DJ Trax — Beat Freaks 1 (Classic Hip-Hop Mix) (AUDIO).

For The Beat Freaks group

Track List:

BDP – Essays in BDP-ism
Kid Dynamite – Uphill Peace of Mind
Just-Ice – Going Way Back
Freda Payne – The Unhooked Generation
J.V.C. Force – Strong Island
Marley Marl ft. Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Craig G & Kool G Rap – The Symphony
Cool C – Juice Crew Dis
Eric B & Rakim – Eric B Is President
Dave & Ansel Collins – Double Barrel
Biz Markie – Biz Is Goin’ Off
Melvin Bliss —Synthetic Substitution
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Ego Trippin`
Tuff Crew – Going The Distance
Run-DMC – Sucker M.C.’s
Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce
EPMD – You Gots To Chill
EPMD – So Wat Cha Sayin`
The Emotions – Blind Alley
Big Daddy Kane – Ain`t No Half Steppin`
Jungle Brothers – Straight Out The Jungle
Ice T – High Rollers
Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light
Public Enemy – Show ‘Em Whatcha Got
Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours
Masta Ace – I Got Ta (Instrumental)
Masta Ace – I Got Ta
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Poison
7A3 – Coolin In Cali
Lakim Shabazz – Pure Righteousness
Stetsasonic – Talking All That Jazz
Jackie Wilson – Light My Fire
Above The Law – Untouchable
James Brown – Funky Drummer
Eric B & Rakim – Lyrics Of Fury
MC Lyte – Paper Thin
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Feelin` It
Masta Ace – Letter To The Better (Instrumental)
Masta Ace – Letter To The Better (Remix)
III Most Wanted – Calm Down
Three Times Dope – Straight Up
Ultramagnetic MC’s – Housing Things
Big Daddy Kane – Wrath Of Kane
Intelligent Hoodlum – Arrest The President

Shout out Emil Lindgren

Originally from DJ Trax — Beat Freaks 1 (Classic Hip-Hop Mix) (AUDIO).

Mickey and The Fabulous Five — "Do It" Pt. 1 (AUDIO).

Big Crown Records says: Before Mickey and the Soul Generation there was Mickey and The Fabulous Five. As members of a Latin Soul band called The Royal Tokens, Mickey Foster and Emil Carter developed their chops playing in front of San Antonio teens at Sunday night Battle of the Bands shows. Mickey’s own band, The Fabulous Four, soon became The Fabulous Five with the addition of Gilbert Rivera on bass. In the late summer of 1967, local music entrepreneur E.J. Henke took the Fabulous Five into Jeff Smith’s Texas Sound Studio to record two sessions of funky New Breed Soul instrumentals as well as a backing session for Charles Russell’s group, The Three Dudes (BC014-45). Still a teenager, Mickey and his father both signed Henke’s recording contract. While their recordings with The Three Dudes were released as a single on Henke’s Satin Records, the superb instrumentals The Fabulous Five cut during the summer of ‘67 remained unreleased until now. Relying heavily on the rhythm section, this set of recordings captures the young band crystallizing what would become their signature sound. By 1969, The Fabulous Five had changed their name to Mickey and The Soul Generation and had begun recording their now legendary sessions with Manny Guerra’s GC Productions. These early sessions stand alone as a key chapter in the development of one of the greatest, heaviest exponents of funk.


Originally from Mickey and The Fabulous Five — "Do It" Pt. 1 (AUDIO).