Cipherella pokes fun at the fake in new video "Dumb Dumb" • Word Is Bond

Brandi Stephney aka Cipherella sets it off with the visuals for her previously released single “Dumb Dumb”.  The retro fitted cut is a brilliant homage to the 90s complete with matching outfits, classic dance moves and a boombap backdrop to complete the cypher. However Cipherella’s lyrical prowess takes center stage as she tackles the sheep mentality of the masses who soak up whatever they see and hear on TV and radio.


Dumb Dumb is the follow-up track to Cipherella’s previous video “Moments”. Hit the play button and get familiar.


Brandi Stephney, commonly known as Cipherella, is a talented lyricist, humanitarian, and philosopher. Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Cipherella relocated to New York City after a massive tornado destroyed she and her mother’s home in 2013. The change of scenery gave her new creative inspiration and more musical ambition. Soon, she became host of New York City’s longest running monthly open mic night at the NuYorican Poets café. Her exceptional writing skills were shared in M-Pire Magazine and creative input was sought after by Supreme Bars: The Ultimate Emcee and Producer Battle’s creators. Highly outspoken, Cipherella’s social and political convictions are constant themes in her music. Comparable to Queen Latifah and Bahamdia, she uses eclectic instrumentals and writes passionate lyrics that create dialogue. Her 2014 release “What Ya Gon’ Do” is a great example. The song highlighted the rampant police brutality that occurs throughout the country. “What Ya Gon’ Do” led to panel discussions about the topic and features on many major music publications. Heavily inspired by artists ranging from MC Lyte to Erykah Badu, Cipherella is a genuine lyricist with a powerful message. Her ever-evolving style and avant-garde approach to hip-hop music sets her apart from everyone else. When she is not performing, Cipherella is usually in the recording studio. Her latest music video for “Moments,” produced by Mira-Cal is available now. The music video has already been featured in New York City’s Hip-Hop Film Festival and the Around International Film

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N.B.S shed some light on the “The Evils” (Video) • Word Is Bond

Nux and Flash make up the duo known as N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters), these Cambridge, MA based emcees deliver their debut single “Evils” and it’s nothing but rawness. Armed with distinct vocal tones and incredible lyricism, the duo paint a vivid picture about street life revolving around women, money, guns and drugs. Far from glorifying the life but rather acting as street documentarians for those who have the common sense to listen and learn from the mistakes of the characters in the song.

“The Evils,” which is produced by acclaimed Swiss producer DJ Tray (Joell Ortiz, Saigon, Tragedy Khadafi), serves as the debut single off N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters)’s SwissVets2 LP, which is set to drop early ’18.

The JakeBeatz Films production is guided by the raw rhymes of Nux and Flash, two emcees who take pride in their ability to blend personal and political topics in their verses. While you can hear those qualities throughout their discography, they’re particularly evident on “The Evils.” That goes for its video, as well, because it displays both the rappers’ passion for their craft.


Also head over to the digital outlet of your choice to support the single, which is now available via Empire Music / PW Records / Big Bang Records. Keep your eyes and ears open for more leaks and visuals taken from SwissVets2!

Stream/Download (Smart URL) Here


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Ave treats us to his brand of "Bubble Rap" • Word Is Bond

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Up and coming artist Ave hit us up with his new video/song titled “Bubble Rap”. The visuals shot in Ave’s college dorm room shows the young rapper in his element kicking stream of consciousness lyrics and armed with a pretty dynamic flow.

“Bubble Rap” is produced by Aso and it’s off Ave’s upcoming debut project titled “Still Alive“‘. Hit the play button and get familiar.

Ave gave us some insight into the making of the song below.

The idea I had for the “Bubble Rap” video was to make it feel as DIY and real as possible. As I person I don’t usually ask for much from anyone, and that’s what I wrote the song about- not wanting a lot of the things most rappers say they do and only needing what I feel is essential.

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June Dakid reels us in for his "7 Days Intro" • Word Is Bond

June Dakid flips nothing but dope bars over a mellow, cinematic backdrop courtesy of Araab Muzik for his new song titled “7 Days Intro”. The song doesn’t hold back any punches as he hits the opposition below the belt and takes them to the cleaners.

With 2pac as his inspiration, June Dakid wrote an album in seven days to mimic the work ethic Pac displayed while working on Makaveli. “Live My 7 Day Theory” is the fruition of the goal. 1203 Music Group’s June Dakid drops his first visual from the upcoming project. This is the the intro track, and features the MC giving some insight on his growth as a person . Video was shot by Dom Productions.Track produced by Araab Muzik.


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Thirstin Howl The 3rd reps the Lo Life with "Japan Style" • Word Is Bond


For his latest track/video titled “Japan Style” Thirstin Howl the 3rd teams up with the polo king of Japan Dak-Lo. The hard hitting track brings nothing but that pure uncut style we have always loved from the Lo Life general. The visuals shot on the streets of Tokyo displays crazy Polo styles from the Japanese Lo-Life chapter while spitting fresh heat. The video was filmed while on an international speaking tour promoting his book, Bury Me With The Lo On (co-authored by Tom Gould and released by Victory Journal).  Speaking on the experience Howl commented that “the style and fashion over there is just like New York, done to perfection and passed down to the children.”


