Congratulations to Grandmaster DJ Scratch

On December 21st, 2016 I was Knighted by the Father of Hip Hop himself Kool Herc as an official Grandmaster.

I was once asked in a interview when did I feel I’ve “Made It”. My response was.. It wasn’t the DJ Championships, it wasn’t the world tours, the Grammy nods, the Gold & Platinum Awards, the millions of records sold or the longevity. I felt I made it when the ones before me (The Pioneers) acknowledge me for my talent and contributions to the craft & culture. I was blessed to have that acknowledgement happen many years ago. But the highest honor of ALL accolades or awards of a DJ is to become a Grandmaster. You can’t just call yourself a Grandmaster (As I see many DJ’s do), you have to EARN that title. As diluted & dysfunctional this culture has become, Hip Hop still has a Monarchy, a Hierarchy we still follow & must follow. I started touching turntables during the first 5 years of Hip Hop, So I always wanted to be like the first turntablist Grandmaster Flash, we all did. The Hip Hop DJ wasn’t an occupation back then, it was about rocking the party, rocking the jam, showing how nice you were & creating new ways to impress your peers on the turntables. So no matter what I achieved, I wasn’t satisfied until I got props from the creators of what I do. Now, my very long mission is complete.

July 2nd, 2010 I was handed down the title Jam Master by DMC of RUN DMC.
December 21st, 2016 I was Knighted a Grandmaster by Kool Herc.
I think it’s now safe to say I’ve finally made it!

Salute, Grandmaster DJ Scratch – Jam Master DJ Scratch

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Stream The Hip-Hop Episode Of PBS’s Series On The Art Of Music Recording, “Sounbreaking”

Well balanced commentary and insightful interviews featured throughout last night’s airing of Sounbreaking (Episode 6): The World Is Yours.

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