New Visuals "We Still Have a Dream" by Sonny King and Pietro of Music For Love • Word Is Bond

Sonny King and Pietro are artists with the organization Music for Love.  The organization was developed to spread awareness on charity projects, help people in need, and to support communities in different countries around the world.

Sonny and Pietro create and share music to demonstrate their devout commitment towards change. As they strive for peace and harmony they turn to the celebrated speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  His “Dream” offers hope even in today’s troubled times and suffering. Sonny and Pietro grasp a beacon of light from “I Have a Dream” to solicit help to heal the world.

“We Still Have a Dream” is the latest collaboration of Sonny King and Pietro. The video captures the elated smiles and life of all ages. The duo also captures authentic interaction with people from all walks of life. It is evident they will not turn their backs on MLK Jr.’s speech or our tarnished nation.

“Music for love take the pain away/from the heavens above and places far away/music for love let it light the way”

The percussions and upbeat sounds of drums blended with other instruments set the tone for this joyous message of peace and hope. Stream “We Still Have a Dream” here.

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Tieran brings a whole new meaning to the word motivate in his new video "Be About It" • Word Is Bond

Columbus hip-hop artist Tieran has always been pushing the envelope for his non-conformist style of hip-hop.  On his newest song/video titled “Be About It”. He goes the route of self-motivation via a completely different manner of approach. His style is witty, hilarious and self-deprecating in an entertaining and thought-provoking as well. It really makes the listener think deep about how to do better themselves. The self-produced track has a dark vibe and hits hard with its trap influenced drums.

“Be About It” is the lead single and music video off of his upcoming album Deep End. Tieran’s album Deep End is set to release on September 28th. The Album is entirely produced, recorded, engineered, and designed by Tieran himself.

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Ivy Sole take us back to the "Backwoods" feat. Anyee Wright • Word Is Bond

Rising Rapper-singer Ivy Sole releases the video for her song “Backwoods”  and it features fellow Philadelphia based artist Anyee Wright.  The song (Produced by CRO & Corey Smith-west) is a reflective record where Ivy looks back at her teenage years during high school and all the drama that comes with the raging hormones. She dwells on the typical teenage shenanigans and also questions the rationale behind it from an introspective point of view.

The Brothers Ed directed video showcases the duo on a stakeout in Ivy’s Toyota 4Runner and keeping the lookout for an apparent heist. With spunky animations and a couple of thought-provoking messages, the video strikes the perfect balance of lighthearted fun and intellectually stimulating. Much like the song itself, Ivy brings an understated cool and intensely contemplative approach to the visual, challenging her audience just as much as she’s entertaining them.

“Backwoods” is taken from her upcoming full-length studio album, OVERGROWN, out September 18th on Les Fleurs Records.

Catch Ivy Sole live on stage at the venues/dates below.


31 – Philadelphia Museum of Art – Philadelphia, PA


8 – Midway Music Festival – Bloomington, IN

21 – Waking Windows at SPACE Gallery – Portland, ME


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TOPE shows us his deepest fears on "Never Told You" • Word Is Bond

Bay Area-based Producer and Rapper Tope returns with his first single for 2018 titled “Never Told You”. The self-produced song showcases TOPE in a personal mode as he breaks down what he has been going through in his life. He does so in a very laid-back honest fashion as he admits how close he truly was to quitting on his dreams. He has definitely bounced back after having his entire music library stolen at a show in San Francisco in 2017.

Not the one to easily give up he has since hit the reset button and went on to produce for Slum Village, Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, Skyzoo amongst others. He is back in the lab working on his full length too.

Stream “Never Told You” by TOPE: HERE



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RAYLO shed light on the industry pitfalls on "So Gone' [video] • Word Is Bond

The four-man collective is known together as Raylo deliver a poignant account of the day to day struggles of indie acts trying to make it through the music industry cesspool. Over a sombre, chilling soundscape, the listener is led into their world of angst and pure ambition with Teni Solomon‘s gripping melodies coupled with Reece Whyte‘s vivid lyrical illustrations.

“So Gone” is taken from the group’s self-produced their new 5 track EP, showcasing a sound which mixes moody bass-lines, melodic R&B vocals and UK-rap. The group is made up of vocalists Reece WhyteTeni Solomon and producers Robin Reeve, George Renwick.


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RaneRaps delivers a love-laden story on "Set the Tone" [Video] • Word Is Bond

LA-based emcee RaneRaps shows us his sensitive side on his new single titled “Set the Tone”. Over a soulful, down-tempo backdrop, the emcee dwells on his love interest in vivid detail. The song is quite interesting as it blends an obscure soulful vocal sample in a lo-fi manner layered over head-nodding drums.

The visual brings the song to life as well as it shows the emcee’s day to day activities with his lover but there is a twist at the end and we won’t give it away so just hit the play button and get familiar.

Listen to the audio here and cop his merch here

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Tuff Kong Records Presents "Brick", New Music Video by John Jigg$ Featuring Daniel Son • Word Is Bond

Lyrical genius and notably respected Long Island emcee, John Jigg$, announced the release of his highly anticipated EP titled Teflon John courtesy of Tuff Kong Records.  The project, produced entirely by CUNS, features Hip Hop elites including Benny the Butcher, Daniel Son, Crimeapple, and PF Cuttin.

“Teflon John” is a declaration of skilled warfare against fabricated rappers in way of his success and lyrical reign.  His natural cadence over a blended mixture of dramatic pulsations and Hip Hop beats is uncanny.

Brick, one of the singles off the EP provides listeners with a classic, yet intensified delivery of impeccable mastered bars.  Jigg$ mentions the “bricks” he used to long for then quickly flips up his collar with a message for industry vultures.

Watch “Brick” by John Jigg$ featuring Daniel Son produced by CUNS 

Jigg$, returning to “Strong Island” from his personal European Tour, is full throttle in the studio as well as performing “Teflon John”tracks on Tri-state area’s most prestigious stages and radio shows.  The EP is available for digital streaming and for a limited time on vinyl and cd.

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Tesem delivers an atmospheric trap jam on "Live It Up" • Word Is Bond

Tesem is a young independent producer from Berlin, Germany and his new instrumental “Live It Up” is a solid mix of electronic sounds and trap styled drums. Mellow and soothing to be exact, the beat is something you can put on while working on your chores or working out.

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Violentlyill drop the visuals for his instrumental "Divine"[Video] • Word Is Bond

Violentlyill is back with the visuals for his jazz-tinged beat “Divine”, a smooth record he dropped some weeks ago. The visual is a quirky blend of images and retro shots from various periods in time blended with a psychedelic effect to match.

“Divine” is off Volume 1 of Violentlyill’s illstrumental series.


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Tonedeff breaks down the unique tale of "Five Sisters" • Word Is Bond

Tonedeff brings different worlds closer on his concept track “Five Sisters”. Inspired by 5 women in his life, Tonedeff reimagines the scenario using the classic RPG games with each sister playing a different role. The concept is highly fleshed out from the superb animation, the Super Nintendo cartridge homage and the overall storyline.  The characters range from rogue, mage, druid, monk and a fighter, which is the typical default but Tonedeff brings it home as he puts the women in those situations expertly with his easy to follow verbal illustrations and imagery. It’s best you hit the play button and watch the visual to fully appreciate what he did.

This deeply biographical track is taken from Tonedeff’s latest album, Polymer and the full-length feature documentary, Polyoptics: The Formation of Polymer. Animated entirely by Pandamusk.

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