KXNG Crooked drops "The MAGA Continues" Teases New Project • Word Is Bond

Over a year ago, KXNG Crooked released a manifesto in the form of Good Vs Evil.  This was in part motivated and then in defiance of Donald Trump being president especially with the divisive methods and tactics employed to achieve that feat. The Donald Trump era has borne witness to fake news, championing racism, bigotry, separatism, […]

(O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 3.19.16

(Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Samsung) Public Enemy’s Chuck D Yells ‘F— Donald Trump’ at SXSW, While Flavor Flav Has a Different Outlook. “If Donald Trump does become president, there’s only one thing we all can do: just sit back and let the man do his job,” Flav tells Billboard. By Brian Anthony Hernandez [Billboard] […]