Manzel – “High & Tight” b/w “Standing On Mars”

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Manzel – “High & Tight” b/w “Standing On Mars”

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The Du-Rites – Bite It b/w Bocho’s Groove

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Stay Losing, 2016

I stay losing. The music I listen to. The words I read. The power I hunger for. The love I strive for. The understanding I seek to gain. I stay losing. Never winning. Never game over. Always seeking. Never finding. Always hungry. Never full. We stay losing. Stay trying. Stay waking up. Stay getting tired. Stay waking up. Stay getting tired. Never giving up. We stay losing.

(1:58) I’m good though, the rap game is a comedy show. If I need a laugh I just watch they videos. (0:39) I know it sounds wrong, but some of y’all need to go back to selling weed. Rap squeegee men. It’s too much work to be a craftsmen. Although, some of y’all. Some of y’all that will just not stop. For you, (0:16) we don’t say this may be a silly idea. Soon enough you’ll have your day of reckoning. Just keep running. Don’t look back. All your life, if you keep running, keep trying, no one can touch you. No one can touch me. (1:23) They try to make it obsolete but my G we still here. (0:44) Can we kick it? YES WE CAN. CAN WE KICK IT? YES WE CAN. These are the breaks. Is it karma or is it fate? (0:24) Some feel life is a death sentence. But fuck it, it’s worth fighting for. Be difficult, not a submissive hoe. At some point you have to realize this was meant for you. This was meant for me. This was meant for us. The (0:40) super fresh was meant for us. Act natural, whatever that means for ya. And you’ll realize, this is worth the effort. The FRESH. I know though. I know, (0:00) you can’t tell a motherfucker what to do with his life. But when they do that’s your chance to react with a mic. The point is, stay woke and know that the game is a boondoggle. If you don’t rock well you will be expelled, whether or not your new single really sells. Stay up my G. Speak your mind. And if they shoot at you, (0:01) shoot the cops back. The rap cops. The lifestyle cops. The cops. Don’t create the (0:05) climate of hate. But if you find yourself in it, just know Life doesn’t have to be this way. The haters gonna hate, but we don’t see them at the cookout with a paper plate. Don’t worry about it. Contribute to the betterment of the community. If you see a junkie, kneel and give him cold water, tell him ‘little kids is looking, get up’. (1:18) It’s a marathon. Just stay on pace. If you got a problem just look for the solution. Sometimes it’s just a function of manufacturing and distribution.

To 2016 and to posterity. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap. We stay losing.

Your Old Droog – 42 (Forty Deuce)

J-Zone – Go Back To Selling Weed

Count Bass D – We Don’t Say

Dark Skinned Assassin – Untouched

Jay Electronica – #TBE The Curse Of Mayweather

$amill – Meant For Me

Aesop Rock – Lazy Eye

Jihad The Roughneck MC – Trife

Tree – Police Mon

Kool Keith – Life ft. Sadat X

La The Darkman – I Pray/Who Taught You

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The Du-Rites – Hustle

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(O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 8.26.16

(NOTE: Since O.P.P. took an unexpected hiatus for the last three weeks or so, some of the following links might be old. Unfortunately, we had to cut a lot of links, but significant news (in case you missed it) includes: A Tribe Called Quest reportedly recorded an album before Phife’s death, and Big Boi and Killer Mike have been working on an EP together. Also, for the record, Fuck The NY Post.)

Stealing The American Dream: The True Story of Brooklyn’s Lo Lifes Crew.
“There were so many of us, we would just rush the stores and take all that we could carry.” Excerpt from the Bury Me With The Lo On book. By Thirstin Howl III with Tom Gould

Top Gear: The Oral History of Hip-Hop’s Love Affair With Tommy Hilfiger.
With co-signs from Grand Puba (“I was like a blessing in disguise for that clothing line”), Snoop Dogg, and Aaliyah, Tommy Hilfiger catapulted to success—until a vicious rumor helped dismantle his hip-hop empire. By Karizza Sanchez

De La Soul’s Legacy Is Trapped in Digital Limbo.
“We’re in the Library of Congress, but we’re not on iTunes,” Mr. Mercer said. By Finn Cohen
[New York Times]

Quincy Jones: The day Michael Jackson’s pet snake got loose in the studio
Article also includes this crazy quote: “All I saw were dead bodies, tommy guns and stogies, and piles of money in back rooms. I had my hand nailed to a fence with a switchblade when I was seven. When you’re a kid, you want to be what you see, and I wanted to be a gangster till I was 11.” By Stephen Smith
[The Guardian]

