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Vintage Photos Recall the Early Days of Hip-Hop, Before It Became a Billion-Dollar Industry.
A partial look at the collection of more than 400 images from the 1980s to the early 2000s (including the Danny Clinch photo of Nas that appeared on the cover of ego trip Magazine issue #1) at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Article includes quotes from Bill Adler. By Katie Nodjimbadem

Meet Pam The Funkstress, Prince’s New DJ.
The Coup’s turntable specialist needs no introduction to longtime hip-hop fans. By Stacey Anderson

Boots Riley Still Loves Oakland.
The Coup’s leader talks gentrification and also shines light on local acts, the best food spots in town, and his memories of a mid-’90s warehouse show with OutKast and Eazy-E. By Joseph Bien-Kahn

The Insomniac’s Guide To Atlanta With Outkast’s Big Boi.
From strip club adventures co-signed by Dave Chappelle, to late-night breakfast institutions. By Ryan Joseph
[First We Feast]

Afrika Bambaataa Calls Sexual Abuse Claims “Baseless and Cowardly.”
“These allegations are baseless and are a cowardly attempt to tarnish my reputation and legacy in hip-hop at this time.” By Daniel Kreps
[Rolling Stone]

A Freak Is a Freak, and Egyptian Lover Is an Icon.
“They kind of called it the ‘West Coast sound,’ but I never saw it as the West Coast sound. I only saw it as the Egyptian Lover sound that I created from mixing Prince and Kraftwerk together to come up with this freaky, big-beat sound.” By Max Bell

KRS-One: “The Ruling Class Of White People Are Psychopaths.”
A “group of criminals is what governs the United States.” By Soren Baker

PROOFREADING: DeShaun “Proof” Holton, October 2, 1973 — April 11, 2006.
“I could write 100 pages about Proof. Could pronably write a book on him. I could write some shit about black on black crime that would make Deray from Black Lives Matter proud. I could do a super hip-hop story about Proof’s place in Detroit hip-hop that would bring a tear to Harry Allen’s eye. Its impossible to try to sum up Proof ‘s life in one article, so I’m not even gonna try. Ya’ll know how I do it. I’m gonna tell a few stories about him, and I hope ya’ll get some insight into who he was.” By ironsidehex

DJ House Shoes Shares The History Of J-Dilla’s “The Introduction.”
“I began working on music under him. So to have me produce a joint for him where he’s fuckin mimickin one of Tip’s most well known verses for the intro to the shit is fuckin crazy.” By Jerry Barrow

How An L.A. Engineer Brought The Sound Of J Dilla’s The Diary To Life.
“Jay trusted me to do my thing, so I felt like I had his blessing.”—Dave Cooley. By Laurent Fintoni

Behind The Beat: Statik Selektah.
“It’s become a responsibility [for] us to make sure the kids know what’s going on and know the right way to DJ.” By Danny Schwartz

Domo Genesis Explains Why Getting Lost for Two Years Helped His Career and Inspired New Album.
“People always get to the point where it’s ‘I’m lost,’ but bro that’s the most perfect time. You’re going to find yourself in being lost.” By Emmanuel C.M.

The Ten Most Popular Rap Tapes To Be Buried With.
“When I die make sure you bury me with a cassette of Paid In Full” goes the song. But what tapes would you want to spend the afterlife with? By Robbie Ettelson

“It Could Have Been Worse”: An Interview with White Gzus.
The Chicago duo on incarceration, originality in rap music, and lawyers in prison. By Jimmy Ness
[Passion of the Weiss]

Taxi Driver Oral History: De Niro, Scorsese, Foster, Schrader Spill All on 40th Anniversary.
Trivia: Harvey  Keitel’s pimp was originally written as black; producers “had to hire a gang to protect us from other gangs.” By Gregg Kilday
[Hollywood Reporter]

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Phife Dawg — “Nutshell" (Prod. by J Dilla) (AUDIO).

From Phife’s last album, Give Thanks.

According to Pitchfork: “Phife loved his fans, and was so excited for them to hear his new music,” [Phife’s] widow said in a statement. “I feel like he would have wanted it this way.” 50% of the proceeds from the song’s sale will be donated to the American Diabetes Association and the National Kidney Foundation.

Phife Dawg — “Nutshell” (MUSIC VIDEO).

Directed by Tony Reames

BONUS: Teaser


Originally from egotripland.com: Phife Dawg — “Nutshell" (Prod. by J Dilla) (AUDIO).

Mr Thing Plays The Soulful Side Of Jay Dee/J Dilla & Mr Thing Plays Sampled Library Music (AUDIO).

(Art: DJ Mofingaz)

Perfect backdrop for your weekend.

Mr Thing says: Was asked to do a Jay Dee/Dilla mix for Leigh Tha Flava’s radio show which went out in February, so decided to highlight some of the remixes and rarer promo only pieces as well as some of the more well known tunes and their original samples…Enjoy!

Mr. Thing says: I was asked earlier this year to do a mix for my good friend Boba Fatt for his 100th show on Itch FM and he said I could do whatever I liked! So decided to do something different from the hip-hop mixes and do a mix of some rare and not so rare sampled library records which I have been collecting for years and was taught a great deal about by my friend Mark B. Basically, Library Music was set up to be used as the background music for TV shows, and a lot of the good stuff ended up in shows such as The Sweeney. I’ve remastered this since it went out on air…

(h/t House Shoes)

Originally from egotripland.com: Mr Thing Plays The Soulful Side Of Jay Dee/J Dilla & Mr Thing Plays Sampled Library Music (AUDIO).

J Dilla — "The Introduction" (AUDIO).

From The Diary, which will be released by Mass Appeal Records. Produced by House Shoes

[Via Rolling Stone]

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The Beat Junkies Present: Sound Check — J Dilla Tribute w/ Frank Nitt & Dave New York (2016) (AUDIO).

Dilla lives on.

February 9, 2016. Also features guest, Mentplus.

(Show airs live from L.A.
 7-10PM PST every second and fourth Tuesday of each month on the Beat Junkie radio channel on Dash Radio)

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Originally from egotripland.com: The Beat Junkies Present: Sound Check — J Dilla Tribute w/ Frank Nitt & Dave New York (2016) (AUDIO).