Terem releases “Stream of Learning”

Stream of Learning by Terem

Stream of Learning dropped at midnight. Based on the reception to Look On The Bright Side, I think our visitors are ready.

The learning curve of life can vary at a moment’s notice. Its twists and turns can come at you when you least expect it, and the dips tend to be steep. However, life without learning isn’t much of a life at all. We should all aspire to be teachable students.

Class is in session with the new single from Terem. Stream of Learning is an awe-inspiring syllabus of free thought, wonder, escapism and creativity. Terem solidifies his reputation as one of France’s freshest producers with a masterful module of piano vibes, neck snapping drums and synths sounds that pop their heads up and then disappear like a melancholy vapour. The entire track is calm but focused and will undoubtedly serve as a melodious backdrop to the curriculum of life.

Stream of Learning releases today on Illect Recordings.

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms.

Audio: Stream of Learning

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Imperial releases “Layers” LP – Sphereofhiphop.com

Layers is the long overdue instrumental album from Imperial. It’s a good one… read on + stream.

It has been a very colorful few years for Imperial on both a personal and professional level. His family has grown with the birth of his daughter and he has studiously enhanced his production repertoire tenfold. Like many of the legendary producers that have come before him, Imperial does his best work with his hands. No words are needed — the combination of sound and rhythm are his chosen mode of address.

The aptly titled Layers serves as both Imperial’s solo debut and an instrumental album in one. From the very beginning, the listener is gently ushered into a euphonious realm filled with a multitude of exuberant melodies, reflective sentiment and soothing vibrations. Throughout the album’s thirteen songs, Imperial’s knack for making that good ol’ boom-bap sound classic and current is on full display. Tracks like Raise It Up and Transit will surely make heads nod and put some extra pep in many a step. On the other hand, Imperial inquisitively discovers some fresh grooves and daringly goes in new directions. Even when things go left, it still feels so right. The lead single, Hot Sauce bobs and weaves with a rousing aplomb. There is way more juice in the squeeze and the rhythm suddenly changes a few times just to make sure you are paying attention. Yellow Yachts is a surprising but welcome mesh of Euro Pop and Afro-Bashment that nobody on this side of the river was expecting. The vibrant theme is a sonic boom of optimism, fervor and elation.

It is often said that there are ‘levels to this’, but Imperial’s new output proves that there are ‘layers to this’ as well. Prepare to embed yourself in a meticulous patchwork of woven emotions showcasing the beautiful nuances of the human experience.

Layers is out now via Illect Recordings.

Audio: Layers

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Terem releases “Look on the Bright Side”

Life can be pretty rough sometimes. Sudden. Unpredictable. Unfair. All that and more. Many of us have been told to “look on the bright side”. This often used quote is in danger of being relegated to a flippant quip or a dismissive oversight. The sun doesn’t always shine on your side of the street. So what then?

Terem’s new release serves as the lead single from his upcoming solo instrumental project ‘Intuition In The Keys’. This track – named after the quote mentioned above – is more than just a familiar reprise. It is a rousing rallying call to all those within earshot to lift their heads as well as their faith. The jazzy grooves and funky textures are sure to stir the soul and move the body. This is the kind of music that will encourage you to ponder the past and then punch the sky in anticipation of an exciting future.

Look On The Bright Side is out now on Illect Recordings.

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms

Audio: Look on the Bright Side

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Phoniks — Sound of the City Mix (AUDIO).

Featuring artists from Don’t Sleep Records. Presented by Chillhop Music.

Track List:

1. Awon, Dephlow & Phoniks – Street Jazz [Premiere]
2. Awon & MZ Boom Bap – Life Over Death [Premiere]
3. Tiff The Gift – Changed Hearts (Phoniks Remix)
4. Mos Def – Travellin’ Man (Phoniks Remix)
5. Awon & Phoniks – Street Saga (Remix)
6. Peebs The Prophet – Dead Calm (prod. Phoniks)
7. Anti-Lilly – Brick Buildings (prod. Phoniks)
8. MZ Boom Bap – Heard Em Say ft. Curtis Roach [Premiere]
9. Phoniks – Satellites (Instrumental) [Premiere]
10. Tiff The Gift – Somebody (prod. Link Rust) [Premiere]
11. Phoniks – Jazz Hands (Instrumental) [Premiere]
12. Awon & Phoniks – Escaping Youth
13. Awon & Phoniks – Problem Solver
14. Awon & Dephlow – Real Hip Hop (Phoniks Remix)
15. Phoniks – Price Is Right (Instrumental) [Premiere]
16. Awon & Dephlow – Step Up (prod. Phoniks)
17. Dephlow – Time Is The Teacher ft. Awon (prod. Phoniks)
18. Tiff The Gift – Love Runs The Streets ft. Awon & Dephlow [Premiere]

Originally from egotripland.com: Phoniks — Sound of the City Mix (AUDIO).