Nine Holding it Down on Word is Bond • Word Is Bond

Nine has been holding it down for 23 years. His distinct voice has captured our attention since we first heard him on “Whutcha Want” back in 1995.

We start out this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio with a half hour mixset of his music. and then get in-depth with an exclusive interview.

Recorded live on 94.9 Radio Western, you can hear it anytime you want via the power of podcasting.

Nine – Any Emcee
Nine ft Sadat X – Rah Rah N*gga
Nine – Who Not Knowin’
Nine – Whutcha Want
Nine – We Play for Keeps
Nine – Blood on my Blade
Nine ft Chip-Fu – Rite Here
Nine – Jon Doe
Snowgoons ft OC, DoItAll, UG, Onyx, Dres, Nine, Ras Kass & Psycho Les – The 90s are Back
Nine ft Kool G Rap & Smooth Da Hustla – Breathe
Nine – Tremendous
Nine ft Chris Rivers – Champion
Jux Cain ft Chris Jackson – Golden Eye
Primal Winds – Cut You Down
Made Wade – Still Tryin’
TJ Edwards – The Devils Side
More or Les ft Wordburglar, Touch, & Timbuktu– Picard Manouver
Lee Reed – Too Ambitious
Shift from tha 902 ft Tone Jonez – Me vs You
Meet the Greens ft Jamar Equality – Diesel Degree
Ghostface Killah – Watch ‘Em Holla
PreRock & Fresh Kils ft Zilla Rocca – Bad Sign
Incise ft Tunji of Inverse – True Greatness
Psybo – Mr. Emcee
Snak the Ripper – Over

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Nine – Hilfiger

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Nine is still "King" [ Album stream/video + Interview] • Word Is Bond

Legendary BX, NY emcee Nine is back with a brand new project (his 4th studio album to be precise) titled “King”. The 13 track project is produced in its entirety by the infamous German production team Snowgoons. The project serves as some form of reintroduction to new fans who may have not been privy to the emcee who got his start in the mid 80s  but got his first break out single “Six Million Ways To Die” as a duo with Funk Master Flex.

“King” is a testament to the vocal strength of the raspy voiced rapper whose tenure in the game has given him experiences that span over two decades and then some.  On here, the beats are gritty, cinematic and fit the urban narrative provided by Nine while the features are limited but just enough to provide variety for the avid listener. Features include Conway the machine , Kool G Rap, Smoothe Tha Hustler , Ruste Juxx and Chris Rivers. The album is available NOW on all digital formats and CD, followed by a limited edition vinyl release early October.

Nine – “King” produced by the Snowgoons out now: HERE


First off, congrats on the release of the new project “King”.

Thank you. I appreciate the support.

Can you break down the process with working the Snow Goons? How different is it now compared to back in the day?

Everything is online now. No tapes. It’s a lot easier. We started talking about this project before we even met in person.

Was there a special process for selecting features on this project? Compared to “Quinine” which had no features, the features on “King” are pretty minimal.

I choose people whose pen game I respect. Kool G Rap in particular was hero of mine, so it was a dream. Conway, Chris Rivers and Ruste Juxx,  I love the way they rap and me and Smoothe Da Hustler go back to Cloud 9.

What are your thoughts on the way rap has changed in terms of sound?

I don’t listen to rap; I listen to Hip-Hop so I have no opinion.

What is the greatest thing about working in the music industry? And what would you change if you had the opportunity?

The greatest thing is to be able to do what you love. What would I change…more entrepreneurship, less corporate control.

Looking back, what have been the most important moments in your life so far?

 Discovering me and waking up to what the world really is.

What have been the biggest highlights?

“Whatchu Want” coming out. I knew I was not crazy and belonged here.

Are there any other interesting facts about you that hardly anyone else knows?

No. Get my album it explains everything: Album Link

What has been your biggest challenge…and how did you overcome it?

Re-entering the Hip-Hip game at my age, I overcame it when I stopped caring about my age.

Any final thoughts?

Help me restore order. Let’s keep Hip-Hop alive.

You can watch some of his Videos: here and here

Watch the video for the single  “Belafonte” featuring Shady Record’s Conway The Machine. The track came together when the Snowgoons asked Nine who are his favorite new artists. Immediatly he came up with the names Conway, Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher. A few days later Snowgoons affiliate Sean Strange, who is connected with the Griselda team, made the hook up.

