Brianna Perry ft. Blocboy JB – “Slow Dance” (Video)

Hip-Hop’s female evolution continues to thrive, especially among the new females kicking down the door and seizing the moment. Brianna Perry dropped a new video for the summer, showing the emcee living her best life. The Miami native speaks out against negativity towards female rap artists and shows she’s unbothered.

The video and song also features popular rapper BlocBoy JB. Brianna selected BlocBoy to be on the track because of her love for Memphis and felt he’d bring the right energy. Many remember Brianna from her appearance on Sisterhood of Hip-Hop. She’s been grinding for a few years now and it’s time for everyone to pay attention.

“Slow Dance” will be featured on her upcoming EP, Fortune Cookie.

Watch “Slow Dance” above.

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Pleasure P ft. Flo Rida – “Could You Love Me” (Video) –

Pleasure P drops “Could You Love Me” an R&B / Dance track that features the King of club music himself, Flo Rida.

The video directed by David Rousseau, gives us that flavor club setting, with beautiful dancers surrounding both artists. Love and Hip Hop’s beauty, Amara La Negra, makes her cameo in the video. “Could You Love Me” is the first video from GRAMMY nominee Pleasure P’s new full-length album, Pain And Pleasure, dropping this summer. Featuring production by Lil Wonder, Rico Love and Tank.

Watch “Could You Love Me” above.

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Rico Love Presents TXS – “Do Good” (Video) –

When it comes to urban music, certain contributors to the culture are always mentioned. Rico Love is one of them. Love has written and produced hit records for Usher, Nelly, Trey Songz, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Fergie, Chris Brown and a staple of other Platinum selling artists. Now, Rico is beginning his new endeavor “Rico Love Presents” a series featuring projects he’s nurtured, produced, and artistically crafted from behind the board.

He’s committed to elevating his collaborative environment of the music making process. He’s now curating content under his Rico Love Imprint. He’s grabbing hold of undiscovered artists and talent by packaging and molding musicians under his creative vision. “Rico Love Presents” is sure to reshape the way recording artists are filtered throughout the industry, giving them a powerful voice and untapped platform. Rico has experienced his own Billboard success as a solo artist with, “They Don’t Know” a hit that charted to No. 4 on Billboard’s Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop radio. His background ensures each project under “Rico Love Presents” will garner attention as well as anticipation and success. Additionally, he’s still reigning on Spotify with over 500K monthly listeners.

The first installment of “Rico Love Presents” features the video “Do Good” starring the emerging artist TXS. The song was written by Rico Love and co-produced by Danja.

The video treatment was written by Rico and directed by the talented Parris Stewart. In essence, this is true R&B, not straying from Love’s level of hit-making.

Watch “Do Good” above.
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Trendz Morrison – “Dinosaurs” (Video) |

Living between Omaha and Miami, Trendz Morrison is an emerging creative with a lot on his mind. Inspired by Rick Ross, Gil Scott, Nipsey and a host of others, Trendz drops the dark visual “Dinosaurs” that challenges concepts about realness, claiming his generation is like Dinosaurs, all the real ones are now extinct.

The video was directed by Trendz himself and his daughter makes a cameo in the video. Musically, he worked with one producer for this track – D. Boy. Expect to hear from both of them soon.

Their EP, “The Spirit of Will Brown” is scheduled to drop later in 2018.

Watch “Dinosaurs” above.

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Tejai Moore – “Reverse” (Video) |

Tejai Moore has shown that he has a strong drive and passion for his craft and future. Foreshadowing of it is seen in Tejai new video, “Reverse”.

“Reverse” i​s about missing something that you once had and wanting to reverse things to how they used to be with that person. The record has an Afro-Beat/R&B/Pop feel to it, which could crossover into many markets and reach many demographics.

​”Reverse” is off of ‘Write My Wrongs​’ ​T​ejai Moore’s first official album. It reaches far into the depths of who he is as an artist, but also as a songwriter and person, period. With records on it ranging from R&B to Urban Pop, Write My Wrongs is feeling like a possible instant-classic from Tejai Moore.

Watch Here.
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NXPPYHEAD wants a Million Dollars and more. • Word Is Bond

NxppyHead is an 18 year old rapper and producer bubbling up out of Miami FL. If I go by this sound pumping out of the speakers, this is a serious breath of fresh air for the music scene. Of course this sounds a lot like what you would basically hear from the Native Tongues collective but for this era in hip hop this is definitely a new and is quite welcomed. Hopefully, this is a style that NxppyHead continually churns out and he is not swayed by the idea of doing the popular sound but going against the grain to present his own sound and style to the world. And just to add, NxppyHead wants that Million Dollars and all that comes with it just like everyone else. We all want the finer things in life most definitely just not at the expense of our souls. You will love this jazzy feel to the hop I can bet.

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