It has been a very busy year for South Florida lyricist MeRCY. He kicked off the year with a weekly music series “Everglade Sessions” which ran for many weeks. This series served as a precursor to his recently released full-length project titled “Swamp Thing LP”. The album is a 10 track body of work that blends his Southern roots, lyrical depth and Swamp Thing samples to complete the cypher.  Armed with a gruff vocal tone and animated delivery, MeRCY holds the listener’s attention with his vivid lyrical illustrations and vibrant compositions. Musically his long time collaborator Solidified produced the bulk of the project with some extra soundscapes provided by Tut-Piece , False Ego , Tek.Lun and Gold Haze. Together they craft varied cinematic soundscapes for MeRCY’s radical approach of song writing.

There is more than enough heat to go around on this one so hit the play button and get with the program.


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Published by Nick Norris

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