Armond WakeUp releasing “Even If I Lose” February 27th

Armond WakeUp is set to release Even If I Lose, the follow up to 40 Days, on Tuesday February 27th via Illect Recordings. The project features several guests including: Sean C. Johnson, Jonathan Baker, DJ Because, and Brieah Taiye. Production credits include: Tee-Wyla, Ess Be, Doc, J. Rhodan, and Jonathan Baker. Armond shares, “Even If […]

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Ozay Moore releases “In The Wake Of O”

Ozay Moore and Illect Recordings are proud to present In The Wake Of O.

Over the last 20 years, Ozay Moore (fka Othello) has proven himself to be an exceptional storyteller time and time again. Whether as a member of the classic hip hop trio, Lightheaded, or as a solo artist, Moore’s alto flow has always moved crowds. Aided by some of the most soulful production and a deep knowledge of hip hop culture, Moore’s music is highly relatable because he blends personal experience with larger themes that cross cultural lines. Moore has been making records for quite some time so it would be understandable if he didn’t have more to say.

Thankfully, Ozay Moore is back and better than ever with In The Wake of O. Throughout his life Moore has seen a lot, done a lot, and Wake is a reflection of his journey in and outside of being an MC. Moore is no longer a young, ambitious rapper from Seattle focused solely on writing rhymes and traveling the world. Instead, he’s a family man in Lansing, MI having to strike a balance between his artistic goals and what’s best for his wife and two kids. How do you strike that balance? This is one of the central questions driving the record.

As the album unfolds, Moore grapples with the decision to drop the Othello moniker, his faith, racial politics in the U.S. and the impact of hip hop on his life. The word “wake” can mean many things, and In the Wake of O takes into account every single one. With an exceptional set of producers including Stro Elliot, Tall Black Guy, Ess Be, Freddie Joachim and Ohmega Watts, Wake is a seamless blend of boom bap crunch and soulful grooves. With guest appearances by Braille, Sareem Poems, Jahshua Smith, James Gardin and Propaganda the wordplay is as on point as it is thought provoking.

Ultimately, In The Wake of O is a reminder of why hip hop is such a powerful mode of communication. It also speaks to Ozay Moore’s deep love and respect for hip hop culture. As Wake plays from start to finish, Moore beautifully speaks on his personal journey while also making space for listeners to reflect on their own lives. There is something for everyone on this record.

-Written by Gus Navarro

Audio: In The Wake Of O

In The Wake Of O tracklist
1. Thumb Drive
2. Good
3. Where You At (feat. James Gardin & Jahshua Smith)
4. Slow Motion with Mosely
5. WSTCST (feat. Tony Ozier & Teeko)
6. Crowd React by Lightheaded (Ozay Moore, Ohmega Watts & Braille)
7. Abracadabra (feat. Cataphant)
8. Wow… (feat. Propaganda)
9. Low Tide
10. L.T.D. (feat. Sareem Poems)
11. Transparent See (feat. Ricky Valenz)

1 Young Heat
2, 6 Stro Elliot
3-5 Tall Black Guy
7 Ohmega Watts
8 Daniel Steele
10 Freddie Joachim and Aso
11 Ess Be

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Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl Record out now

Illect Recordings and DJ Because proudly present the Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl.

About Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl

7″ Break records are being released at an astounding rate. Yet most of the sounds and samples used are just the same recycled material from the last dozen break albums. This leaves the DJ who is looking for new material to create with, disappointed. That is…until the arrival of Grime-n & Starfunkle’s Sushi Breaks, a 7″ break record that is the compilation of a decade’s worth of crate digging, sampling and beat making. Sushi Breaks is chock full of original sounds and samples not used on previous break albums, plus original sounds from one of hip hop’s legendary emcees and producers, Fab Five Freddy. This gives the DJ a whole new tool box of scratch to paint their sound canvas with. Sushi Breaks also features all new beats for scratching and juggling with, produced by an international array of renowned hip hop producers. Pressed at maximum groove depths, each scratch track features 30 seconds of skipless samples allowing for endless scratch techniques on your turntable or portable, keeping your scratches and your game always in the groove.

