Mac Miller tribute concert taking place on Halloween in Los Angeles • Word Is Bond

An all-star cast will pay tribute to the late Mac Miller at the end of the month at the Greek Theatre. The cast will include those who Miller collaborated with in music, friends, and associates in music.

The “Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life” concert will feature acts like Anderson .Paak, Thundercat, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, Vince Staples, and more. They will help bring the house down on Halloween night, while assisting with the launch of the Mac Miller Circles Fund (MMCF).

Miller passed away last month from a drug overdose. He has struggled with substance abuse in the past, and even spoke about it in his music. For example, in his song Self Care’ from his newest album, Swimming, Miller referenced his DUI and arrest back in May, ‘That Mercedes drove me crazy, I was speedin’ / Somebody save me from myself, yeah / Tell them they can take that bullsh– elsewhere / Self care, we gonna be good / Hell yeah, they lettin’ me go.’ In the music video for the same song, he carved the words ‘Memento mori’ into a lid of a coffin – which in latin means ‘remember you have to die’.

Miller was set to go on a 26-day tour towards the end of this month in San Francisco, but that got cancelled following his unexpected death.

Tickets for the tribute concert started selling today via MMCF.

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Fat Beats Returns To Los Angeles • Word Is Bond

On Saturday, September 22nd 2018 Fat Beats Los Angeles reopened its iconic doors. 

Fat Beats closed its doors in Los Angeles back on September 19th, 2010. The New York location closed down earlier that same month. For many, the closure of Fat Beats marked the end of an era. The record store being closed left a tremendous void in the city. Fans no longer had that go to hub for celebrating Hip-hop culture. Fat Beats was a place where music was pushed to the forefront, you could discover new artists and see incredible live performances on any given night.

Thats why when it was announced that Fat Beats would make its return to LA, the Hip-hop community spread the good word like wildfire. House Shoes had a particularly great post on his Instagram about the grand opening of the new store.

The grand opening was incredible, two of our Word Is Bond team members George and Eric were able to attend. So many pillars of the Hip-hop community in LA were there to show support. The lineup up of performers was special as well. The lineup included the most talented beatsmiths and DJs from the likes of DJ Rhettmatic, Dibia$e, House Shoes, Ras G, Exile and DJ Babu. One after the other, these talented artists spun dope records that had the new store packed to the brim with fans. Check out some photos taken from the grand opening of Fat Beats below.

Exile went on at 7:15PM and had one of the best sets because he brought along a handful of special guests. Most notably, he brought out his longtime partner Blu. After his surprise performance with Exile, we had the opportunity to speak with Los Angeles legend Blu.

When asked about what Fat Beats meant to him, Blu shared his nostalgia associated with the record store.

“The record store was the source. It was the source, it was where everybody touched down at. We used to come by bus and ditch school to get to Fat Beats. That was way back in the days and we’re glad Fat Beats is back! Plus we don’t have to ditch school anymore haha.”

Blu went on to discuss what performing at the grand opening of Fat Beats was like.

“It feels good, it feels really good man. Exile brought us out and had us here as special guests. We’re honored to be here.”

Blu also shared some information about future events and shows at Fat Beats from him at the Dirty Science crew.

“We have some new records coming out with Fat Beats. So we are definitely looking to do more in-stores in the future.”

DJ Babu arrives to spin around 9PM for his attendees. The Beat Junkie turntablist decides to play some new music from his upcoming projects that will be available through Fat Beats, such as a 45″ series, the fourth installation of Duck Season, and Super Duper Duck Flips. Before he starts his set, he takes people back in time to when he discovered Fat Beats in New York, and how he and the rest of the Junkies eventually worked for Fat Beats when it opened for the first time in LA. The opening of the LA store happened 6-8 months after Babu and Fat Beats founder Joe Abaijan (aka DJ Jab) initially met.

According to Babu, he went to his first DMC battle, and somehow he heard about the record to store that took over the space over the Beatles’ old shoe store. He and the Bay Area legend DJ Shortkut went to go pay the store a visit.

“And so I walked in and they’re playing my DMC battle tape on the TV,” Babu said. “And my man Joe was behind the counter and was like, ‘Yo, Shortkut, Babu… what’s up,’ and it became like family ever since.”

Abaijan acknowledged that the resurrection of the store was important to his team and the community. Ever since the store closed, the element of even having a great store that was dedicated to the hip-hop community, went along with that, too. The idea of an underground community nowadays seems to fall on ears of those who have apparently been unaware.

“Hip-hop has all these different meanings, but there’s a void of all the good stuff that’s (kind of) not being pushed,” Abaijan said. “There’s an underground community that’s really big but people don’t know about it.”

When the store was open back in the ’90s, it was for the meetings of the minds. Customers would either come in and shop, or even just hang out and listen to dope music that would be playing by the DJs that worked there. Abaijan hopes that this element of the experience will also return to today’s crowd once they step into the store.

Plans to reopen a store in New York aren’t currently in the works. For Abaijan, the possibility of a chain opportunity has to be reasonable.

“I wouldn’t go open a store in New York,” Abaijan said. “But if the situation presented itself that makes sense, there could be one there.”

Talks among the attendees were nostalgic when it comes to the memories of their past experiences at the store. Now that the store is back and running, more memories are expected to be made.

“Congrats Joe, we’re glad to have you back,” Babu said.

Contributor Eric Soul

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Ra-Sool – “MsBehavin” (Video) |

All summer long, the West Coast has been boiling hot with new artists breaking out onto the mainstream landscape. Helping lead the charge is Phoenix, Arizona buzzworthy new recording artist known as Ra-Sool (also Ra-Sool The Alpha). Coded with a variety of styles and star power, the new comer grabs his fellow upriser Stanboi for the new video, properly-titled, “MsBehavin”.

