Young R&B/Soul act Kyla Imani deliver her new single/video “Sitting Up In My Room” • Word Is Bond

After landing on the limelight with her fantastic YouTube videos, the still-teenaged Kyla Imani has stepped clear from the shadows of her influences by dropping “Sitting Up In My Room”, her latest single which is a bold announcement of her arrival as a star in her own right.

Teaming up with famed songwriter Ester Dean, the duo help craft a  smooth, catchy, mesmerizing slice of modern pop R&B. The love leaden track shows the youngster in her element as she delivers an emotionally filled performance while newcomer Jay Critch lends his spirited rap talents to the song as well. The video was directed by Megaboi & Kyla Imani .

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World's Fair – Win4 feat. Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel • Word Is Bond

New York’s own World’s Fair returns with a new video dropped for their upcoming album, New Lows. The song Win4 is a “triumphant ode to Queens and the freedom, danger and spontaneity of a night in New York,” according to the press release.

“Using the corner store/bodega as a common checkpoint surrounding what occurs in most inner cities, Win4 loosely depicts the nature of different experiences in past and present NYC,” Jeff Dona says about the video. “As the song progresses, a light and lively tone darkens to touch on very real issues in our communities.”

With the release of this video, they released a tracklist from their new album. New Lows will be out on July 20th via Fool’s Gold Records. Check the tracklisting below.

  1. WF001 feat. Remy Banks, Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Dounia
  2. Win4 feat. Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel
  3. Elvis’ Flowers (on my grave) feat. Nasty Nigel, Lansky Jones, Remy Banks
  4. Doobie Wrap feat. Remy Banks, Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel, Kilo Kish
  5. Denny Devito feat. Remy Banks, Prince SAMO, Nasty Nigel, Lansky Jones
  6. It’s Raining Outside And In Our Hearts feat. Prince SAMO, Nasty Nigel, Remy Banks, Cody B. Ware
  7. Much Much
  8. Birdman feat. Lansky Jones, Jeff Donna, Prince SAMO
  9. New Lows feat. Remy Banks, Cody B. Ware, Jeff Donna, Nasty Nigel
  10. Dundas Street West feat. Nasty Nigel, Cody B. Ware, Freaky Franz
  11. WUWI Reprise
  12. Read 9:07 PM feat. Prince SAMO, Nasty Nigel, Cody B. Ware, Lanksy Jones
  13. Untitled feat. Cody B. Ware, Dounia

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VIDEO: Redman – I Love Hip Hop • Word Is Bond

It’s been almost three years since Redman has released Mudface, but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working. We’ve heard him on Snoop Dogg’s Neva Left album, but anything before that has been more guest features. He’s alluded since 2010 that the sequel to his classic album Muddy Waters will be coming out. According to DX, there’s been interest between him and 9th Wonder to work together on the project, but nothing has been said since about it.

Then a week ago happened.

Redman dropped a video along with a free download of his newest release, called ‘I Love Hip Hop’. It hasn’t been said whether or not this drop is off the long-awaited album, but what’s being reported is that the album will be out sometime this year.

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VIDEO: Prof – Light Work • Word Is Bond

The latest signee to Rhymesayers (and long time affiliate) has dropped an album back in April called Pookie Baby Here are the latest visuals from his release, called Light Work. If you do recall, he’s also on Murs’ latest release as well.

(I have done an interview with the artist, which will finally be up soon. After a number of unfortunate things that have happened, it prevented me from posting it – for a few months. Now that is all over, it’s coming – introduction to you guys and all!)


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Sareem Poems & Ess Be “Shallow (feat. Finale)”

Shallow gets a visual treatment. This Travis Hayward directed video is really dope!

Sareem Poems & Ess Be collaborate with Detroit emcee Finale on Shallow, the 3rd single from Mind Over Matter. Look for this album at all digital platforms via Illect Recordings.

“This is a song reflecting on the ups and downs of life. And how those ups and downs have pulled away at core values. Values that we as humanity were rooted in. Being faithful, hard working, loving & committed,” shares Sareem Poems.

He continues, “I personally feel little is valued outside of self. This flows through all forms of entertainment. Making everyone’s favorite form of escape or hobby very shallow. I’m thankful for those working to change that direction.”


