Frank B & Rock go ham for their hometown on "Brooklyn Vs. All " (Video) • Word Is Bond


Frank B. offers a grimier look at his stomping grounds in his new video for “Brooklyn Vs. All” featuring fellow BK native and living rap legend Rock (of Heltah Skeltah/Boot Camp Clik). The mellow, girmy soundscape helps the 2 emcees sling their verbal shots at the opposition with no restrictions.  There’s plenty of sharp wordplay and intricate rhymes, too. Like in Frank’s verse when he spits “Keep a cannoli stuffed with the broccoli/ And then I light it up until I can’t speak properly/ I speak prophecy/ I dare ya try to speaker-box with me.” while Rock paints it vividly with “..Run with a bunch of animals, lions, tigers and bears (Monster)/ Apes and wolves, vipers right in the rear 

The video is directed by Mike D Visuals and centers on shots that capture the grit and rawness of the Brooklynite’s verses. Sure, there’s footage of the famed Brooklyn Bridge and surrounding areas, but it’s all seen through a stark and almost noir-ish lens, all set to the backdrop of GIT Beats’ ominous production, who’s previously worked with the other half of the Heltah, Sean Price (RIP), as well Cormega, Prince Po, and the late Prodigy, among others. Both sonically and visually, “Brooklyn Vs. All” is a fitting portrayal of the New York City borough, particularly as it’s described by these two emcees.

The track itself stems from Frank’s forthcoming album, Let Me B Frank, that’s set to also feature Nyck Caution (of Pro Era) and Sticky Fingaz (of Onyx), among others. And if his name looks familiar but you’re having trouble placing it, here’s a hint: he was a featured contender on Missy Elliott’s The Road to Stardom series on UPN. He even landed a deal with her imprint, Gold Mine Records. But now, Frank’s doing his thing with his own imprint, Nobel House, and ready to enter the New Year in a major way.

Check out the visuals, and head over to the digital retailer of your choice if you’d like to support. Let Me B Frank is set to drop in early 2018 through Frank’s Nobel House imprint via EMPIRE Distribution.


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Griz-O flips the on switch on "Frankenstein " [VIDEO] • Word Is Bond

UK emcee Griz-O is prepping for the release of his debut “The Dojo” EP. He previously dropped a single “Crazy” a while back to showcase his unique brand of lo-fi, off the cuff hip-hop but now he is back with another gem. The new single in question is titled “Frankenstein” which is a laid back, sombre cut that displays Griz-O’s vivid lyricism and unique delivery style. A no holds barred type of song that strays away from gimmicky choruses or hooks.

The visuals for the song are particularly engaging. The shots may look simple but the after FXs brings a whole new life to the entire vibe of the song.

‘The Dojo’ EP will be released on 08/12/17 .


Griz-O’s music is a shimmering blend of hip hop and other musical elements, all wrapped in a futuristic, modern twist. Griz’s versatility allows him to not only invoke the spirit of classic, old skool hip hop, but also appeal to the new skool, who are more interested in the future of the funk. He was born and raised in Gloucester, where his father’s musical choices of Tupac and Biggie Smalls infused a passion for hip-hop. With artists like Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, DMX and Ludacris, as well as grime artists like Roll Deep, Nasty Crew and Skepta having an impact, Griz-O’s eclectic mix of influences sets the pace for his peers.

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Deal The Villain pays Homage to the legends in "Autumn Fables" • Word Is Bond

Deal The Villain drops visuals to his track Autumn Fables off his new EP for us to get a feel of. The New Jersey emcee basically intends to reheat the atmosphere with this one as temperatures are basically dropping all around. Deal The Villain does one peculiar thing with this video and that is pay homage to all the rap and hip hop legends that have come before him especially the ones that have passed on. So you get to see images and murals of legends like Phife Dawg, Jam Master Jay and Ol’ Dirty Bastard to mention a few. Flying Lotus produced the track which makes you know this song is special. check out the video and go get the Beards, Beats & Kicks EP.

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Tota dwells on the hardship in his new video "Downhill" • Word Is Bond

Vallejo, California artist Tota delivers a profound outlook on growing up in his hometown on his new song/video titled “Downhill”. The song is built on sombre/soulful soundscapes that evoke nostalgia/sadness as the rapper paints vivid images on the adversity he and other individuals like him have faced. He also brings in singer Racquel Tubbs to deliver the hook home and ends the track with a voicemail message from his Mother concerned about her son’s whereabouts.



Soundcloud Link: HERE



Artist Bio:

Tota is a Hip Hop and R&B artist from Vallejo, California. Growing up he was the only boy and the youngest of 4 children. Him and sister starting rapping around the age of 7. His sister eventually moved to the south to stay with her Mom and he continued pursuing music. One day watching a video of Kanye West producing on Youtube he decided he wanted to make beats as well. That day embarked a musical journey. Throughout middle school and high school he would produce, rap, and write for local artist. He started battling in high school and garnered a little attention. After high school he had his first child and slowed down a bit musically. He started doing more background work developing artist until he met Dianne Dulay, a singer from Vallejo whom he formed a duo with by the name of WeAreYou. After a short lived run with the duo he decided to finally push step out as a solo artist. That leads us to where we are today.