This is off the latest album Skillmatic which includes collabos with Prodigy (Mobb Deep), Sticky Fingaz (Onyx), U.G. (Cella Dwellas), Shabaam SahdeeqMeyhem LaurenSpit GemzRack Lo among others.

Also recently released was The 2nd edition of Howl’s coffee table book (co-authored by Future/Joey Bada$$ video director Tom GouldBury Me With The Lo On which immediately sold out of it’s 2nd edition.


In addition to his work emceeing and as an author this year Howl has also been directing several film features and documentaries.  A few of these will be premiered at the forthcoming Love And Loyalty Weekend, an annual music and film festival that Howl and Lo Life Miami throw in December at the world famous Art Basel in Miami.  This year’s event will take place on December 8th through the 10th at Grandma’s House (84 NW 26 Street) in the heart of the action.


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Tota delivers a touching outlook on depression in his "Marae" video • Word Is Bond

Ever since he appeared on our pages with his first single “Idiocy“, Tota has been on a roll by consistently dropping new material almost every week. His latest video “Marae” is a grim outlook on a relationship turn sour. A passionate filled track that deals with self realization in a relationship. Hit the play button and get familiar.

Soundcloud Link: HERE

Artist Bio:

Tota is a Hip Hop and R&B artist from Vallejo, California. Growing up he was the only boy and the youngest of 4 children. Him and sister starting rapping around the age of 7. His sister eventually moved to the south to stay with her Mom and he continued pursuing music. One day watching a video of Kanye West producing on Youtube he decided he wanted to make beats as well. That day embarked a musical journey. Throughout middle school and high school he would produce, rap, and write for local artist. He started battling in high school and garnered a little attention. After high school he had his first child and slowed down a bit musically. He started doing more background work developing artist until he met Dianne Dulay, a singer from Vallejo whom he formed a duo with by the name of WeAreYou. After a short lived run with the duo he decided to finally push step out as a solo artist. That leads us to where we are today.

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Quis Christ aims to "Free Sons" in new single/video • Word Is Bond


Long Island emcee Quis Christ delivers his latest single titled “Free Sons”, a mellow sombre and reflective joint that dwells on the black experience in America and then some.  Quis Christ definitely delivers that true  hip hop in its purest form on this joint.

Apple Music link:HERE


Marquis Richardson better known as Quis Christ hails from Long Island, New York. Quis has been taking the underground rap scene by storm with the release of his debut EP SON… As he preps his next project slated for a late 2017 release, Quis continues to drop stellar releases like the projects lead single titled Free Sons.

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Chuuwee crafts a new single for "Members Only" • Word Is Bond


Chuwee is not new to TWIB and it’s always great to hear new material from the young emcee. For his latest venture he changes the pace of his “Dystopia” series with the intermission album “Sabbath”. Created as a spin off from the series, the album focuses on Chuuwee’s “day off from creation”. The single in question is titled “Members Only”, a laid back nostalgic type track that sees Chuwee reminiscing about his significant other.

“It’s a lot of pressure and even more madness going on in America right now and as I stated before I want the album series to start getting really really dark. But before I turn the lights out completely, I wanted to give people something fun and light to go in with. Part 003 is going to be very very dismal ” Chuuwee says.

“Sabbath” features only Sacramento artists including Casual D, Anton Xavier, Tavis, Abstract Ninjaa, Ronin VII and Nate Curry. Production on the album contributed by Money Montage, Chris Rose, Slept Jeezy, Shae Money, Saltreze and ApolloTONE to name a few.

Earlier this year Chuuwee released the first two parts of the “Dystopia” series. Part one “Paradiso” (March 24th) focuses on the ideology of what paradise is or means to us as people, while explaining the purpose of existence from an existentialist perspective. Part two “Purgator” (July 14th) takes a darkened turn for the worse, displaying a showcase of manic depressive and self-conscious viewpoints of one’s own success and outlook toward in a nihilistic view point of the age of question that everyone has been asking, why am I alive?

Lastly Chuuwee adds “the storyline of “Sabbath” foreshadows parts 003 & 004 of the “Dystopia” series.”




Sabbath is available at iTunes 


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Da Flyy Hooligan has got "Alligator Skin" • Word Is Bond

Following the release of his latest project S.C.U.M., North West London’s Da Flyy Hooligan has put out the visuals to one of the off-kilter tracks on the body of work and that happens to be Alligator Skin. With no kicks or drums and just the chords and bass to complement his vocals, Da Flyy Hooligan goes off and still manages to keep his flow and delivery in tow; a hard feat I must say for many rappers in the game. Anyways, check out the subtle yet dark-themed pictures and do not forget to really dig into the album.

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