Keep up with Snow GoonsFacebook |Bandcamp |Twitter |Instagram

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Nine – Peace God ft. 3rd Eye, Rza, True Love

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Nine – Pull Up (video)

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Nine – The Revenant

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GRANDGOOD.COM: Standout Rap, 2017 [Mixed by DJ Sheep]

This collection of music focuses on the independent voice in hip-hop, where the tension of selling records to mass markets tends to be less pronounced. This doesn’t exclusively mean unsigned and you’ll note some music from career musicians. But even with long term artists the songs we selected felt less encumbered. Because of my heavy hand you’ll also have to deal with an east coast bias but yo that ain’t necessarily a bad thing all the time, is it?

Thanks to DMC champion DJ Sheep you can listen to the professionally mixed version featuring 40 or so of the 55 tracks listed below, recorded live in one take on 2 turntables and a mixer at the Bulletproof Crates lab in Brisbane, Australia on New Years Day 2018. You can also stream a warm @cv_ tape version and it might make you recall what it was like dubbing tapes for your close friends in ’88. We also have playlists on soundcloud and youtube you can hit shuffle on (yea we know, but Spotify doesn’t have most of the music).

Goes without saying but special thanks to the artists, we appreciate what you do. The Hip-Hop community suffered great loss in 2017 and not enough can be said about the lost talent. At the same time, enthusiasm from young heads and old heads alike keeps it going. Lest we forget, many founding artists, like Coke La Rock pictured above, continue to walk among us. So again, big up to all the artists but also the rest of the community of listeners, show promoters, podcasters, writers….

Special shout to Dj Sheep for lending his hand, literally. Peace to Ming for capturing stunning images of the legends throughout the year. And of course @CV_ for his dedication and influence. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap.

Agallah – Wolves Of Now Why ft. Milano Constantine, Lord Tariq
Airospace – Dusk
Ancient Astronauts & Azeem – Poetic Occupation ft. Divine Styler*
Ancient Future (Aceyalone, Orko Eloheim, Self Jupiter, P.E.A.C.E) – Telepathy*
BEAK> – Sex Music
Billy Woods – Groundhogs Day
Black Thought – Funk Flex Freestyle
Bully Preston (Jumbled, Dwell) – I Want Money**
Everything Is Recorded – Close But Not Quite ft. Sampha
Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – DAMN
Grand Analog – Mutations ft. Posdnuos
Greyhat – Tell All Ur Friends ft. J’Von
G.S. Advance – CounterClockwise
Hus Kingpin – Mind Sex God**
Infinito 2017 – Interrupted Moments In Living* **
Jalal Salaam – New Consoles
Jay-Z – The Story Of O.J.*
Jihad The Roughneck MC – H.O.M.D. **
Justo The MC – Regular**
Keith Murray – No Exceptions (Prod by Erick Sermon)
Kila M Da Pro Buckets ft. Cauzndefx **
Kool G Rap – Capitol Hill ft. Manolo Rose, Sheek Louch, Cormega
Kool Keith & Bushwick Bill – Mantronix
Labtekwon – Womb World**
LiL Eto x Jai Black – Blessings
Lisaan’Dro – You Already Know**
Lukey Cage – Stan Lee & Joan B**
Mary J Blije – Love Yourself ft. Kanye West
N3LL – While I’m Up
N8NOFACE – Kings and Queens
Nine – Fiyah
NYOIL – Me and The Mic (Prod by Johnny Juice)**
O.C. – Good Man
Pedestrian – Oakland Hosanna**
Peedi Crakk – Good Life (Prod by 4th Disciple)
Prodigy – No Religion
Quelle Chris – BS Vibes ft. House Shoes
Rock – Just Rap*
Sam Dew – Remember*
Sean Price – The 3 Lyrical Ps ft. Prodigy, Styles P (Prod. Harry Fraud)
Shirt – Pressuring Her Is Corny (Nigga You Corny)**
s.habIB – raezah bumps
Showbiz & A.G. – Live with Show & AG ft. Roc Marciano, John Robinson
SmooVth – Rotten Apple ft. Crime Apple, Eto
Snoop Dogg – Mount Kushmore ft. Redman, B-Real, Method Man
Sticky Fingaz – Ebenezer Scrooge ft. N.O.R.E.
Tha God Fahim – 9 Ether
Therman Munsin – Exquisite
Tom Caruana – Continuation ft. J-Live
Tree – Fall In Love Everyday
WESTSIDEDOOM (Westside Gunn, MF Doom) – 2 Stings
Wu-Tang Clan – People Say ft. Redman
Y2The3rd – Memory Graveyard (Prod by Shozae)
Your Old Droog – G.K.A.C.
Your Old Droog – You The Type

*not currently available on soundcloud
**not currently available on youtube

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Nine – Fiyah

Produced by Jesse West

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