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Originally from Sareem Poems & Ess Be “Shallow (feat. Finale)”

WATCH: DJ MUGGS – Death Wish (feat. MF DOOM & Freddie Gibbs) • Word Is Bond

The gruesome animated visuals to DJ Muggs’ first single is now here. Make sure you cop that ‘Dia De Anniversario’ album on August 3rd.

Two reminders: Kool G Rap’s ‘chapter’ is next up to bat, so stay tuned. Also, this Saturday, meet Muggs and cop his ‘Death Wish’ vinyl at his pop-up event at RappCats.

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Rakim x The Midnight Hour: NPR's Tiny Desk Concert • Word Is Bond

It has been close to a decade since we’ve heard Rakim released some new music, but that didnt mean that he wasn’t busy. He and Eric B got together to tour for the first time in 25 years back in April, and also linked up earlier this month for the Yo! MTV Raps! 30th Anniversary show.

If you’ve been watching the newest season of Marvel’s Luke Cage off Netflix, you’ll notice from the premiere of the show that you heard the God MC’s new song called “King’s Paradise”. Some of NPR staff got to hear it for the first time a few days prior to the season premiere at the Tiny Desk – with the Midnight Hour (Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge) and orchestra backing him up. The song pays homage to the Harlem Renaissance and to the fictional superhero.

Watch the performance below, and also check Rakim perform ‘Paid In Full’ and ‘Know The Ledge’.


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DJ Muggs Announces New Album, releases single with MF DOOM & Freddie Gibbs • Word Is Bond

DJ Muggs has just announced a new album called ‘Assassination Day’, which is scheduled to be released August 3rd through his Soul Assassins imprint. The album itself will feature a “chapter” concept with a number of emcees.

For example, MF DOOM has a two-song “chapter” with one of the collaborative tracks featuring Freddie Gibbs (as the first single, which you could hear below). This “chapter” of the MUGGSxDOOM concept will be released next Friday, June 29th. You can already pre-order the vinyl now.

According to Madlib’s website, Assassination Day “is a thematic album with a vigilante concept where hip-hop takes corruption head-on, figuratively killing off powerful evildoers in positions of power as the story unfolds.”

Soul Assassins Records will be releasing a limited vinyl of 1000 pressings (already being sold on the website) of the two-song project between Muggs & DOOM. A portion of that (300 copies) will be distributed with colored vinyl packages and will include an exclusive Kool G Rap’s remix of “Corona” and also two unreleased instrumentals by Muggs.

In addition to this, there will be 300 handmade copies that will be sold on Rappcats, packaged in five unique screen-printed jackets. The other 300 will be sold in Europe via HHV. The last 100 will be sold at a pop-up event at Rappcats HQ in Los Angeles (Highland Park) next Saturday, June 30th. The event is free, and it’s from noon-6PM, so be sure to arrive early!

Listen to the song ‘Deathwish’ below. Also, check out the preview to the animated video, which will be out Tuesday.

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Trizz drops the visually graphic "Backwards" [Video] • Word Is Bond

As he prepares for the release of his new solo project ‘The Attic‘,Trizz delivers the grimy video for his somber track “Backwards” taken off his last album Ashes N Dust. The gloomy piano-driven track is produced by AC3 Beats and also features fellow emcee King Iso with a solid verbal assist.

The video is shot by Castro of NewHighFilmz and blends the 2 emcees performance against clips from various classic horror flicks. Trizz gave a short insight into how the video was made; “Catching up with Iso wasn’t easy. He moves at a thousand miles a minute. I finally was able to catch up with him on tour with Tech N9ne and we shot the video for “Backwards” in one night… a real dark night!”

Get “Ashes N Dust” album, HERE


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No1MC & Reckless Vandal shows us "Whats The deal" is [Video] • Word Is Bond

San Diego, CA. based emcee No1MC hit us up with the video for his song “Whats The deal”. The record is a fiery verbal assault from the emcee who kicks off with a solid opener “My book of rhymes got more flames than a book of matches/ Lui Kang when I kick this rapping, Hussein with the torture tactics…” over a somber backdrop. Hardcore heads would instantly recognize the sample but let’s give props to whom props is due, No1MC totally obliterates his verse while  Reckless Vandal comes through with a more laid-back vibe but he doesn’t disappoint one bit.

“Whats The deal” is taken from the “Conditional Struggle” album. STREAM / DOWNLOAD it HERE


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