N.B.S. enlist Tragedy Khadafi for some "Violent Wisdom" • Word Is Bond

The N.B.S crew have always been lacing us with hard-hitting rap cuts and this is no exception. The crew called up Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi on their new street banger titled “Violent Wisdom”. Their in-house producer DJ Tray brings in the dusty samples and neck gripping drums for the emcees to kick that raw, uncut over. A homage to the seemingly forgotten intelligent street-focused approach to hip-hop, Violent Wisdom is another in the string of celebrated releases from the recently released SwissVets 2.

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Top 5 submissions for 4th week April • Word Is Bond

As April comes to a close, we had to round things up with some interesting submissions from the vault. Sit back, relax and get familiar with these gems.







Providence, Rhode Island, based duo False Idol is proud to release their sophomore LP “Let ‘Em Eat Cake”. The first leak is  the somber ode to the natural herb titled “Somethin’ about Mary”. With emcee A-God’s clean, crisp flow and smooth beats from Evil Genius, the album pays homage to a classic underground sound.


N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters) team up with QB legend Tragedy Khadafi on this street banger titled “Violent Wisdom”. Courtesy of producer DJ Tray, Violent Wisdom is built atop the dusty samples and neck snapping drums that define the true school hip-hop motif responsible for the careers of both N.B.S. and Tragedy Khadafi. A homage to the seemingly forgotten intelligent street-focused approach to hip-hop, Violent Wisdom is another in the string of celebrated releases from the recently released SwissVets 2.





Bristol-based producer Sam Krats follows up on his last single, “Revive Rap” featuring El Da Sensei with a darker sound in the form of his latest release “The Chosen,” this time featuring the lyrical talent of Crown Height’s finest, Ruste Juxx. The somber backdrop is totally cascaded by Ruste Juxx’s commanding flow and vivid lyrics



King Green (lead member of DC alt hip-hop band RDGLDGRN) makes his debut with his new track “Kaepernick”. On “Kaepernick”, Green drops jewels and takes witty shots at trending social and political topics like Trump, Kevin Spacey and more. The accompanying short visual created by Green himself takes things a step further tying each witty lyric to humorous clips and images to create a lyric video unlike any you have seen before.  Not to mention, the coolest pair of socks ever worn.



Detroit Emcee 44 ROC releases his dark visual to his latest single “Fourtune” off his EP “Luxury Tax”. In the video, 44 ROC is pushing his artistic boundaries to create music that dims a light onto mental instability, family issues, his childhood, and a slew of other topics that most ego fueled rappers wouldn’t dare to speak on. Directed by Manola Music & Films, 44 ROC sits down with himself as he splits two ways with one venting on his traumatic past while the other reminds him that “The most high is watching over him” and to know his worth.


44 ROC adds the “u” in “Fourtune to emphasize on his favorite number 4 which is the number of stability, order and completion of justice. It is the number of the square which symbolizes a strong foundation to build an empire upon. As within the Tarot, the number 4 is the emperor.



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N.B.S. Ft. Onyx wanna know "Where They At" [Video] • Word Is Bond

The Boston based duo Natural Born Spitters are back with bang as they drop their second video for 2018 in the form of a collaboration with NY legends Onyx. The record is titled “Where They At ” and it’s nothing but pure grittiness from start to finish. That gritty backdrop is provided by thunderous production. DJ Tray provides the golden era boom-bap treatment with his partner Jakebeatz lending a polished and refined touch.


N.B.S. (cousins E’Flash and V Knuckles ) pair with their swiss compatriots DJ Tray and Jakebeatz to release SwissVets 2 . The album is a culmination of lives lived and passports lost. V Knuckles proclaims the album is a “clash of worlds with epic results.”  SwissVets 2 takes a minimalist approach with only Onyx and Tragedy Khadafi lending their voices. SwissVets 2 is set to hit stores on March 1st, courtesy of Empire Music PW Records and Big Bang Records .The album is available worldwide at all of your favorite retailers here


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N.B.S. take us on a journey to the "Nile River" • Word Is Bond

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

The duo known as N.B.S. kick off 2018 with the release of their latest record “Nile River”. The song sees the duo made up of cousins Flash and Knuckles rip bravado bars over a mellow backdrop laced by Swiss producer Jake Beatz.

Nile River is a signature mélange of street smarts and braggadocio that N.B.S. is known for, with the polished backdrop provided by their swiss compatriots (Jake Beatz and DJ Tray).  N.B.S. is busy putting the finishing touches on their album “SwissVets 2.” which will hit stores on March 1st, courtesy of Empire Music and PW Records with domestic support in the USA provided by Big Bang Records.



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