OTB Fastlane – “Dawg Azz” (Video)

OTB Fastlane releases 3rd single produced by Icestar off his Metro Mart Baby LP which reached No.1 in Texas. “Dawg Azz” is an honest record which sees him embrace some of his more crafty ways and reflect on his grind to success and all of the struggles that come along with it.

Backed by Icestar production and Fastlane’s inimitable ad-libs (yeah, yeah yeahhh), the track culminates on a revved-up hook perfect to scorch the last months of fall and heat up all winter. Director, Michael Artis keeps the energy rightfully playful, as it rounds off the song well with a huge pool party, scantily clad summer bodies, drinks and food flowing vibes.

Fastlane explains the making of “Dawg Azz”:

“Dawg Azz was just ridiculous. We had to shoot very big for “Dawg Azz” and go back to my man Michael Artis. Great vibes and a big cameo with my sis Katt Sttakkz from 5th ward, an Icon. Katt does a lot of things for the city of Houston helping people coming up, plus she always keeps it real and uncut.

I wanted to make the whole vibe fun, because I know even when I dropped the song people immediately started sending me videos dancing, twerking and just having so much fun with it… So we put a lot of thought into it, so many people came out to support it, all love and big bussin’ out they bodies. I probably had about four or five hundred people that couldn’t get in.”

Fastlane reveals Metro Mart Baby LP, touching on themes of street life and personal growth through his raw honesty, Fastlane puts forth a dynamic project that showcases his most evolved work to date and it embodies Fastlane’s authentic self.

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OTB Fastlane – “Hater” (Video)

This week, the “Dawg Azz” rapper found time to release the new music visuals to his record, titled “Hater.” Directed by Michael Artis, the video finds Fastlane surrounded by his all potnas including a special appearance by Slim Thug , while everyone is bussin out they body, smoking mary jane and flashing money. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old North Houston native spits his signature melodic heat about the streets.

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Marcus Latrill – “Late Night Hype” (Video)

Houston TX rapper Marcus Latrill with his latest visual release for “Late Night Hype”.

The single began to pick up steam in the H after it’s release last summer and the song has passed 3 million plays on SoundCloud. With a new flashy video to match the club smash, we think the record will begin to pick up even more.

Beginning his music career 3 years ago, Latrill dropped some tracks with some notable Houston artists such as Dice Soho on “Yellow Gold” and Sancho Saucy on “Pourin Muddy” with the help of producer Will Peters. Since then, Latrill has started “Chosen Chiefs”- his line of smoker’s apparel, selling both his lifestyle and music to all. But today is all about “Late Night Hype” his video that is causing storm and giving Houston a new sound. His visual brings the sound to life, and the women, so give Marcus Latrill a click. Who knows, he could be the next out of Houston, Texas.

Watch “Late Night Hype” above.

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Tedy Andreas – “Ominous” (Video)

Produced by Kill and directed by The Diggers, 23-year-old rising star Tedy Andreas releases his highly-anticipated new video, “Ominous”. Managed by former 50 Cent handler and successful executive Sha Money XL, Tedy continues to prove his worth with stellar releases and a fast-growing popularity. “Ominous” is built on Tedy’s superior lyrical content and abilities. Possibly considered his best work to-date.

Watch the new video for the song above.

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Info56 Ft. DJ Dez – “SouthWest” (Video) – UndergroundHipHopBlog.com

Detroit is exciting right now with the swarm of new artists making noise in today’s mainstream music. While it’s underground has a long illustrious history of producing some of the greatest artists to ever bless the mic, we see another prospect arise in the producer/MC known as Info56. Allowing his beats to make the introduction, Info56 debuts his new instrumental video, titled, “SouthWest”.

Just in time for the Summer, directed by Southwest-native Arturo Riveras. In the video, images of the iconic and abandoned, Michigan Central Train Station, at sunrise flash in the opening scenes as Info along Vernor Highway – essentially turning his back on this cliched version of Detroit – to enter into the vibrant Chicano neighborhood of Southwest. Ascending into the morning, the sun shines on the everyday people fighting off the next wave of gentrification.

Brief background on Info56, Detroit artist, by way of Houston, Info56 has always had a deep connection to music. It wasn’t until he late teenage years that he learned to cultivate his love for music, and find his calling as a producer and MC. Building a following throughout the years, and perfecting his craft, Info56 continues to make strides with his music.

“SouthWest” is off the debut project of the same title by Info56. A beat tape filled with Info’s best work yet. A must-have for any up-and-coming recording artist looking to sharpen their skills over that signature new Detroit sound.

Watch Info56’s new video, “SouthWest” above.

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Tedy Andreas – “Diamonds” (Video) – UndergroundHipHopBlog.com

Houston, Texas recording artist Tedy Andreas is a hot prospect in today’s music. His new video, “Diamonds,” is a loosey track, done creatively just to keep fans enticed and excited for his full project.

Tedy has been recording heavily. The song itself was produced by VHS. The video was shot around the way in Queens, NY, by Lawrence Raines. Tedy Andreas is becoming a name within the industry, his east coast influence of underground hip-hop submerges in every track.

Check out the new video above.

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