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Aaron Cohen wants the industry to see "See Red" • Word Is Bond

Aaron Cohen vents his anger on wax with this new joint titled “See Red”. The title suggests exactly the meaning of the man’s intentions,  instead of maneuvering around road blocks, Cohen is breaking out in his own way, having just completed a self-booked international tour through 50 cities, 7 countries and 3 continents. See Red is the title track of of his upcoming, debut full length project.

Hit the play button and watch the video.


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Da Flyy Hooligan bares all in interview. • Word Is Bond

In this exclusive video interview which is his first for two years, north west London rapper Da Flyy Hooligan reveals all about his artistic change of direction, his new album and his close relationship with the late Sean Price.

While discussing the themes and recording process of his recently released “S.C.U.M.” LP, he explains the transition from the artist formerly known as Iron Braydz to his current persona Da Flyy Hooligan, a move in part inspired by actor Ray Winstone and the former Boot Camp Clik frontman who he describes as “one of the biggest influences on my life”.

Documenting the reason for his “Sean Price” tribute track, Da Flyy Hooligan proceeds to give an extensive in depth account of how their relationship grew through the years. He recounts their first meeting backstage in London and subsequent recording session evolving into a personal bond which would ultimately see the Brooklyn legend credit the young MC for his conversion to Islam.

In a series of very poignant recollections, their shared humour, respect and friendship is discernible culminating in rare video footage of the great man performing to his “little brother” on the Jazz Cafe stage. Following a further personal tribute to Bernadette Price, Harlesden’s finest outlines his release plans for 2018. 

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Lena Jackson and Precyce Politix take the battle to "Siberia" • Word Is Bond

North Carolina stand up! Lena Jackson is back with another visual and this is for her third official single off The Darkness Brim EP. Many Hip-Hop songs touch on braggadocio and antagonistic approaches in their lyrics. Lena Jackson decided to take that concept to the next level and you should be scared of what she has done with it. Siberia (War Before Storms) is the single as performed Lena, featuring Brooklyn emcee Precyce Politix of Stallone and Weathers. Lena and Precyce trade lyrical gut punches guaranteed to not only frighten but shake anyone that tests their power, with chilling images to amplify the blows. The visual as directed by videographer Dan Lewin is haunting so make sure you do not watch this in the dark. Siberia is produced by Shaun “Pyro” Crawford and is currently available on all digital platforms.

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TheKnuBlack release The Friend (Hokage) video

TheKnuBlack dropped a new visual today for The Friend (Hokage).

“The Friend (Hokage)” is a part of the larger theme of family in our album: “Ohana.” The song explores the dynamic of being that true friend that both sticks by friends at their worst moments but also pulls friends out of dark times. The song begins by talking about friends who “die young, but they still walk around” and then the first verse moves to talking about how we ourselves run the risk of social death (i.e. loneliness) when we try to face life alone. The pain of feeling misunderstood or like an outcast makes us all want to “pave [our] own way out” and “fight the villain all alone by [ourselves].” This song is a reminder that we cannot do it alone. We need “The Friend” who will stand by us, and we need to be okay admitting that.

But, once we gain “The Friend”, things do not stop. The hook and the second verse remind us that once we have been “friended”, it is our turn to be the dependable friend. The hook pleads, “When the sky falls I’ll be standing over you. When the night falls I’ll be ready.” In other words, when the times of darkness hit I will be by your side. The second verse explores the perseverance of a good friend. Kay Sade sings, “I wanna get to know you again – forget we was friends. Undo the ties – we did it wrong. Let’s do it with sense.” These words hold great value to us because we each have friends from whom we have drifted, whether due to tension or simply to relocation and distance. “The Friend” reminds us that it’s never too late to rekindle what may look dead. It’s never too late to reach into the dark in an attempt to bring a friend into the light.

Video: The Friend (Hokage)

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Founded Sphere of Hip-Hop in 1997.

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Peter Clarke and Maka declare ISSALLGOOD • Word Is Bond

Rapper and creative director of The Ordinary Guys movement, Peter Clarke has served us a visual into his new material titled ISSALLGOOD. Decent but simple as it is and even though its shot in just one location, the video itself does not bore you. What is fascinating are subliminal jabs laced all over the track. I would presume whoever the shots are for will be scheming a reprisal in the not to far future hopefully. In spite of this, Peter Clarke continues to show other Nigerian emcees why he is a formidable rapper who is ready to take on the world. When you can rap as well as Peter does, then you are allowed to wear slides in your video. And of course Maka shines as well with her soulful voice and did the business which basically balanced out the track. This is one to put on repeat trust me so get in.

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BGR(Miss R Lee) shares her personal memories on "6 days of 2014" • Word Is Bond

“6 days of 2014” is the newest video by UK emcee BGR that dwells on her dealing with the loss of her mother. This comes after dropping the ” Truth” video and her  “Red-N Black“mixtape. This song takes a more introspective and profound approach as she wrote it during the 6 days her mother was trapped in a coma in 2014. She talks about her coping mechanism during those tough times, her biracial background and the struggles she had to overcome due to societal prejudice makes for a very heartfelt listening. This song is actually the only track from the mixtape that BGRs mum (Cindy Lee) got to hear during the year that she recovered from the coma before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“6 days of 2014” is  the 1st single/video from BGR’s upcoming  mixtape entitled “My Mothers Daughter” which is a tribute and dedicated take on her mother’s battle with illnesses before her untimely death in April of 2015.

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