DJ Spinna — Tribute To Kashif Mix (AUDIO).

DJ Spinna says: So… after days of intense research, digging, more digging, consulting with my friends Donald Cleveland and George Littlejohn, picking their brains for information (considering their personal history with the man, thank you both), I’m proud to present this lengthy Kashif tribute mix. I learned even more about his legacy while working on this and I must profess, the man was an anomaly, another one of those child prodigy geniuses that released amazing music at an early age in a span of 15 years (really peaking in the mid to late ’80s) for various artists that were either established or on their way to being huge. His name should definitely be mentioned alongside the greatest music makers of all time. Kashif’s music raised me and many of us in this music community. I couldn’t let his passing simply go by without honoring his legacy with my own personal send off. His output meant that much to me. I feel so blessed to have met him back in 1998. Still in shock and a bit numb from his passing and all the legends that have left us this year. I always say, the music will get you through. I hope you will enjoy some timeless R&B. Spread the word and thanks for listening. RIP Kashif!

Track List:

1. Mingo Weya — Kashif
2. You Give Good Love — Whitney Houston
3. Are You The Woman — Kashif
4. Dancing In The Dark — Kashif
5. Live In Me — June Pointer
6. Here Comes The Night — Meli’sa Morgan
7. Sunshine — B.T. Express
8. I’d Like To Get To Know You — Jermaine Jackson
9. Your Style — Wootens
10. I Want To Be Your Everything — High Fashion
11. Right On Time — Tavares
12. Wouldn’t You Like To Fly — Victor Fields
13. It Ain’t Because Of Me Baby — Bill Withers
14. Take You To Heaven — Change
15. The Mood — Kashif
16. Love On The Rise — Kenny G
17. Trouble In Paradise — Giorge Pettus
18. Help Yourself To My Love — Kenny G
19. Help Yourself To My Love — Kashif
20. Street Level — Zinc
21. Betcha She Don’t Love You — Evelyn King
22. Easier Said Than Done — Average White Band
23. Jump Into My Life — Stacy Lattisaw
24. Say Something Love — Kashif
25. So Fine — Howard Johnson
26. I’m In Love — Evelyn King
27. If You Want My Lovin’ — Evelyn King
28. Stone Love — Kashif
29. Mind Up Tonight — Melba Moore
30. Inside Love — George Benson
31. Love Come Down — Evelyn King
32. Baby Don’t Break Your Baby’s Heart — Kashif
33. Part-Time Lover — Funk Deluxe
34. Rumors — Kashif
35. Just Another Lover — Johnny Kemp
36. Movie Song — Kashif
37. You’re The Winner — High Fashion
38. Take My Love — Melba Moore
39. Thinking About You — Whitney Houston
40. Get Out On The Dance Floor — Fatback Band
41. Hold On — High Fashion
42. Ooh Love — Kashif
43. Underlove — Melba Moore
44. One Man’s Poison — Kenny G
45. Good Things — Tony Aiken and Future 2000
46. Time Tunnel — Tony Aiken and Future 2000
47. Love Changes — Kashif & Meli’sa Morgan

(Shout out King of da Burbz)

Originally from DJ Spinna — Tribute To Kashif Mix (AUDIO).

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