bright and lush but the topics range from modern producers like Diplo to television being used to brainwash the masses and racial discrimination against minorities being treated as terrorists. It’s definitely denser than the average Southern trap song you will hear this week.

The visual plays out like a day in the park with everyone doing their thing but the message gets enhanced once the chorus hits and the visual effects kick in to remind the listener that Everything’s an illusion.


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Chill out to the soulful vibes of SIROJ's "For The Night" • Word Is Bond

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Amsterdam based artist and DJ SIROJ show us his tender side on his 90’s R&B influenced pop-song titled “For The Night”. The record has a vibrant groove and smooth instrumentation that fits the one on one mood for a late night private session.  As a producer he has produced for artists like Yellow Claw, DJ Mustard, Ty Dolla $ign, Lido and Tyga. This year he played on stages from all over the world – Japan, Spain, France, Indonesia and Belgium and on big festivals like Woo-Hah! and Lowlands.

Stream: Apple: Spotify: Deezer: Tidal: GooglePlay


BIO: Over the years, SIROJ has found the perfect balance between his DJ and Producing. As a result, he managed to create his own sound that he likes to call SLOP. A sound that finds the perfect balance between House and Hip-Hop, which is heavily featured on his solo-EP’s “GLOW” (2015), “When The Going Gets Tough” (2016) and “MARBLE” (2017). As musically diverse that OJ is, he never feels the need to sit still as continues to work on new music. 2018 started of nicely for SIROJ as he released his single ‘Traction’ ft. Nelson Clark, which led him to play all over the world and on big festivals. 


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Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross team up on the futuristic groove of "Paris" • Word Is Bond

Husband and wife duo Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross unleash their vibrant single titled “Paris” to the world. For this tune, they teamed up with producers Austin Brown (Ariana GrandeMacy Gray) and Bryan London who craft a smooth soul/pop backdrop for the acts.  “Paris” is the follow up to the release of their tender pop ballad ‘I Do’, which was co-written by Ashlee and Evan alongside legendary bassist Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire, and was the first new music from Ashlee Simpson in over 10 years.

“Paris” will be featured in the second episode of the E! docu-series Ashlee + Evan which will premiere in the U.S on 16th September and air in 160 countries around the world. The series takes viewers behind-the-scenes on their journey through love, making music and raising a family.

Get the audio HERE.

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Praa wants to know "Y" [Video] • Word Is Bond

French indie single Praa (real names Marion Lagassa) delivers the stunning visuals for her song “Y”. The laid-back ethereal record is a sweet blend of RnB/soul and modern experimental elements. Her sultry and expressive vocals glide effortlessly over the backdrop as she questions our human connection about the – mostly – virtual relationships we maintain through our screens.

The CONTACT directed visuals take the minimal approach with a focus on the act as she performs the song in a dimly light space. The dynamic vibe is enhanced as the colors change from black during the verses to a reddish hue on the chorus most likely signifying a rise in emotions. Interesting concept if you asked me. The track was written by Praa and produced by Timsters.


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LYRIX ORGANIX team up with Sophia Thakur on the expressive "Dance" video for their UnFOLD project • Word Is Bond

Live performance curators LYRIX ORGANIX teamed up with spoken word act Sophia Thakur on “Dance” . The result is a vibrant collage of classical sounds meeting grime  and dancehall giving it a very dynnamic vibe as Sophia Thakur encourages the listener not to forget to dance and embrace life a sit unfolds despite the uncertain times we face today. Thakur brings a very expressive feel with her passionate and vivid lyrics that captures the essence of celebrating life as it is and not being shackled up by the daily troubles. She further explains “… prefer music sometimes to poetry so having the opportunity to combine the two was literally incredible. In terms of kicking it off with Dance, it was written for one of my best mates that passed away just over a year ago. He was a poet and he pushed me to do poetry and I’ve kept him in the focus point since graduating, which is when I first got involved with UnFOLD. the message itself is obviously to celebrate the nuances of life…”

“Dance” is off the upcoming EP UnFOLD ep2 from LYRIX ORGANIX which will be released on the 4th October – National Poetry Day 2018.

