Maja7th pays tribute to Marvin Gaye on "Songs In The Key Of Marvin" [Instrumental EP] • Word Is Bond

Songs In The Key Of Marvin by Maja7th Indianapolis, IN producer, Maja7th cooks up a solid offering on his new project titled “Songs In The Key Of Marvin”.  The 9 track instrumental project pays homage to the music of soul legend Marvin Gaye. Making use of a selection of atomized samples and acapellas procured by DJ TopSpeed from various songs off his […]

(O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 3.19.16

(Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Samsung) Public Enemy’s Chuck D Yells ‘F— Donald Trump’ at SXSW, While Flavor Flav Has a Different Outlook. “If Donald Trump does become president, there’s only one thing we all can do: just sit back and let the man do his job,” Flav tells Billboard. By Brian Anthony Hernandez [Billboard] […]