Retrospect For Life: Remembering Common’s Golden Era.
A look back at when Common wasn’t just an ex-Gap model and gun-toting goon from Suicide Squad. By Zilla
[Passion of the Weiss]

20 Years, 20 Questions: Big Boi Reconnects With OutKast’s ATLiens.
Daddy Fat Sax reminisces about the making of his and André 3000’s breakout sophomore album, and hints at upcoming solo work. By Corbin Reiff

Chuck D: ‘Black Lives Matter is a defensive movement’
The Public Enemy leader says: “If we don’t treat all lives equally, then no lives matter.” By David Ma
[The Guardian]

White Rappers, Clear of a Black Planet.
“White rappers — especially in the wake of the success of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and, to a lesser degree, Iggy Azalea — are now finding paths to success that have little if anything to do with black acceptance…. we have arrived in the post-accountability era of white rap, when white artists are flourishing almost wholly outside the established hip-hop industry, evading black gatekeepers and going directly to overwhelmingly white consumers, resulting in what can feel like a parallel world, aware of hip-hop’s center but studiously avoiding it.” By Jon Caramanica
[New York Times]

Black America & The Police: A Bloody History.
How police departments evolved from slave patrols and a look at possible solutions to correcting racist authority. By David Banner

The Cipher: David Banner.
From Crooked Lettaz to The God Box. Interview by Shawn Setaro
[The Cipher]

EPMD On Drake Sampling “You’re A Customer” & New Rap Making Kids Dumb.
PMD: “It’s a sign of respect, and also it’s a sign that at the end of the day, everybody wants to be associated to real authentic Hip Hop. To us, that’s a compliment and reassuring that we made our mark.” By Dana Scott

The Making of Casual’s Fear Itself.
Casual and Domino talk about the making of their prolific album, track by track. “To me it was just raw artistry,” says Casual. By David Ma
[Passion of the Weiss]

#SleptOnSoul: Ladybug Mecca – Trip The Light Fantastic (2005).
“My parents allowed me a lot of freedom when I was a child — freedom of movement, freedom of expression — and that has always spilled over into my work.”
By Michael A. Gonzales

West Coast Hip Hop’s Underground Queen Medusa Still Reigns.
“I’ve been told I’m a millionaire waiting to happen. And there are so many different ways that I would like to give in the community and causes. My millions are coming and I’m here to agitate the maker.” By Ural Garrett

25 Years Later, Cypress Hill’s Debut Album Remains an Ahead-of-Its-Time Classic.
“This was the other L.A. — smoked out but still dangerous. Attacks on crooked pigs, Spanish raps, and sampledelic instrumental tracks still ahead of their time, a quarter century later.” By Jeff Weiss
[LA Weekly]

An Oral History Of Latin Americans In Hip-Hop.
Featuring Charlie Chase, Tony Touch, Fat Joe, Homeboy Sandman, Kemo The Blaxican (Deliniquent Habits), Q-Uniqe, Joell Ortiz, Bodega Bamz. By Phillip Mlynar

Why Lost G-Funk Classic Uncle Sam’s Curse Is More Relevant Than Ever.
“We were empowering ourselves,” collaborator Kokane says about working on Above The Law’s third album (which reportedly is out of print). “We were always talking about [how] the only way we’d be able to get back is if we had the type of organization to mobilize ourselves. But we were doing it with music, with a Nat Turner lick and a Marcus Garvey flow.” By Pete Tosiello
[LA Weekly]

“Summoned By Aliens”: How Beastie Boys, Pete Rock, Q-Tip & Others Changed Rap Music With The Pause-Tape.
Ad-Rock: “It’s some caveman shit, that’s what we used to work with. Banging stones together to make a fire.” By Gino Sorcinelli

Unearthing Biggie’s Lost Recordings.
Interview with Chopped Herring Records boss Bob Lipitch about the Junior M.A.F.I.A demos featuring Biggie and produced by Daddy-O that were recently released. By Mike “DJ” Pizzo

Root For The Villain: Rap, Bullsh*t & A Celebration of Failure… Behind “The One’s & Two’s” with Rapper, Producer, The Du-Rites Drummer & Jack of All Trades, J-Zone.
By Matt Horowitz
[The Witzard]

Contact High: Eddie Otchere, Jamil GS & Joe Conzo Discuss Photographing Black Star, Jay-Z & Cold Crush Brothers.
By Vikki Tobak
[Mass Appeal Link 1, Link 2, Link 3]

Counter Intelligence: Atlanta.
ATL record shops. Photos by Maxwell Schiano
[Red Bull Music Academy]

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