+ 140 gram, skipless vinyl
+ Limited to 500 copies on transparent dark blue 7″ vinyl
+ Timed at just 5 min. per side, to allow for the deepest groove possible.
+ Designed specifically with the portable DJ in mind (Numark, Vestax)
+ Each track of samples repeats for 30 seconds, allowing for endless scratching, never falling out of the groove
+ Includes officially licensed Fab 5 Freddie samples.
+ Featured production includes: Ess Be (2018 Winter Olympics, Adidas, 7-11, Dallas Cowboys, Gary Varynerchuk, Google) and Terem (Sareem Poems, Red Pill, Microsoft, Gary Vaynerchuk, Nestea, Cover FX, James Gardin)
+ All new beats and production is sample free.
+ Crate Diggings and Compilations by DJ Because.
+ Promotional copies sent to key DJs and tastemakers.
+ Targeted press and promotional campaign to DJ centric media/radio.
+ Sushi Loops companion looper app (iPhone/iPad) available now
+ Android version available for February 2018 release.

Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl tracklist

Side A: Sushi Cuts

1. “Eat the damn noodles, Tommy” cuts
2. Shojo Stole My Jam
3. Game Show Loser cuts
4. Late Night Ramen Run cuts
5. “You Very Sexy Boy” cuts
6. Drunken Lazy Rojin cuts
7. Skinny Judo Crash cuts
8. Kobe Beef Barf cuts

Side B: Bento Beats

1. Sumo Strut (95 BPM)
2. Cheap Bowl of Cuts cuts
3. Second Year, First Kiss (94 BPM)

Pick up copies of the Sushi Breaks 7 Inch Vinyl at your favorite local record shop or online at

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Priceless Da Roc, Black Collar Hustlaz, & Michael Blackson Star in New Film, “Easy Money” |

From Executive Producers Jason Henderson and Bay Area legendary Platinum Producer Sam Bostic, comes the highly-anticipated new Action/Adventure, “Easy Money”. Starring Comedic actor Michael Blackson (“Meet the Blacks”), actor Omar Gooding (Baby Boy), Anthony “Scruncho” McKinley (“How High”), and NAACP Image Award-winner actor Clifton Powell (“Ray”) in the Charles “Sharp” Duran-directed feature. Brothers K.C. and Jojo think they’ve found easy money upon discovery of credit cards, quickly find out how deadly the life of luxury can really be when knee deep in trouble from both sides of the law. Shot on location in Las Vegas and Sacramento, the film also features several well-established recording artists and sports figures who appear throughout the film.

The film also introduces up-and-coming East Oakland group, Black Collar Hustlaz (B.C.H). The group co-stars in the film and also features a single on the film’s official soundtrack, titled, “Million Bucks”. Black Collar Hustlaz is best recognized for their 2014 hit, “Bandz”.

“Easy Money” is available now on Xfinite, Direct TV “On Demand”, Comcast, Amazon, and all physical retailers including Target, Wal-Mart, and Barnes and Noble.

See the official trailer to “Easy Money” above via ITN/Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/eOne. Follow “Easy Money” on Instagram

Follow Black Collar Hustlaz on Twitter: @RapHighness_BCH

Watch the video on: Underground Hip Hop Videos

Joey Bada$$ & Dave Perform “Dead Presidents vs Amerikkkan Idol” On BBC Radio 1 Piano Sessions |

Joey Badass drops an exclusive performance and mashup of Jay-Z’s hit “Dead Presidents” with his own track “Amerikkkan” with the help of Dave on Piano for Huw Stephens’ Piano Session on BBC Radio 1.

Watch the video on: Underground Hip Hop Videos

Sivion announces “Dark Side of the Cocoon”

Sivion and Illect Recordings announce the upcoming release Dark Side of the Cocoon.

Sivion’s Dark Side Of The Cocoon is a record about struggle, uncertainty, failure, pain, and redemption. The overarching theme is “love” as seen through the lens of growth and patience developed from adversity and challenge. Sivion delivers passionate words with soulful melodies to the organic, fluid, and emotionally-charged music compositions of German beat-smith, Sebastian Hochstein of the crew, Scribbling Idiots. What results, is a heartfelt collection of works that display transparency at a level not previously seen by Sivion. The door is open, waiting for you to accept the invitation to come in.

Though the butterfly lives a life of absolute freedom and beauty, the caterpillar enters the darkness of the cocoon faithfully holding onto the hope of attaining this same freedom. And so, each of us must enter the darkness of our own cocoon…,” Sivion shares.

