Pete Philly channels his energy on "Gigawatts II" levels • Word Is Bond

Pete Philly is back with a solid record titled “Gigawatts II”. The upbeat record showcases the rapper’s passionate flow and vivid lyrics that captures his self-realization in its most material sense. He adds “…Usually, the aspirations I touch on in my music are spiritual, this one is very much grounded in the material…”. The record also features Jurley Colin who comes through with a unique outlook on the subject on the second verse.

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Pete Philly – Favorite Song (music video) • Word Is Bond

Pete Philly is back with new visuals for his latest single “Favorite Song”. The video features Pete Philly introducing himself to strangers and convincing them to come back to the studio for the purpose of dancing to his new song. What ensues is a blissful display of fun and how music has the ability to move people. The new track is simply infectious and features great production and lyrics that make you want to move. The icing on the cake comes with an unexpected and dope piano solo. Pete Philly remains an artist that pushes the boundaries of hip-hop to new heights and we can not wait for what else Pete has in store for us.

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