Bambu – Exrcising A Demon | Article I | A Few Left

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Wu-Tang Clan – People Say ft. Redman (video)




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Sway In The Morning: Method Man & Black Thought Freestyle



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Lisaan’dro – You Already Know

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choice cut: Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Damn

Wise cannot be denied. Especially when the beat knocks. Listen to him here letting off steam on behalf of a generation. Like that unforgettable teacher that was insightful, kinda hard but still respectful of the students. He’s talkin to the older heads as well. I don’t recall anyone else addressing the Bambaataa situation with a similar balance of constructive criticism & regard

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Stay Losing, 2016

I stay losing. The music I listen to. The words I read. The power I hunger for. The love I strive for. The understanding I seek to gain. I stay losing. Never winning. Never game over. Always seeking. Never finding. Always hungry. Never full. We stay losing. Stay trying. Stay waking up. Stay getting tired. Stay waking up. Stay getting tired. Never giving up. We stay losing.

(1:58) I’m good though, the rap game is a comedy show. If I need a laugh I just watch they videos. (0:39) I know it sounds wrong, but some of y’all need to go back to selling weed. Rap squeegee men. It’s too much work to be a craftsmen. Although, some of y’all. Some of y’all that will just not stop. For you, (0:16) we don’t say this may be a silly idea. Soon enough you’ll have your day of reckoning. Just keep running. Don’t look back. All your life, if you keep running, keep trying, no one can touch you. No one can touch me. (1:23) They try to make it obsolete but my G we still here. (0:44) Can we kick it? YES WE CAN. CAN WE KICK IT? YES WE CAN. These are the breaks. Is it karma or is it fate? (0:24) Some feel life is a death sentence. But fuck it, it’s worth fighting for. Be difficult, not a submissive hoe. At some point you have to realize this was meant for you. This was meant for me. This was meant for us. The (0:40) super fresh was meant for us. Act natural, whatever that means for ya. And you’ll realize, this is worth the effort. The FRESH. I know though. I know, (0:00) you can’t tell a motherfucker what to do with his life. But when they do that’s your chance to react with a mic. The point is, stay woke and know that the game is a boondoggle. If you don’t rock well you will be expelled, whether or not your new single really sells. Stay up my G. Speak your mind. And if they shoot at you, (0:01) shoot the cops back. The rap cops. The lifestyle cops. The cops. Don’t create the (0:05) climate of hate. But if you find yourself in it, just know Life doesn’t have to be this way. The haters gonna hate, but we don’t see them at the cookout with a paper plate. Don’t worry about it. Contribute to the betterment of the community. If you see a junkie, kneel and give him cold water, tell him ‘little kids is looking, get up’. (1:18) It’s a marathon. Just stay on pace. If you got a problem just look for the solution. Sometimes it’s just a function of manufacturing and distribution.

To 2016 and to posterity. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap. We stay losing.

Your Old Droog – 42 (Forty Deuce)

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