Early Aussie Documentary On Sampling (1988)

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DJ Bacon — 'Fear Of An O.G.' Megamix (Public Enemy & Ice-T Tribute) (AUDIO).

DJ Bacon says: “Public Enemy toured here with Ice-T in ’92 and it was the first gig I ever saw…. I was 14 and my parents waited in the car outside the show around the corner for me. Rap was still very much an alternative underground movement then and looked upon with suspicion by the mainstream. I’ve had a passion for music like this since the ’80s – and it’s bands like Public Enemy that inspire me to keep pushing the boundaries as a DJ with over 20 years in the game. I still play jams from these two artists regularly when I DJ live and when I’m putting a mix like this together in the studio I’m thinking of the real hip-hop lovers all the time. Public Enemy means so much to so many heads. I had to make sure this mix was fresh as fuck….. for my own sanity and to maintain the integrity of the work of these legends.”

Originally from egotripland.com: DJ Bacon — 'Fear Of An O.G.' Megamix (Public Enemy & Ice-T Tribute) (AUDIO).

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Afrika Bambaataa & The Universal Zulu Nation Scandal: The Secret History.
A detailed timeline of the sexual abuse allegations. By Eric Arnold

Bilal Shares 4 Hilarious Stories Of Prince Encounters Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong.
“Every time I was around Prince, I was embarrassed or made a total ass out of myself.” By Zo

Contact High: The Stories Behind Hip-Hop’s Most Iconic Photographs.
Janette Beckman on her Def Jam press shoot for The Great Adventures of Slick Rick album in 1989. By Vikki Tobak
[Mass Appeal]

How Kanye West’s Secret Show Almost Induced A Riot.
“With the swell of people going absolutely insane, I feel the pressure from their presence on my chest and body as energy on the scene discernibly shifts from an energetic crowd to a crazed mob. Kids start pushing from every direction to storm Webster Hall, and I think to myself, ‘Is this how I leave this earth? Trampled by hypebeast teeny-boppers?’ The thought shakes me to my core and I feel my age very acutely.” By Zephyr Doles

When Kanye Was the ‘Urkel’ of the Studio: A Former Rapper Writes About Meeting West in His Youth.
“…One day while recording, Kanye played an early version of “Jesus Walks,” several years before its release, to a room that included myself, some A&Rs, some assorted industry types, DJ Clue, rapper Fabolous, and engineer Duro. As the song played, Kanye acted out and mouthed his lyrics… displaying yet another example of the unaware enthusiasm (and egotism) that would make him the butt of almost every joke at Baseline. The song ended, some people shared some positive (but subdued) comments, and Kanye left for the kitchen. A few seconds passed before the entire room erupted in laughter. A few people even mocked him, mimicking his rap voice and making fun of his over-the-top zeal.” By Jensen Karp

The Cipher Podcast: Nice & Smooth.
The wild history of the Bronx’s legendary hip-hop junkies. By Shawn Setaro
[The Cipher]

The Library Podcast: Ice-T Interview.
“As he gets ready to headline The Art of Rap Festival this summer, [Ice] discuss[es] … his single-minded drive to find freedom from the poverty and violence of the streets, why you should never battle an unsigned rapper, and what the real lesson of Marlon Brando’s Godfather was.” By Tim Einenkel

Why Am I Doing This To Myself?
“This independent creative life has myriad simultaneous jobs, no days off, no assurance of security and requires extreme self-­discipline. There is no financial net provided AND you have the the super fun task of MAKING EVERYTHING WITH YOUR MIND. That is beautiful and magical, but also really hard to do in the midst of just trying to live.” By Jean Grae

The Insomniac’s Guide To Long Beach With Warren G.
Well, just not the LBC, but the greater Los Angeles area. Hit Bob’s Big Boy then the strip club with a G-Funk aficionado. By Jackson Connor
[First We Feast]

Big Hutch Interview: From Black Superman to Black Godfather.
The man also known as Cold 187um from Above The Law talks working with Dre again and new album.
[All Hip Hop]

Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For April 2016.
$15,000 for an original 1987 promo copy of Prince’s Black Album. By Grippo

Originally from egotripland.com: (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 6.10.16

Ice-T Interviews DJ Chuck Chillout on the Final Level Podcast (AUDIO).

They “talk about the recent death of Prince [and] Billy Paul… this summer’s The Art Of Rap Festival and how DJ Chuck Chillout became a New York radio legend.”

(Actual interview starts about 31-32 min. in)

Originally from egotripland.com: Ice-T Interviews DJ Chuck Chillout on the Final Level Podcast (AUDIO).