Has-Lo – Take It Like It Is (EP)

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Has-Lo — Hard Writer EP (AUDIO).

Has-Lo says: It’s been a fight to get this EP out. It will put an end to the creative drought I’ve been privately dealing with. While I have done features and collaborative work, I haven’t had a solo record in quite some time. Due to a total loss of creative footing and some crushing self doubt, I sat on the sidelines. Making music that I wasn’t satisfied with, in a professional situation that I wasn’t satisfied with. While the road I travel is unpaved, I think this EP is a good representation of where I am going. I am very proud of this work. It has great meaning to me. I hope it ends up meaning something to you too.

NOTE: Go here to listen.

Produced by Has-Lo

(Hard Writer EP drops March 29, 2016. Buy it here)

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