Beats Only June 2018 – Instrumental selections from Sphere of Hip-Hop

Beats Only June 2018 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist. Thanks for helping us reach 1,200 followers on Spotify!

Ohmega Watts “Emeralds”
A SOHH favorite drops a surprise single! Ohmega Watts is back with Emeralds, a single that showcases his trademark approach to sampling soulful records. This looks to be the first in a series of several new singles.

Liam.M “I Don’t Need It”
We’ve featured Liam.M several times in the past (6 and counting I believe)… he always delivers. This is another head nodder.

Tonga “First Things First”
Mellow. Lofi. Soulful. This is a relaxing new instrumental track from Tonga.

Tonga is a multi-instrumentalist/producer out of San Diego. Born into a musical family, he was influenced by an early and constant exposure to various styles of music: Motown, reggae, jazz, and his father’s own Polynesian fusion music.

Bluestaeb “Alright”
Bossa Nove rhythms and trap drums… this works well here. It reminds me a little bit of Sango. This is a newly release single via Jakarta Records from his upcoming release Everything Is Always a Process.

Soul Choppa “Sunset”
Dusty soulful golden era boom bap. This is a stylistic nod to Pete Rock and other golden era production. Really nice vibes on this.

Deca “Petrified Forest”
Unapologetically boom bap. This is a new single from Flux by NYC-based artist/producer, Deca. It’s indicative of what you can expect to hear on the rest of the Flux album.

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DUMI RIGHT frees the mind with "Liberation Music" • Word Is Bond

Dumi RIGHT ( of legendary golden-era hip-hop group Zimbabwe Legit ) returns with a poignant message on his new single titled “Liberation Music”. Over a slowed down, mellow sample, Dumi offers a novel approach to the state of affairs in his home country. He serves up social commentary on the angst and frustration of these times, while remaining positive, earnest, and at times even playful to avoid being trite and nihilistic.

“Liberation Music” serves as a solid precursor to his full project Doing It The Right Way. This latest release clearly demonstrates that over the years Dumi has continued to make progress and stay in step while remaining true to the culture and to himself by doing it the right way; eschewing fads and trends, never compromising principles and continuing to create entertaining, engaging and insightful music for the discerning listener.

“Void needs to be filled, soil needs to be tilled, We’ve had enough destroying now it’s time to rebuild, Excuse the interruption, didn’t mean to bust in, Forget these fools, let’s get these tools and start the construction!” – “Progress”

Doing It The Right Way – Track Listing

1. Liberation Music **

2. Job’s Completed * ft. The Poem-Cees

3. Prosperity +++ ft. Sariyah Idan

4. Progress +++ feat. Toki Wright and Kane

5. Just Another Day ** ft. Sol and Pep

6. Great Mindz [Saint Remix] *** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ

7. I Will Not Turn Back + ft. Sariyah Idan

8. Nightfall [Saint Remix *** ft. Mr. Lif

9. Mission Accomplished ++ ft. Pep

10. Ya Think? ** ft. Pep

11. Go Get That *** ft. The Good People (Emskee and Saint)

12. Great Mindz [80-M Remix] ** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ

13. The Armour ++

14. All We Have is Time by Nikki Giovanni

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No1MC & Reckless Vandal shows us "Whats The deal" is [Video] • Word Is Bond

San Diego, CA. based emcee No1MC hit us up with the video for his song “Whats The deal”. The record is a fiery verbal assault from the emcee who kicks off with a solid opener “My book of rhymes got more flames than a book of matches/ Lui Kang when I kick this rapping, Hussein with the torture tactics…” over a somber backdrop. Hardcore heads would instantly recognize the sample but let’s give props to whom props is due, No1MC totally obliterates his verse while  Reckless Vandal comes through with a more laid-back vibe but he doesn’t disappoint one bit.

“Whats The deal” is taken from the “Conditional Struggle” album. STREAM / DOWNLOAD it HERE


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Ra-Sool ft. StanBoi – “MysBeHavin” (Video) –

Hip-hop artist Ra-Sool just dropped a killer video for his smash single called ” Mysbehavin Featuring Stanboi.” This record really shows the growth in the Phoenix rapper that’s based out of LA. His style has shown growth from his previous release “They don’t know that delivered an urban sound.

Stanboi an R&B artist from Tanzania, Africa brings an element to this record that really takes things to the next level. His sultry and Caribbean voice makes this a masterpiece.

This all-encompassing music brings a flow that is mixed with a touch of Hip Hop, R& B, and Reggae.

Click the play button right now to watch.

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Javi – “The Plan” (Video) –

Boston’s own Javi has developed a strong fanbase for himself with his well-established catalog of music. Recognized as a artist-to-watch in 2018, Javi continues to grow his following with the release of his latest video that is all apart of the visual presentation, properly-titled, “The Plan”.

Directed by Zachary Greaton, riding solo the entire video, in a dark and hypnotizing visual. Javi reflects on his purpose and power moves to make it to the top of the charts. Carrying a trendsetting style and sound, Javi is suave, undeniable, and intriguing. It’s only a matter of time before Javi’s newfound following grows into an army of devoted to his signature sound.