A creative blend of Reggae, R&B, and Hip-Hop, Ra-Sool calls up a couple beauties and allows Stanboi to croon the lovelies with sensual melodies while Ra hypnotizes them with body moving wordplay. “MsBehavin” is a vibe that is perfect for the summer time conclusion. Easy to recognize that the Arizona star is becoming a marquee name in no time.

Stream “MsBehavin” on your favorite platform today, click here.

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Son Kuma – “Trippin” (Video)

Originally from Los Angeles but currently stationed in Palo Alto, Son Kuma releases a visual for his Griffin Stoller-produced “Trippin.”

Like the title, Son Kuma takes viewers through a mind-altering visual laced with trippy colors and visual aids in the Punya Chatterjee-directed effort. Inspired by an acid trip with an ex-girlfriend, the woodland scenic visual is a bit of a double entendre, playing on the idea of a hallucinatory “trippin” and the wild things in life that send us skipping.

Watch the new video from Son Kuma above.

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Mike Free Ft. Niko G4 & Mani Coolin – “How You Love That” (Video)

Multi-platinum producer Mike Free (YG, Big Sean) has released the video for his new single, “How You Love That”.

Directed by Mr. Real Movie, featuring Niko G4 and Mani Coolin. The track is the first release from his upcoming ‘Ratchet Wave’ project due out this month (August). The project will feature appearances by Quavo, Tyga, Gucci Mane, Dave East, City Girls and more.

Watch Mike Free’s new video above.

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Pacman Da Gunman – “Da Loc in Me” (Video)

Pacman Da Gunman is a signee of Nipsey Hussle’s All Money In imprint. All Money In recently signed a distribution deal with Atlantic Records back in 2017 that released the label’s first official project in Nipsey’s critically-acclaimed ‘Victory Lap’. Ready to make a statement for the streets, Pacman Da Gunman drops a new video in “Da Loc in Me”.

Directed by SlappersonDeck, Pacman gives a behind-the-scenes look at his daily routine as he spits that gritty West Coast Hip-Hop that has gained him attention. “Da Loc in Me” is off of Pacman’s new mixtape, ‘My Section 2’. The mixtape features guest appearances from Took4granted and A-D. Pacman’s resume includes collaborations with Nipsey Hussle, TeeCee4800, and Slim400.

Watch “Da Loc in Me” above.

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Kayo Genesis – “Woke” (Video)

Palmdale, California recording artist Kayo Genesis is catching a lot of attention with his thought-provoking message single, “Woke”. Waking up the world with his message of awareness, Kayo’s delivers and introspective video to make our world full-aware of the current situation.

Woke is a stream of awareness in a crowd of a matrix. It’s important to start thinking about how things function and how systems are made to keep people at a struggle in order to gain some type of clarity on their pursuit of happiness. Woke is a mentality that is to be broken free from knowledge and self reflection establishing where you are in the world, when you are in the world, and how you play a part in the ecosystem especially in the black community.

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Rico Anthony ft. Ray J – “Downtown” (Video)

Ray J is co-signing a hot new talent in recording artist Rico Anthony. Rising star links up with the platinum-selling hitmaker for his new single, “Downtown”. Directed by Ray J himself, Rico and Ray spark up the band for an intimate performance as they express the new found love for the lady of interest. With Ray J vouching for him, Rico is a talent that the world will quickly realize is a superstar and now is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon.

Peep the new video above.

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Will Claye – “Karmony” (Video) –

It’s not very often that people are as talented as WILL CLAYE in so many areas of their lives. From being a three time Olympic medalist Will Claye, clothing designer and talented Hip Hop artist that is paving an emerging lane for himself that has people paying attention. While maintaining a winning streak as an athlete, Claye has also had early successes as a hip hop artist. Fans were first introduced to Will on one of YG’s biggest singles to date, “IDGAF” which has more than 53M views to date on YouTube. Having a love for music since the young age of 13, Claye has decided to hang up his track shoes and fully commit to his passion and talent in Hip Hop.
Today, he released a two-track visual playlist KARMONY which includes two tracks, “Father” and “Celebrate Life” accompanied by the official visuals.
Claye has a lot of new music and visuals that he will be rolling out throughout the rest of 2018 leading up to the release of his debut album.
“I’m not an artist who makes one type of music. I’m a human who goes through different things, travels the world and I’m a scatter brain and that’s how I make music. I make tracks based off of how I feel when I’m writing that track and that can be in any genre of music.”
Watch, “Father” & “Celebrate Life” above.

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Seouless & Brodee – “Money Right” (Video) –

To make something out of nothing is always a challenge but Seouless has always been the one to make it possible. Immigrating from Korea at the early age of 2, Seouless is known for twisting the stigma of the American Dream to suit his artistic vision.

By the age of 18, Seouless found his passion in music through fortunate circumstances that always lead him to be at the right place at the right time. From being in Ray J’s studio recording his first freestyle to currently collaborating with the likes of Mars from 1500 or nothin’ and Southside of 808 Mafia fame, Seouless has always been able to cultivate two distinct cultures into his music. With an eclectic sound of fusing west coast rap, trap,boom-bap, and Korean music, Seouless is currently on the forefront of pioneering his own genre, K-trap.

His newest single “Money Right” featuring Brodee (of Nipsey Hussle affiliation) and produced by Cypress Moreno has been steadily gaining stream and how he returns with the official music video. The video was shot and directed by Truly (King Lil G), taken place at Studio 519 LA and YSI diamonds in Downtown Los Angeles. The story behind it is to showcase the amount of hustle and ambition it takes to “get your money right”. The idea for the song came through Seouless and Brodee’s real life experience of hustling in the streets and finding a balance between streets smarts and book smarts.

“Money Right” is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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