Dark Side Of The Cocoon Track list
1. Darkness
2. Burn
3. Alone
4. All In
5. Pendulum
6. Stand
7. Relax
8. Really His (feat. Krum)
9. Darkness (Instrumental)
10. Burn (Instrumental)
11. Alone (Instrumental)
12. All In (Instrumental)
13. Pendulum (Instrumental)
14. Stand (Instrumental)
15. Relax (Instrumental)
16. Really His (Instrumental)

Dark Side of the Cocoon releases October 6, 2017 via Illect Recordings.

Pre-order limited edition Vinyl or CD packages at Bandcamp to receive exclusive bonus tracks & remixes.

Also available at other download and streaming outlets including:

Apple Music
Google Play
Vinyl + CD

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Nomis “Rise, Fall, Rise Again”

We’re big fans of Nomis and also Kick the Concrete. “Rise, Fall, Rise Again” is a piece the two just released.

Here is an excerpt…

While I fully endorse the idea of pursuing your passions, I now feel equally passionate about having intentional moments of thankfulness for whatever progress is made along the way. The reality is that most people never fully commit to chasing their dreams. For those who do, many of them never actually capture it. And for the few fortunate enough to grasp this thing they’ve been working so diligently towards, an even smaller amount get to keep it for the long term. Whether it’s divine intervention or good old-fashioned cause and effect, life has a tendency to derail our plans. It is imperative that we acknowledge the process and recognize the small victories along the way.

And another…

I met Propaganda, Odd Thomas, and Braille all separately through completely different avenues, but all around the same time frame. I linked with Prop through our mutual friend Capture of Future Shock. Caps was putting a project together called Audio Engine. In its inception, it was kind of a supergroup album comprised of Caps, Prop, Sareem Poems (LA Symphony), and myself. This was back in 2007. I was a fan of all of their music at the time but surprisingly I turned down the offer to be a part of the project. Many years later, Prop and I finally collaborated on my album, Socially Just (more on that later). I met Thomas probably a year later through another artist named Dan Smith (“The Listener”). I hosted a show in my old boss’s living room and Thomas was the opener for the tour. I knew who he was from his old crew Science Project, but we had never met. He showed up and honestly, he tore the roof off that night. I met Braille because he was touring heavily around that time and I was probably at every show he did in San Diego. After many introductions, we connected on the message boards. At that time, Braille was labelmates with an MC named Kaboose who I eventually was touring with. I have a million stories like this, yet you might not have ever heard my name.

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Photo by Jason Encabo.

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J.Lee the Producer “Music Box” (album stream)

J.Lee Productions is excited to announce the release of the Music Box album from the multi-talented J.Lee The Producer, available now at all digital outlets.

The album hosts a wide-range of intricate harmonies, melodies and beats all composed to support the continual inspirational message throughout the album. The title track Music Box, is a perfect example of the album’s direction and summation with vocal harmonies, sound effects and instruments excellently layered over the tracks main underlying longing but reflective beat. It’s the embodiment of the album, it personifies what is spoken in the beginning of the track itself, “but I hope the music we make has some staying power for the ones that do hear it, you know a memory attach to it…

J.Lee The Producer has over 10 years of experience in music production and engineering. He has successfully built J.Lee Productions into a highly sought after production company.

Track list
1. Music Box Intro
2. Morning Glory (feat. Adam & Kizzie)
3. Fade Away (Kobe Bean) [feat. Sean C. Johnson]
4. Came Saw Conquered (feat. Adrianne Archie)
5. Fresh Wind (feat. Cooki Turner)
6. Rightly (feat. Marcellus Coleman)
7. I Said Nothing
8. Datgum (feat. Adam L.)
9. Music Box Melodies (feat. Jessica Leidy)
10. Music Box (feat. Cooki Turner and Thaddeus Johnson)
11. The Image (feat. Cam)
12. Questions (feat. Thaddeus Johnson)
13. Carry Me (feat. Tony Foster Jr.)
14. Music Box (Deuce)
15. Home (feat. Cooki Turner)
16. You Got It (feat. Kizzie Ledbetter)
17. Lift (feat. Marcellus Coleman)
18. Music Box (JLee)
19. A Crude Apology For The Divinity Of God (feat. Adam L.)

Music Box is available now at download & streaming outlets. Stream the album below and let us know what you think.

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