“The Plan” is Javi’s second video release in 2018. Following up his March 2018 video, “No Promises”. Both tracks are featured on Javi’s 2017 project, ‘Both Sides’. The latest project features guest appearances from Corey Gunz and Moe Roy. Last aligned with Nova Music Group, Javi has already garnered over half-million streams on Spotify collectively.

Watch “The Plan” By Javi above.

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New Video: Ricky Styles – FaceTime Featuring Wholovemoney And Young Gunna | @rickstylesdsg

New Video: Ricky Styles – FaceTime Featuring Wholovemoney And Young Gunna

The Bay Area has always been known for its unique flavor when it comes to Hip-Hop. Continuing to spread and influence across the culture, The Bay has introduced the world to some of Hip-Hop’s biggest name and appears to be no end in site as more and more up-and-coming sensations like Ricky Styles continue to represent in a major way. As his stock rises, Ricky shows off his lavish eligible bachelor lifestyle in his heat-seeking new video, “FaceTime”.
Directed by WethePartySean, Ricky grabs up his crew of Wholovemoney and Young Gunna for an NSFW hotel party. Countin’ money and making plays, the party is co-joined with an adult lingerie party filled with a dozen of beautiful Bay Area women. Premium alcohol flows while women dance around in nothing at all and the players enjoy the show while they FaceTime friends to show off the party. In the presidential suite, Ricky Styles is definitely a name that music needs to get familiar with.
“Facetime” is off of the new Ricky Styles EP, titled, ‘Good Side Bad Side’. Along with the new single, ‘Good Side Bad Side’ features breakout tracks, “Shake That”, “Do It For the Gang”, and the bonus cut, “Problems”. ‘Good Side Bad Side’ is available now on all streaming platforms via Dollar Sign Records.
A brief history on Ricky Styles, the Oakland recording artist has developed a credible catalog as a solo artist and a member of the Dollar Sign Gang. His popularity birthed back in 2015 with local famed tracks like, “Never Gone Lose Again” and “Can’t Wait”. Several current Bay Area mainstream acts are familiar with the rising star, leading to collaborations with Philthy Rich (“Dope Man”). Ricky Styles has a hustlers mentality and entrepreneurial spirit within his sound that fans enjoy. They express their love for the promising talent daily on social media as he continuously produces a new product like an assembly line.

Delivering That Feeling on Word is Bond Rap Radio • Word Is Bond

We here at Word is Bond Rap Radio strive to bring you the best in underground hip-hop music each and every week on your radio dial and podcast.

This week, DJ Chase March threw down for two hours with some great tunes. There was no call in or live guest this week, so it was straight music. If you missed it live Tuesday night, catch it now!

Del & Amp Live – Gravy Train
O.C. – The Chosen One
5.1.nine.0.2. ft Al Tuck – Back Home
Shift from that 902 – Fast Forward
The Quarter Inch Kings ft Fish – It Ain’t Right
Lyle Omolayo ft Dana from Upstairs – Underground Railroad
Phoniks & Raashan Ahmad – ft Slim Kid III – That Feeling
Primal Winds – Fistful of Dollars
Chokeules – Sole People
Nomad Hip-Hop – I Have No Friends
Mountain Brothers – The Adventures of Average Joe
Homeboy Sandman – Speak Truth
Nice & Smooth – Doin’ Our Own Thang
Grey Yard ft Shirt – Whole World
Prophets of Rage – Hail to the Chief
Cee ft Ras Kass & Bekah – Don’t Mind Me
GZA – Animal Planet
Fredro Starr ft Conway the machine, Jay Nice & Makem Pay – Invasion of the Body Catchers
Blueprint ft Has Lo – Hoop Dreaming
Huey Briss & Nikobeats – Strings of Life
Diztrikt Apollo – This is Hip-Hop
Crashsilverback & Max Muthaphukin’ Stax – Talk About It
J-Bru – I’ve Been Waitin’
Bangerville – Do For Self
Dan-e-o – Mic Surgery
OC from NC – No Return
Ngajuana – Whose Face Is This
Murs & 9th Wonder – I’m Free
Kemp ft El Gant & El Da Sensei – El=mc2
Bishop Nehru – The Game of Life
A.G. & John Robinson – Science of the Pyramids

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Marlenà Taylor pontificates on love on her newest single "Wats Luv" [TWIB Premiere] • Word Is Bond

Rising rapper/poet Marlenà Taylor delivers a heartfelt message on her debut single titled “Wats Luv”.  Having made a smooth transition to making music, you can tell that she is deeply influenced by her spoken word background which makes for a vivid storytelling skillset. Over a somber soundscape, she dives into the topic headfirst with passion as she details her experience with an undecided lover. Far from seeking the listener’s sympathy, her aim is just for simple empathy from the audience. She is not sitting in the corner bawling her eyes out but rather confronting the situation immediately. The record features a vocal hook reminiscent of 90s RnB era from vocalist Dee’John who spices it up and brings it all to completion.

She explains:

“Wats Luv is a very personal song after I decided to call it quits. I feel as women, we tolerate a lot but at the end of it all every women have their breaking points and Wats Luv was my breaking point”


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