(live show) A Celebration of the Life of Brendon “Alias” Whitney feat. Doseone, Aceyalone, Jel, Pedestrian, Odd Nosdam, Daddy Kev, Themselves + more!

To celebrate the life of Brendon Whitney (aka Alias) from Anticon, who passed away recently. All proceeds will go to his family and two young children. link A Celebration of the Life of Brendon ‘Alias’ Whitney Monday, June 25th The Teragram Ballroom 1234 W 7th St Los Angeles, California 90017 # Aceyalone, Bomarr, Daddy Kev, […]

GRANDGOOD.COM: Standout Rap, 2017 [Mixed by DJ Sheep]

This collection of music focuses on the independent voice in hip-hop, where the tension of selling records to mass markets tends to be less pronounced. This doesn’t exclusively mean unsigned and you’ll note some music from career musicians. But even with long term artists the songs we selected felt less encumbered. Because of my heavy […]

pedestrian- unIndian II

unIndian II by pedestrian # Pedestrian, EPs EPs pedestrian- unIndian II December 1, 2017 Estee Nack & Friends – Mini Mansion Dust Vol. 2 November 6, 2017 G-Pek, Brycon, Eons One, Yelir -There’s No More Room In Hell Part 3 October 29, 2017 Pistol + Junkwaffel – Brown Bag EP October 21, 2017 Big Twins […]

pedestrian – Oakland Hosanna

# Pedestrian, Singles Singles pedestrian – Oakland Hosanna November 22, 2017 Words Hurt – Fortified Live November 21, 2017 Y2The3rd – Memory Graveyard November 20, 2017 s.habIB – raezah bumps November 20, 2017 Grand Analog – Mutations ft. Posdnuos November 20, 2017 View More » Originally posted on GRNDGD