Full tour dates/info:

5th October – Tate Britain, London

Featuring Sophia Thakur, Kieron Rennie + TBA plus special guest TBA

10th October – Band On The Wall, Manchester

Featuring Sophia Thakur, Solomon OB & Toby Thompson plus special guest TBA

1st November – Sage Gateshead, Newcastle

Featuring Sophia Thakur, Solomon OB & Asma Elbadawi plus special guest TBA

16th November – St George’s Bristol

Featuring Sophia Thakur, Solomon OB & TBC plus special guest Dizraeli (exclusive ‘Art of Words’ talk)

6th December – Kings Place (Hall One), London 
Featuring Sophia Thakur, Solomon OB + TBA plus special guest TBA

For more info and tickets visit the official website HERE

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Denzil Porter performs "Time Soon Come" at Sofar NYC [ Video] • Word Is Bond

Denzil Porter takes some time out to give an intimate performance at SOFAR in NYC and shared with us the footage. The track he blessed the crowd with is titled “Time Soon Come” a soulful introspective record that gets the listener hooked starts to finish. Over the soul-drenched backdrop, he dwells on the questions most people tend to avoid for most of their lives and makes the listener reach deep within their souls. What is being successful really? Is it quantifiable? Can we measure or time it? These are the variables Porter ponders on as he engages the crowd with his passionate but yet laid-back performance.

Hit the play button and watch it in its entirety.


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N-Depth overlooks the city as "The Batman" • Word Is Bond

San Fran based emcee N-Depth shares his newest single “The Batman” alongside its accompanying video. Like the title states, the song is inspired by the DC comic character of the same name which N-Depth fell in love with since he saw the 1989 movie version starring Michael Keaton.  On this single, he teamed up with a fellow SF producer Revelation who cooked up a gloomy, melodic guitar-driven soundscape for the rapper to pay homage to his favourite superhero.

The visuals also have a dark vibe/aesthetic which emphasizes the Dark Knight concept with its cinematic feel. He further states “This song is really about protecting the ones that you care about but with the Batman name on it and Batman references. Plus, I was really inspired by ‘Walk This Way’ by Run-DMC & Aerosmith back in the day so wanted to make a track that combined hip-hop and rock elements.”

“The Batman”  is off his new album called “After Effect”. Get the single here and the entire album here.


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Quiet Man drops the visuals for his song "Sl33p" • Word Is Bond

After dropping the single “Sl33p” some weeks ago, Quiet Man returns to the forefront with the visuals for the song in question.  The visual is quite engaging with it’s crisp aesthetic, visual effects and offbeat cutscenes that blends animations and then some to bring an unorthodox vibe to the screen.


“Sl33p”  is taken from his new 3-track EP out now via From Concentrate


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Wordburglar pays homage to the age of video rentals on "Rental Patient"[video] • Word Is Bond

Canadian indie rapper Wordburglar takes us back to the 90s way before Netflix and online video streaming. The days of Blockbuster and other countless video rental stores that added some form of joy in our youth. The rapper takes it from a very novel angle here, he says movie renters must have some type of rental patience in the situation where they couldn’t get a movie they wanted to watch because someone else has rented it first and the store has no extra copies. Thinking back now just makes me wonder how many times that happened and we would have to crawl back to the store days later just to acquire the film.

The Nathan Boone directed video puts the rapper in an institution where he talks about his rental addiction to other patients as a form of therapy. This is pretty interesting and very engaging all the way.

His thoughts on the video:

The idea for “Rental Patient” sparked when I was babysitting my niece, picking out a movie to watch online. It dawned on me that she would never know what it was like to wander through a dingy video store after school, eating stale popcorn while fumbling through boxes, hunting for something cool to watch because the movie you originally wanted to see was already rented. Not being able to watch a video because somebody else is watching it struck me as pretty hilarious, but it was just a fact of life when I was her age. If you were a movie fan in the age of renters, you had to have rental patience – and the song pretty much wrote itself from there.


“Rental Patient” is the first single from Wordburglar’s 6th full-length album “Rhyme Your Business” available now.


Sept 1 – TORONTO, The Rec Room

Sept 9 – TORONTO, The Baby G

Sept 13 – KINGSTON, Overtime

Sept 14 – OTTAWA, Bar Robo

Sept 20 – CALGARY, Broken City

Sept 22 – EDMONTON, The Rec Room South

Sept 28 – VANCOUVER, The Anza Club

Oct 5 – SASKATOON, Black Cat Tavern

Oct 12 – ST JOHN’S NF, The Ship Pub

Oct 13 – HALIFAX, Menz & Mollyz

Nov 3, SARNIA, Refined Fool

Nov ??, TORONTO, Handlebar

Nov 23, MONTREAL, Foufounes Electriques

Dec 7, LONDON, Old East 765

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