Oakland, California native Genra releases new music titled “24 Hours”.  The independent artist links up with producer Lucid Soundz and saxophonist Kjfocus.  The chemistry between the three offers an innovative listening experience.

“24 Hours” begins with sounds from the saxophone penetrating a jazz ambiance. Genra, who is acclaimed for adding a modern spin to traditional Hip Hop roots, channels in with wordplay to break down the mechanics of “24 hours”.   He describes feeling overwhelmed and falling into the redundancy of  life’s daily routines. He speaks specifically on family, relationships, health, and wealth. The unconventional emcee shares a lyrical proctor to exercise self-care and to clear one’s mind.

The trio set a tranquil precedence for listeners to tune in and enrich the ways of our world. Listen to “24 Hours” here. 

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Published by Nick Norris

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